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Interview / The Griswolds

Sydney based indie four-piece The Griswolds are the kings of catchy. Their infectious and cheerful sound forces you to turn on the good mood switch and dance away while singing along to the fun lyrics. All in all, the right music for an awesome party!

The guys are currently charming the crowds all over the US with an aim to promote their upcoming debut album Be Impressive, which is set for release this month. I caught up with the band’s singer/guitarist Chris to discuss the tour as well as the new record, latest video for Beware The Dog and plans for coming back to the UK. Yay!

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Interview / StaG

StaG are a creative bunch of musicians from L.A. offering a nice collection of enjoyable rhythmic indie-pop anthems. Their engaging and uplifting sound blends perfectly with the vocals, together creating a great vibe all around. You can listen to the band’s fantastic new record Difference on their Bandcamp Page and in our following music chat with Matt McGuire, you’ll find all sorts of interesting stuff about StaG’s music, their appearance at SXSW, upcoming plans and loads more.

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Ones To Watch / Interview – High Tyde

Brighton based band High Tyde arrive with an infectious sound filled with extremely uplifting vibes and great energy. The young and passionate four-piece have been named as one of THE bands to watch in 2013 by BBC Introducing and have recently sold out both headline shows at The Haunt and Concorde2 in Brighton. Their newest single ‘Get Up Tonight’, taken from their upcoming EP, will be released via iTunes on September 15th! Check out the new exclusive video for the single below!

Spencer (lead guitar) gives MGMB some more info about the band in our following interview.

Can you tell us about the forming of High Tyde and characterize the sound you make?

We formed about a year and a half ago just through all being very good friends within other bands and decided to put it together and create different sound prior to what we had been doing before. Sound that we have created takes many influences and genres stuck together – a bit of this and a bit of that.

How would you describe each of you in the band with one word?


You’re about to release a new EP. What was the recording of it like?

It was a great progress and we had a lot of fun with it. We record in a small studio and it makes us feel very at home, so we can have a laugh whilst taking it seriously and creating something we love.

What’s your favourite track on this EP?

We all have separate favourites on this EP but mine would probably be ‘Bicycle Trixx’.

Is there a particular song of yours, you enjoy playing live the most?

Most of our songs are equally fun and enjoyable to play live purely to the fact of adrenaline from the crowds buzz, but I would probably say ‘Waiting’ at the moment.

Which is the best show you have played so far?

There’s two – the first time we played The Haunt in Brighton, where we were just shocked at the amount of people who came down to see us and had such and interest, and then our own headline show there in July.

If you could go on tour with any band, who would you pick and which places would you like to play?

We would choose The 1975 or The Rolling Stones and play over the world. Japan would be amazing, New York – Madison Square Garden… EVERYWHERE!

What’s your favourite live venue in Brighton?

That would definitely be The Haunt.

What are the long term goals for High Tyde?

Gig, gig, gig, write, write, write and just get out there as much as possible and expand.

Apart from your EP release, what are your plans for the near future?  

After the EP release, we are going out on our first tour around the UK in November/December.

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Introducing / Maglia Rosa Group

Maglia Rosa GroupMaglia Rosa Group is an indie pop quartet from Norwich, which creates a magnetic sound accompanied by haunting angelic vocals of Daisy Lawrence. Their EP Nighthawks was released in December 2012 and it consists of 4 tracks.

The record pulls you into its deep and hypnotic atmosphere thanks to the soft instruments and the voice that’s like a feather floating and caressing your soul.

This EP is a pleasure for any listener, perfect for late night chilling and forgetting the outside world. No wonder it’s called Nighthawks.

Listen / Buy Nighthawks here

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Ones To Watch: Great Pagans Interview

Great Pagans are a Brighton based group that is also a part of the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective. If you enjoy a good dose of guitar packed indie pop with a great beat, feel-good vibe and originality, then you’re in the right place. These guys have what it takes to be the Brighton’s next big thing.

Their self titled EP is coming out on Monday 8th October so make sure you grab one!

Here’s an interview with the lead singer Alex…

What is the story behind forming Great Pagans?

We’re all good friends, who have been playing in various projects together for a while, mostly based around the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective/label we’re part of. Great Pagans is the culmination of one side to everyone’s music taste and my determination, that it’s still possible to write interesting guitar music.

How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard of you before?

I’d do my best not to because I suck at it. But if pushed, I’d say we play bittersweet noisy indie with intricate arrangements. If pushed…

Could you tell us about your new EP and its recording?

We recorded most of the EP live together in a little studio just outside Brighton. It was an old barn with the enormous, free-roaming ‘Grunge-cat’ interrupting takes. The rest was done in a makeshift booth, where our drummer’s bed once was. The process was derailed for several months by various physical and emotional nightmares in the band, but we managed to get it done and are really happy with the final product. And it was great that we could produce the whole thing on a budget of hardly anything.

Where did you draw your inspirations from while making this EP?

The songs are pretty close to home, and the lyrics very much drawn from my life over the last year. I don’t often tend to write about different characters or use fantastical imagery etc., because I think there can be a lot in the mundanity of real life, that carries that same magic more concisely. Anxiety, love and heartbreak are probably subjects, that will never be exhausted. Each generation has their own take on each.

What do you think are the pros and cons for any starting band these days?

It can be quite demoralising if you stop and think about how many new bands there are, so I’ve found the best thing to do is completely ignore the fact and focus on your own music. Computer software has had a huge levelling effect and people (including us) are slightly obsessed with it and more adept at production, now more than ever. This will probably just mean that songwriting will become even more important, and the cream will rise to the top… I hope.

There is a great music scene in Brighton. How do you think you fit in and how often do you get to play live?

Along with Gazelle Twin, Bernholz and The Enormous Shadow we started the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective, blog and now record label (http://antighostmoonray.com), to promote our music and pool our resources to benefit everyone in a completely DIY manner. It works well for us and has started to take on some exciting developments in the last few days, which we’re hoping to announce when they’re more concrete. We like working with other Brighton acts though, like the amazing Speak Galactic and Regal Safari amongst others, and hope we’re not seen as a clique. In Great Pagans specifically though, we’re dying to get out and playing as much as possible.

How would you describe your live performance?

Noisier and more unhinged (less hinged?) than the recordings, with small amounts of awkward chat.

Are there any artists/bands, that have influenced you as a band? 

I suppose there are more and less obvious influences. There’s a proud Sonic Youth, David Bowie, and My Bloody Valentine contingent in the band, but we’re all music geeks with broad tastes, which permeate the sound of the band. This EP particularly though, had a strong late 80s/early 90s indie influence, but there’s other stuff like the Beach Boys, John Coltrane and US hardcore, which I think have also really shaped my sense of harmony and texture.

What are the future goals of Great Pagans?

We’re writing for an album next year but for now, we’d love the chance to be heard above the tide of a thousand bands. “Did you see the drummer’s hair…”

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