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Dry The River, Shallow Bed

If you haven’t heard of Dry The River yet, then I assure you that after you give one of their songs a listen, you won’t forget them. That’s exactly what happened to me. The first song I came across from this band was Weights and Measures. One of the most emotional and touching songs I’ve heard among the new up coming bands and artists.

‘I was prepared to love you and never expect anything of you’ are the beautiful chorus lyrics that lead singer Peter Liddle cries out with his angelic voice.

Their so far released EP’s are a must and they’ve kept me happy until I finally got my hands on the stunning deluxe version of their debut album Shallow Bed.

This five piece band from London consists of Peter (guitar, singing), Matthew (guitar, singing), Scott (Bass, singing), Jon (Drums) and Will (violin, mandolin, viola). They are not just another folk rock band playing peaceful music full of acoustic guitars and violin.

Dry The River will surprise you by going from gentle to very powerful guitar riffs and by their strong and passionate vocals, that many artists would kill for. Their background includes playing in hardcore post punk bands, so don’t expect them to be very calm on stage.

Their influences include the great Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen, Van Morrison and Neil Young.

The lyrics are very poetic, some even with religious symbolism and blend in greatly with the mesmerizing sound. Very rich and non-forgettable melodies transfer you to a different world of striking guitar and violin pieces.

Shallow Bed, especially the deluxe version, is full of stunning tracks, live and demo recordings and a couple of great videos made for the fans. My favorite tracks include New Ceremony, Shield Your Eyes, The Chambers and The Whales, Bible Belt, No Rest and Weights and Measures. I can already call it one of the best 2012 albums!

It’s even Huw’s Stephens’ record of the week on BBC Radio One!

Dry The River surely is another incredible band hitting the UK music scene!

They are doing a few UK shows at the moment before they go touring in America! But they’ll be back for another UK tour in April and I shall make sure to catch them live! 🙂

I’m hoping to have convinced you to get your hands on this amazing piece of music!

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O.Children Return!

London based band O.Children are back with a new track!

Its called PT Cruiser and it’s massive! Long awaited track by the fans gives us some powerful guitar riffs and once again the unforgettable deep vocal from lead singer Tobias O’Kandi.

And it’s available for free download!

Exciting news came this morning together with the announcement of their second album release! It’s called Apnea and it will be out on 28th May via Deadly People! Lead singer Tobias, who writes all the lyrics, says it’s a very different and really personal record.

Their debut album O.Children was released in July 2010 and it’s one of my favorite albums of all time. It’s deep, dark and unique with mind-blowing tunes and lyrics.

I cannot wait for what’s about to come from this genius band!

You can check out the first album O.Children on Itunes! Here are some links you should follow: FacebookTwitter.

fiN Single Launch Party Review

Me and my friend made a trip to London to see the amazing fiN at their second single launch party for Everybody Dies Alone and Rapture at the Borderline on Wednesday night, the 1st of February.

It was a very special night for the band as all their close friends, family and fans from different places came to support them on this important occasion.

We got to the venue just before 7pm and tried to get in as it was freezing cold outside, but luckily we did not have to wait too long and soon we were sitting at a table having a shot of Jagermeister just to warm ourselves up 😉

As the venue started to fill up slowly, the guys from fiN were already spread  around greeting and chatting to their friends and families.

For start, there were some great support acts to enjoy. A couple of members from a pop/rock band called Van Susans did an acoustic performance. We were pleasantly surprised by their sound and a beautiful vocal from the lead singer Olly Andrews.  We picked up their CD straight away and it’s fantastic! You can check out their music on their Facebook page!

The other support act was Raba, an indie/rock band from Surrey, that warmed up the crowd even more with a few really good rock songs and yet another impressive vocal from the lead singer Scott. Listen to them on their My Space page! They’re great!

By this point the venue was packed with people who came for the one and only, fiN.

The guys came on stage shortly after 9.30pm and started with The Artisan, a track from their first single. I remember they have opened the show with this gorgeous crafty little piece when I saw them in Brighton last October on the Halloween night. That’s when my love for fiN started. 🙂

They played the cool guitar track Rapture, feel good Changes Everything and powerful Everybody Dies Alone from their new single. Plus a set of awesome other songs that I cannot wait for them to release, especially one they finished with, called Life Is Wasted On The Living – God I just love that title!

And of course they were joined on stage by the lovely and multi talented Emma Stevens, a great friend of theirs that’s been touring and playing with them over the months, and is now working on her own album. She records, produces and writes her own songs! I’m sure we will hear a lot about Emma in the future. She is also very kind and friendly and you should look at her Facebook profile and find out more!

Having a lot of fun on stage; Luke, Jonny, Kerry and Simon were putting all their energy and passion into their performance, which was such a pleasure to watch! Four really nice, happy guys that are grateful to their fans and thankful for opportunities including touring with artists like Feeder, everyone was genuinely happy for them because they truly deserve the recognition and support they are getting.

After the performance, again they met and chatted to their friends and fans and were very kind to take pictures with me and sign our singles. Jonny even remembered my name when I said I did a little post about them the other day called fiN – One to Watch. How nice! 🙂

We were so happy to be part of their special evening and we enjoyed it so much.

Now we look forward to seeing fiN again one day! Totally worth it. Meanwhile I’ll just keep listening to their singles!

Once again here is the link to their Facebook Page! What’s not to like? 😉

Here, have a listen to the great track Rapture…