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The October Game at TGE – Review

After finding out that The October Game was playing at this year’s Great Escape meant one thing – don’t miss it!

Discovering the quality of their sound through a friend a few months back and really liking their truly amazing so far released albums, I’ve become a great supporter of this alt rock band based now in Hertfordshire.

They kicked off their 7-track set at The Latest Music Bar with their recent sound cracking hit Answers and Keys. I stood in front as I wanted to experience the full effect of their music and I as I expected, they sounded just too good! Seeing these pretty relaxed guys taking over the stage and blow the audience away with their sound made me so glad I came to support them.

Luke’s vocal was spot on and powerful, and the guitars were striking.  Nick, playing the viola and keys was putting a special vibe and energy to the whole performance. Playing some new tracks including their latest one Rise and Fall, a song packed with outstanding vocal and guitar riffs, or a couple of songs from their previous albums – Gatherers Hands and Concrete, it was such an exciting and unique experience musically.

These guys totally deserved the packed room ovations they were getting through the whole set and with the new songs sounding exceptional, with no doubt, The October Game is here to stay and keep rocking.

On top of it all, they are one of the nicest guys I came across! Worth the support.

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The Lost Souls Club at TGE – Review

The Lost Souls Club brought their fuzzy rock’n’roll sound to the Great Escape in Brighton this year. The Southampton based group played a 9-track afternoon set at the Queens Hotel on Saturday (12th May).

For those who haven’t heard of this band before – be aware. If your musical soul loves to take a dose of a dark, thrilling noise with explosive guitar riffs and well written lyrics, then The Lost Souls Club is for you.

Jon Tufnell (vocal, guitar), Simon Jackson (guitar), James Freemantle (bass) and Jon Lamont (drums) have a true passion and the right kind of charisma on stage. Their strong musicianship brings a very special effect to their performance and they create a powerful atmosphere in the room. While adding some great instruments like harmonica to their sound, their incredible musical talent shows off beautifully on stage.

The set included songs like Compassion Fatigue, where Jon was amazingly rocking the harmonica to the full; or the slower and dreamy I know I Spoke Too Soon and one of the highlights of the set  for me was a powerful track called Heathen, which has a great western feel to it and nice meaningful lyrics. Their top track Romeo was the perfect finishing song, and if you haven’t heard it yet, watch the video below and enjoy the smashing opening riff that makes you connect to it within seconds.

The band has officially released two singles so far – Romeo and Leave the Light On, which are both available on iTunes and you can also hear some other great tracks on their YouTube Page.

But from what I’ve heard on Saturday, clearly the band has a lot more in store and I assure you it’s something to look forward to!

The Lost Souls Club have the ability to write and create music that strikes right through you, somehow makes you feel at home and for that reason, you’ll find yourself joining the club without even noticing.

Check out more pictures over here => The Lost Souls Club at the Great Escape

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iTunesRomeo,  Leave the Light On

The Wytches EP Launch – The Hope, Brighton

A few months ago, I was lucky enough to come across a band that completely blew me away with their live performance.

Since then, I have waited for the right moment to feature them on my blog while I’ve been digging their music and following the updates including the exciting news about their new EP.

So after having the pleasure of attending the EP launch on Tuesday night (May the 8th) at The Hope in Brighton, now my dear music lovers, let me properly introduce you The Wytches – a Brighton/Peterborough based band to which this saying applies without a doubt: ‘Once seen, never forgotten.’

You might think The Wytches are just another band swinging through the underground music scene and playing some loud grunge rock, that will make your ears ache.

Well, they might be, but not many of those bands, especially after you see them live, leave you with such an impression that literally screams out the words ‘Holy Shit’.

Kristian Bell (vocal and lead guitar), Gianni Honey (drums) and Dan Rumsey (bass) have a special gift to give the crowd something unique and original.  And it’s not easy to describe to those who haven’t seen them play, how incredible and powerful the atmosphere they provide while on stage is.

It’s their charisma, realness and a simple ‘Don’t give a fuck’ attitude while playing and singing as loud as they can (sometimes even throwing things around) that makes you just shake your head in disbelief and go ‘Wow’.

That’s the power of The Wytches. Trust me. This is a band you want to see live.

Their Tuesday EP launch was full of great music from the start thanks to the supporting bands Kid Capola, Sky Harbour and Rising Tide! All three bands rocked and it was so good to discover some new music!

