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Featured EP / Kid Felix – Rivals

Rivals Cover

Last week, New Jersey based 6-piece Kid Felix released their third EP Rivals, which shot straight to the top 5 best-selling EP’s on iTunes. The band who shared the same stage with Soundgarden and Alice In Chains in the past, also recently unleashed a new music video for their haunting track I Am The River (watch bellow).

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Band Feature / Interview with The Sirens

The SirensEmerging from the fast growing London underground music scene, The Sirens strike with a great dose of fresh 90’s influenced grunge rock. After the first listen, you’ll find yourself hooked on their sound and excited to discover yet another very talented band that ought to be recognized.

London is full of hidden musical treasures and The Sirens are definitely one of them.

Find out more about the band in the following interview with the lead singer Josh.

Could you give us a bit of background information about the band?

Josh: The Sirens formed in September 2012. I’d recently quit a band I’d been playing guitar with for a year and fancied fronting a band of my own, so I put out a few adverts on the internet. Tom answered and we went through a couple of drummers through summer before we secured Pietro. I think we only had 2 practices with Pietro before we went and recorded “Just Be Cool” and “If You Ask Me”. We don’t sit on our hands much, we want everything done yesterday.

How would you define your sound?

Josh: Early 90’s influences, it’s grungey but also has tinges of psychedelic influences and lots of pop hooks and melodies.

Have you always wanted to play music and what made you want to start a band?

Josh: Since I was about 14 I’ve had no other plans what so ever. It scares me to think of anything outside of music, like if my focus shifts it won’t happen so I believe it and will it to happen.  I’ve just always wanted to tour the world with my best friends playing the music I love and seeing new places all the time. Who wouldn’t want that?

What can you tell us about your record ‘The Sirens’?

Josh: It’s a collection of the tracks we’ve recorded at Bonafide studios as well as 2 rough demos we recorded in Tom’s bedroom on Abbey Road (not exactly Abbey Road studios but he does his best!) It’s a collection that we think showcases our writing talent and our varied sound. There’s something for everyone on this demo. You can pick it up at thesirensband.bandcamp.com — that’s an advertisement…..

What are your main influences when writing songs?

Josh: I try and think about what’s going on in the world today, or feelings or opinions I have.  Like I’ve written about the usual stuff like loneliness and isolation as well as love, boredom and so on, or I try and paint a picture in my mind or sum up my feelings in a past situation or time. I find it refreshing sometimes to think that everything we do and we’ve done on earth will one day be engulfed by the sun, I know that sounds mental but I kind of like that  “who cares we’re all fucked anyway” mentality, it loosens me up when I’m up tight and has influenced a few of my songs.

Could you name any album, which you’d class as your all time favourite and tell us why?

Josh: Really hard question but I think for me sound wise and guitar wise I’d have to go for Siamese Dream by Smashing Pumpkins. I just think sonically it’s out of this world and it’s a great mix of hard rock, dreamy pop and psychedelia.

Tom: Abbey Road by The Beatles cause it’s the best example that shows The Beatles taught the world how to write pop music.

Pietro: Lonerism by Tame Impala, it’s a record that pays homage to the 60’s but also takes the sound in a modern direction, great bass lines, and great lyrics with a great message.

How often do you get to play live shows and why should people come and check you out?

Josh: We play roughly every 2 weeks in London. We put everything we have into our live performances, anyone into good music should come check us out, anyone who likes early 90’s music, catchy hooks and loud energetic rock music.

Do you go and see any other upcoming bands live? If yes, who should we be looking out for?

Josh: Not too often really. I saw Oscar Suave last Saturday at Purple Turtle who were good.

If you could change something about the music industry nowadays, what would it be?

Josh: I’d like to make everyone honest. I’ve met a lot of industry people who talk like politicians, they never really answer questions just flake around and it’s annoying because I’m very black and white and I’m always honest.  I’d rather people show me their hand rather than poker face.

Where would you like to see yourselves in a year or two from now?

Josh: We’d love to make an album with the right label, tour the world or something and just get the exposure we need. I think if every grunge/rock  fan heard us, they’d get excited (I hope). We just want to write music that makes people want to get up, makes them feel positive or inspires them.

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Single of the Week / LTNT – Blessing


London based alternative rock trio LTNT deliver a mind blowing debut single Blessing that pulls you into the world of big explosive riffs, effective melodies and compelling vocals. The haunting track acquires a irresistible power and embraces your music soul instantly.

The newly released video perfectly mirrors the atmosphere of the song and leaves chills down your back. This is a rock music in its finest form.

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