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Interview / We Are Kings & Queens

We Are Kings & Queens add a real emotional spark into the L.A music scene with their deep cutting ambient sound and heartfelt vocals. Their latest EP Rise & Fall is a true goose bump raiser which overflows with strong feeling and effective storytelling. The EP is available for your listening pleasure on the band’s main website.

In our following chat, Jonathan Mahan (vocals, guitar, piano) tells us what inspired him to pick the title for the band, plus we talk music making process, inspiration behind the lyric writing. live shows and so on. Continue reading Interview / We Are Kings & Queens

Interview / H.E.A.T “UK, we’re ready to take you on”

Following the release of their latest album Tearing Down The Walls, Swedish rockers H.E.A.T are about to take over the UK land once again with their massive sound and infinite energy. Their power driven melodies and lyrics arouse that badass human being inside of you and make you feel like you’re standing on the top of the world. So if you’re ready to have a great time, sing along and feel like you can achieve just about anything you want, H.E.A.T will provide you with the right inspiration.

I caught up with the band’s frontman Erik Grönwall just before the start of their European tour to find out what they’ve got in store for the UK fans this time around, plus we discussed the new album, songwriting, thoughts on today’s rock music and more.

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Interview / SheerKhan

How about some dynamic spaghetti-western-surf-psychedelia rock & roll? Meet SheerKhan, a four piece Aussie band whose frisky noise will set your dancing soul on fire. Their latest single, 25 Go-Go Dancers is a brilliant, energy driven anthem and a very special mention goes to the unique vocals which blend so perfectly with the entire sound. Let’s find out more about SheerKhan from the band’s guitarist Ben.

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Ones To Watch – Interview / IC1s

Striking live shows, distinct personality topped with confidence and all around brilliant sound – those are the main qualities of indie rockers IC1s, who have been creating a real buzz throughout the music scene in London and beyond. There’s something about this band that’s entirely fresh and exciting, something that makes you appreciate music in new different ways. I caught up with IC1’s lead singer Daniel Coburn to find out about the band’s recent activities, plus discussing the Camden Rocks festival, music making process and other fun stuff.

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Interview / The Mad Crept

Ready to lose yourself inside of a beautifully haunting murder rock? Yes. You’ve read that right. Murder Rock. The Mad Crept, an Auckland based outfit fronted by Patricia Mc create a magnificent impact on anyone’s musical soul with their dark, staggering sounds and wowing vocals. There are no other words to describe the band’s recently released EP Darkling than a unique, powerful masterpiece of a record that will take your breath away.

Patricia, who’s originally from Dublin talks to MGMB about living and pursuing her music in NZ, the sound of The Mad Crept, new EP, influences and more interesting stuff for your reading and listening pleasure.

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