Some very close fans came to support The Wytches on this important night and enjoy the great set of all their tracks. It was an insane, sound cracking and a brilliant experience once again!

The lead singer Kristian is an incredible singer/guitarist and both Dan – playing the bass and Gianni the drums, have totally smashed it through the whole thing. Simply ‘kick ass’.

I was glad that my friend really enjoyed their performance, so the band has gained a new fan. All the guests had a chance to get their hands on one of the awesome limited hand drawn EP’s from the band!

The whole night was just a really good fun filled with friendly people and a quality music!

I’ll be definitely seeing the guys soon again!

Here, you can also listen and download their first EP below!

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The Vaccines / Brighton Centre Gig Review

The Vaccines played their last seaside tour in Brighton on Monday night with the amazing support acts including Savages and S.C.U.M. 

The Vaccines have become everyone’s favourite band since their debut album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? and their infectious sound and catchy lyrics have won the hearts of thousands of people around the world.

They brought the party to Brighton Centre and had chosen some brilliant support acts for their tour.

I haven’t come across the London based group Savages before but I must say I was pretty impressed by this all-female powerful band playing an amazing pop noir with pretty loud guitars! (Facebook Page)

I was looking forward to seeing S.C.U.M. so much and I was not disappointed! I am a huge fan of their unique, beautiful, out of this world like sound and they have even more power and charisma on stage. Their sound might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those who get their music, it’s incredible to experience it live (Facebook Page).

And here came The Vaccines! Brighton Centre was full of their dedicated fans that came to sing and dance along to their music that has the power to get you in a great mood no matter what. And it’s safe to say that the Vaccines live are truly fun and enjoyable!

Along some new tracks, they played all the favourite tunes from their album including Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra Ra), Wetsuit, Blow It Up, All in White and absolute highlights of the night were Post Break-up SexIf You Wanna and the final track of the night Norgaard.

The whole place was dancing and singing along, showing the band that Brighton crowd knows how to party! But of course who would not sing along to the Vaccines! That’s one reason why it’s so easy to love this band. They simply know how to make insanely catchy music.

It was impossible to leave the place disappointed.

The Vaccines delivered.

Ryan Adams – London Palladium Review

I knew that seeing Ryan Adams live at the gorgeous London Palladium is going to be a very special moment. Ryan’s music has been there through the years for those with broken hearts, rejected by love or simply the ones in love. And hundreds of those people came to experience all the beautiful and heartfelt emotions live last night.

London Palladium is a place where you can enjoy every little sound very clearly so it was a perfect place to enjoy Ryan’s music and voice to the full.

The place was filling up really quick with people of all different kinds of age, friends, couples or the ones who came on their own, myself included.

They all had their own reasons for being there, all ready for Mr Adams to appear on stage as two of his beautiful guitars were waiting for him.

As he came on the stage with the audience cheering loudly with excitement, he sat down, took his guitar and started playing Oh My Sweet Carolina. My eyes started to water as I was sitting there in the audience with my ears glued to the sound and listening to one of the most beautiful live  voices I’ve ever heard. Clearly others in the audience got quite emotional, wiping off their tears or couples putting their arms around each other.

Ryan was incredible while singing and playing both of his guitars, harmonica or a piano through the night. He played a set of amazing tracks. To name a few, we heard If I am Stranger, Everybody Knows, Why Do They Leave, The Rescue Blues, Lucky, English Girls Approximately or Come Pick Me Up.

He made the audience laugh between each song with his witty humor. As he performed a set of slow tracks he joked ‘I’m trying to get through the fast ones so I can get to the ballads’ or something like ‘Thank you Wizard of Oz for not happening tonight and sorry to its fans who came and are fucking confused now. By the way, Dorothy dies in the end. Alone.’

Highlight of the night was Ryan playing a song on the piano called Mr Cat. Absolutely lovely, brilliant and funny song dedicated to his cat.

I was laughing so hard as Ryan was describing his relationship with Mr Cat and his love for him. Him going ‘purrrrrr, purrrrrr, purrrrrr’ was something I’d never expect to hear during the set but on the other hand we all know how much Ryan loves those animals.

And that’s another reason to love Ryan Adams. He’s down to earth, funny, humble, and most of all one of the best and real musicians this world has.

It’s hard to put down all the feelings from the night.  I feel really lucky to have seen one of my all time favourite artists playing live and experience the wonderful music and emotions for real. Unforgettable.