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Hot New Band Q&A: Catfish and The Bottlemen

They are from Wales, they are young, energetic, open minded and mostly they make some cracking and fresh rock’n’roll music.

Catfish and The Bottlemen are the new IT band. Their new single Brokenarmy has been selling fast and its first 50 copies signed by the band sold out in a day an a half!

At the moment the guys are taking the UK by storm with their live shows and for sure they’re about to gain many followers on the way.

Lead singer Van McCann has found some time to answer my questions to give us an idea of what Catfish and The Bottlemen are all about.

How do you guys know each other and what made you start a band?

Me, Blakes, and Whittle knew each other from school.  They were a few years above me and I used to wag a few lessons and go write tunes with them. Dr.Bob came through Blakes. Blakes is really into yoga, which I know is weird for a “rockstar”, but he says it helps him sleep haha. Dr.Bobs mum was the yoga teacher and Blakes mentioned to her he was starting a band and needed a drummer. She mentioned he drums, then BAM! Here we are. We started the band for the money, obviously! haha. Naaaa, we all love music and love writing it, so we just tried it and people seemed to dig it, so we’ve just not stopped.

Describe your music in a few words.

Explosive, Energetic & Elephant.

Who writes the lyrics and what is your main inspiration while writing?

I write the words. To be honest my main inspiration are people and the stories they’ve got. Ever since I was little I loved hearing stories about my family and stuff. I always pick a few good songs on the road. The company in which I’m with is pretty exciting haha. Whittle and Bob are always getting up to no good so being out of the house and stuck on the road with them monkeys helps. In terms of music, I only know 3 chords so I just rip everyone off and change the titles haha.

What kind of music do you listen to and are there any specific artists/bands you look up to?

To be honest we’re all into older stuff like Van Morrison, Dylan and Elvis; stuff like that. But the only person I’ve ever been in awe of is Stephen Fretwell. I think he’s a genuis, he’s like a modern Dylan. I met him last year and I just froze up like an idiot. It was weird. It never happened to me before that. My dad’s quite inspiring too. He says a lot of one-liners when he’s drunk and trying to get all deep. That I use and chuck into songs haha.

What are your hopes for the future? (What would you like to achieve as a band?)

We just want to keep getting bigger and bigger. Moving up on the scene. Get a bigger van, get longer hair. All the important stuff really.

You have many UK shows going on at the moment. How are you enjoying the tour and what is the best and the worst part of it?

Yeah, 22 I think it is now? Being on tour is amazing, love it! When we get home, all we do is fight. Off-tour-blues. We hate it. But the tour’s just kicking off, we play our 2nd show Friday night in Derby so we’ve not got much to write home about yet…

What can people expect from one of your live shows?

Its exciting. We’re really passionate about the tunes and apparently that comes across on stage. I just think it’s something fresh. We’re not doing anything unusual or trying to create something out of this world. We’re just four lads with guitars and drums playing rock n roll music. We’re just putting a fresh spin on the older stuff. The tunes are good though, so if you come see us I think you’ll like the tunes. Our drummer’s good too.

Your new single ‘Brokenarmy’ is available now and it’s doing really well! Any plans for a full album?

We’re not too sure yet. We’ve got a load of songs, in terms of albums we’ve finished our 3rd already. But we don’t want our debut to be something that goes un-noticed, so we’re just waiting for someone to take a risk on us and throw a huge wod of cash up our little Welsh asses. Then we’ll stick it out to the world. I think the Japanese will love it though. They seem to be well into the new single haha.

You can order the band’s new single ‘Brokenarmy’ on their website  Catfishandthebottlemen.com and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!