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The Virginmarys: Our Passion That They Could Not Shake

In a world of Divides, our love of The Virginmarys brought us together – Simon



We were riding out to meet the sun, we were shaking from the things we’d done
We were breaking every pattern, straying from the map to make a new life on the run

It was early 2012 and one of my friends made me a playlist featuring a bunch of new bands for me to check out. Little I knew that this particular playlist included one band that would inspire my entire world. Their name was The Virginmarys.

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Interview / Stonefield

Stonefield – the sisterhood charged with a pure rock&roll.

I believe that’s the right way to describe the Led Zep inspired band from Victoria, Australia. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of their live performances a while back here in UK and all I can say is that these ladies know how to put on a memorable show. Loud guitars, crushing drums, terriffic vocals and a sound full of right influences yet an authentic spirit.

Stonefield plan to release their new album this year and you can already purchase their latest single Golden Dream on iTunes. I caught up with the band to talk about their childhood, favourite records, new album, going on their first US tour, supporting Fleetwood Mac and their opinion on feminism.

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Interview / …And The Hangnails

Noisy two piece …And The Hangnails recently unleashed a new video for their striking new single You & I, taken from their upcoming, third record Rut. One of the impressive facts about the York based duo is that back in 2011, they recorded their first album within four days using nothing but a dictaphone. Rocking their way through music scene ever since with their massive ‘guitar meets drums’ beats, plus dropping a couple of EP’s as well as their second album; it seems that Martyn and Steven are more than ready to reveal their first proper studio recording (out July 25th) and get on the road to promote the hell out of it. So if you like the music of …And The Hangnails, make sure to join the party.

Here’s a lil’ music chat with Martyn.

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Ones To Watch / Interview – Vox Empire

One of my finest music discoveries of last year were Southend on Sea based four-piece Vox Empire, whom I had the pleasure of seeing live a couple of times while supporting The Virginmarys back in November. Highly impressed by their sound and a great energy coming out of their performance, I was hooked immediately and judging by the crowds reaction, their already solid fan based clearly multiplied and still keeps growing fast. This month, the band’s put out a fantastic new EP called Day One, which you ought to add to your music collection and if you get a chance, go and catch the guys live, whether it’s a street acoustic session or a proper full-on rock out at your nearby venue, be there and I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

I caught up with Vox Empire’s lead singer Matt Linnen for a lil music chat.

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Interview / SheerKhan

How about some dynamic spaghetti-western-surf-psychedelia rock & roll? Meet SheerKhan, a four piece Aussie band whose frisky noise will set your dancing soul on fire. Their latest single, 25 Go-Go Dancers is a brilliant, energy driven anthem and a very special mention goes to the unique vocals which blend so perfectly with the entire sound. Let’s find out more about SheerKhan from the band’s guitarist Ben.

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