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Ones To Watch / Interview – LTNT

Alternative trio LTNT have been painting their mark around the London underground scene for a few years now, and it would be wrong not to inform you that they are actually one of the most thrilling bands about. Their newly released single Body Blood, taken from their upcoming EP DAO (out 24th March), is a power driven tune that strikes with deadly riffs and fearless vocals. You can watch the gripping video for the track right after our chat with LTNT’s main man Liam Lever.

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Featured EP / Morningside Lane – A Fifth of Elvis

It’s been exactly one year since I’ve interviewed New Jersey’s Morningside Lane for MGMB, and it looks like the guys have been working really hard towards their brand new 6-track EP A Fifth of Elvis. The record, produced and mixed by Pete Steinkopf from The Bouncing Souls is a clear step forward for the alt rock four-piece. The music and lyrics on the EP show the band have come a long way since their previous release. MSL’s guitarist Jon says: ”This record is something that doesn’t sound like our first two. It’s broader and it covers more ground. We’ve grown a hell of a lot as a band and we’re still growing. Our sound is always being upgraded and new influences are always coming about. This album is more about wasted youth and anger. It’s about remembering the past, the way things used to be and kissing those days goodbye. It came out better than we could ever dream and it’s everything a Morningside Lane record should be.” That’s right. A Fifth of Elvis certainly features all the right elements of a well mastered record.

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Interview / The Wild Young Hearts

If you’re looking for some feel-good music, The Wild Young Hearts deliver a whole bunch of fresh, uplifting tunes to get you through a rainy day. The group based in L.A. are set to release their debut California Dreams on February 25th and each week, they’re slowly building up the hype by uncovering a new tuneful track from the record. MGMB has spoken to the band’s vocalist Robb, who gives you a few reasons to check out TWYH and tells us which three albums he would hand to today’s kids, with the aim of teaching them something about real music.

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Ones To Watch / Interview – Burning Beaches

Camden based Burning Beaches know exactly how to make music. And by that I mean dangerously good music. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once you hear the opening riff in Wo’man. These guys possess some serious musical powers. Clearly, the three brilliant tracks available to stream on the band’s Soundcloud page are a warning for what’s coming. In our interview, the band’s frontman Sam McCarthy mentiones putting out an EP or two this year. HELL YEAH. Not just that, he introduces Burning Beaches to us and tells us how the tunes come together, plus why Camden’s music scene rocks at the moment, and more. Read on.

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