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Ones To Watch / Broken Links Interview

Broken Links
Photo by Rob Luckins

Southampton based alternative trio Broken Links create music that’s full of sin. Yes, that’s exactly how the band’s drummer Phil describes it in our interview below. It might sound pretty dark, but also quite appealing, don’t you think? Let’s not deny that we all like a bit of a sin from time to time… And when it comes in the form of music, offering itself gloriously to your ears and enchanting you with the powerful atmospheric melodies, striking guitars and haunting vocals, then it turns into a sin you want to repeat all over again. And that’s the type of sound Broken Links master.

Want to find out more? Then read on to learn some more of an interesting stuff about the band.

I’ve heard you’re working on your second album! Is this true?

You’re sources are exceptional!  Yeah we’re about half way through the ‘difficult second album’. 6 tracks are recorded and we’re writing the remainder as we speak, with the studio booked in the coming months to get them sounding massive, thanks to Producer/Engineer Chris Coulter!!!

In what ways will this following record differ from the first one?

Well all the songs will be different that’s for sure! But more specifically I think the new will album be more diverse as a whole. We’ve got a couple of quite dark/industrial tracks recorded and some heavier numbers planned for second half of recording, as well as an instrumental. With a tad more space pop thrown into the mix…..a much more mature album!

How has your sound and songwriting evolved over the years?

Our sound has evolved as technology has. The first songs we ever played together were raw and more riff-based but as we’ve got new gear over the years, our sound has developed into a thicker, more film-like quality with the use of more synths and dual-tone bass. All the songs are built up from the music more than the lyrics. Once some good synths or guitar effects have been found, the arrangement of the song is worked on, then usually a vocal melody naturally surfaces. The lyrics are chosen based on the mood of the music, and maybe one of life’s most recent torments.

What do you think are the key characteristics of the music you’re making?

Dirty rock n roll!! Most tracks are written around a disgusting bass riff with an even more disgusting bass tone. Soaring and passionate vocals are the final layer of the sandwich which are sometimes accentuated with vocal effects for that unique sound. It’s full of sin….music to make love to…furiously.

Have you always wanted to become a musician? Who or what inspired you to choose this path?

Ever since childhood yeah, there became a summer when I realised chart music was tosh and guitar music was awesome. Stereophonics’ ‘Word Gets Around’ was the album that brought me to my senses and I’ve never looked back. That same year I felt myself tapping constantly and started learning the drums as soon as I could!

What are your most and least favourite parts of being on tour?

Being on tour is the best thing about being in a band. Other than performing, favourite parts include the banter in the back of the ‘tour van’, playing at new venues and sampling the finest local beers! Least favourites would are being stuck in traffic jams in the middle of Holland and almost losing our van when it got locked into a car park!

If you could choose any band to tour the world with, who would it be?

That’s gotta be the mighty Queens of the Stone Age. As one of the main inspirations of our band they just never get old. They’re the ultimate rock stars really, effortless levels of cool and writers of some of the best modern rock albums ever. Trent Reznor would be a welcome buddy on tour!!!

At the moment, what’s your favourite album by another band or artist?

For me it’s definitely Bring me the Horizon’s ‘Sempiternal’. I wasn’t a fan of them until I heard Shadow Moses and since then it’s my must played album of the year. It’s the perfect level of heaviness; hard rock with good melodies and the odd bit of screamo. Can’t wait to see them live!

What’s the main philosophy of Broken Links?

Industrial, sexy, sin filled life changing, smut music.

Except working on your next album, do you have any other plans you’d like to let us know about?

Yeah, we’ve got a mini tour this month where we visit London, Manchester and Liverpool to road-test some of the new tracks. Later in the year we plan to shoot 2 or 3 music videos for the new album and probably a new photoshoot for you all to peruse over. We’ve got more plans for this year too but we’ll tell you about them when we’re ready…the secret is not allowed out yet.

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New Video Feature! The Lost Souls Club ‘Kiss Away the Sun’

The Lost Souls Club have released a new smoldering video for their track Kiss Away the Sun, taken from their EP High Noon

Once again, you’ll find yourself completely drawn into the picture and sound of this Southampton rock sensation.

Great news is, the band is releasing a new acoustic EP called Storm Sessions this month.

Yes, you should definitely be excited!

via The Lost Souls Club

The Lost Souls Club EP Launch Review

The Lost Souls Club have released their highly anticipated EP High Noon on Friday 8th June via rocktastic EP launch at The Joiners in Southampton. All their close friends and fans have gathered together to come and celebrate with the band at this very special occasion and enjoy some great support line up from the Dolomite Minor and The Witches.

Being just 16 year old, the opening act from Southampton, blues/rock’n’roll duo Dolomite Minor left the audience stunned with their incredible performance and a rare talent coming from the singer/guitarist Joe who could be easily compared to the likes of a young Kurt Cobain and a drummer Max who might as well be one of the best young drummers out there. Their songs have a great energy and a quality guitar tunes and if they are able to achieve this at such a young age, we can only imagine what’s about to come from Dolomite Minor in the future. Check out the music on their Facebook Page.

Next up were The Witches. Seeing them live for the third time (check out my review of their latest EP launch here) the guys never fail to surprise me with their ability to create a unique and fun atmosphere while giving all their energy into their performance.  Loud and exciting, amazing full on vocals and little jokes between the songs put a smile on people’s faces. The Witches’ power left everyone pretty warmed up and ready for the main act whom we all came to support, The Lost Souls Club.

EP release is always a very special moment for any band . For The Lost Souls Club it means a step forward, a green light to the next path of their musical journey. Their music is officially out there for more people to make a connection with it and to gain more like minded followers who will be touched by the sound coming from their deepest selves.

And that’s what you get when seeing The Lost Souls Club live. A deep, charismatic performance coming from each one of the members, widely reaching to the audience while expressing and releasing all the emotions and feelings they put into their music and lyrics.

The great connection and passion on stage is unmissable and creates an intense and soulful atmosphere which makes seeing this band a truly enjoyable and unforgettable live experience.

The High Noon EP consist of five tracks, each one of them deep and moody, with various stories to tell. Starting off with the famous Romeo which sets off the vibe of the record with its killer riff while the second track Kiss Away the Sun is more laid back but still very powerful with it’s melancholic tune.

The sound gets darker and fuzzier again with Shoot Me Down and lyrically epic and energetic track We’re All Gonna Die Anyway for which the band made a special video showing a footage from their exciting tour in Asia, Australia and Canada (watch below). Finishing off with the calmest track on the EP I know I Spoke Too Soon, the record leaves you with a desire to hear more of the Lost Souls Club’s moving sound.

The band played a great set at the launch including all five tracks from the EP and many other songs among which we got to hear Son You Look Like You Need Jesus, Heathen, Compassion Fatigue, Ordinary LoveSlipping Away or Leave the Light On.

It was a truly memorable performance with people dancing away and clearly enjoying all the rock’n’roll noise while getting a chance to win some limited t-shirts from the band.

With announcing the last song but audience not having it and cheering for more, soon after the guys were back on stage rocking away and closing the gig with Leave the Light On.

Everyone who was at The Joiners that night knows that this band doesn’t belong on a small stage but to big sold out venues. But with the EP finally out and more material waiting to be released, I believe that The Lost Souls Club fan base is going to grow fast.

Check out more pictures from the show here => The Lost Souls Club EP Launch

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Click on the image to purchase the EP on iTunes