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The Handwritten Project

The Handwritten Project – Letters to The Gaslight Anthem

‘It’s a letter to whoever is listening’ – Brian Fallon –

I could have done a review of ‘Handwritten’, the fourth studio album of The Gaslight Anthem, just like any other blogger or writer out there. But sometimes, one record can inspire you to do things a bit different.

Idea of this project popped in my head one night, while listening to the ‘Handwriten’ album and talking to one 15 year old fan, who told me about his love for the band. I found it touching and I realized that The Gaslight Anthem’s music reaches to people of all ages, and has a different meaning for all of us.
So over the past two weeks, I got in touch with some TGA fans and offered them to write their own thoughts on the band and their new album. No rules. Just pure emotion.

Actually, there was one little rule. Pretty obvious one, but special.

What better way to do this than the ‘Fallon’ way? ‘Every Word Handwritten’

Someone said the title of the album is too simple. Whoever that was, obviously hasn’t looked beyond the meaning of it.

We have. We step away from our computers and simply write.  We write our feelings down on one page about music that truly matters to us.

‘And it travels from heart to limb to pen’ 

The ‘Handwritten’ video is directed by Kevin Slack, who’s worked with The Gaslight Anthem in the past and is also a good friend of theirs.

Check out his website HERE.

Huge Thank You to every one of you that participated and made this project so special. Especially the Gaslight Anthem Fans Page, that helped me to spread the word!

‘Stay the same, don’t ever change, cause I’d miss your ways’ XOXO