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Interview / Ed Tullett

Brighton based solo artist Ed Tullett has been paving his way through the music universe for some time now. And with a serious gift. His acclaimed remix of Bon Iver’s Hinnom, TX, collaboration with Novo Amor as well as having his music featured on TV shows such as Pretty Little Liars, Bones and Catfish all led to the recent release of his debut Fiancé, which ought to be described as an epicly powerful masterpiece with beautifully haunting sound waves.

Check out MGMB’s convo with Ed about Fiancé and all things music.

Eva: Hi Ed, congrats on your debut record Fiancé. What’s it been like since its release?

Ed: It’s great to just have it out. The record has been finished for nearly a year and a half and it’s so relieving for it to finally be out, especially since all my other solo stuff is so old now. The press has been great and it’s exciting to be releasing new music at last.

Tell us about the album and its recording process.

It happened fairly quickly, after writing Malignant I finally found a sound that felt my own – I ran with it and within a few months the record was pretty much there. It’s great working alone as it allows you to pick up where you left off whenever you want with no outside pressure.

If you had just one song to play to a brand new listener, which one would you chose and why?

Maybe Ply from this record. It’s not as immediately abrasive as Malignant or Saint for example, a softer introduction, but it sums up the record well – quiet and loud, a ton of harmony, big synths…

Your music is full of intense, beautiful sounds not to mention the gripping vocals. What’s the main target for you when putting a song together?

I guess the best thing is that there isn’t really a target. That’s what I found with this record, and why I still love it even though it’s a lot older to me than to new listeners. I just wrote whatever I wanted and whatever sounded good, and then fit within that sound to make the record cohesive.

What inspired your latest video for Malignant? Amazing track by the way!

The song itself is about disease, and the seemingly random/unfair nature in which it affects certain people. The figure in the video is essentially a metaphor for disease. It’s pretty dark!

Who influenced your musical journey the most?

It’s hard to say, I’m not sure I could narrow it down to one person. I’ve been helped and inspired by a ton of people along the way. Individuals I really admire include Sufjan Stevens, Justin Vernon, Radiohead – people who have a lot of different projects and sounds, something I’m hoping to emulate.

What do you think does it take to make it in the music industry nowadays and how do you see yourself fitting in?

Maybe having no expectations, being ready for disappointment! My main focus is to have a career in music, and if that means behind the scenes as a writer/producer or as an artist then either is great.

Have you got any shows lined up your fans can excited about?

Unfortunately not right now – perhaps in the near future!

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Featured Song / Our Man In The Field – Oh No

MGMB’s favourite solo act Our Man In The Field has a brand new song to enchant you with. Oh No is the first track from his upcoming EP And Now Over To Our Man In The Field coming out in May and it’s being used in a theatre play called bolt, in which Alex also performs. The play will make its debut at the Brighton festival and after it will be on in London.

“Originally inspired by the photography of Nan Goldin, bolt examines the nature of addiction with a tale of what becomes of a young woman whose only means of validation come from those around her.”  Read more about the play here.

Alex says: “I wrote the song really quickly, it came to me all at once when I was at the Tate Modern. There’s something about the oppressive architecture and the way I was feeling that brought it out. I’ve never wanted to explain the lyrics but when I read the play I felt as though there was something about the characters and the song, that maybe they would understand it.  Hopefully when people see the play that’ll make sense, so go and see it!”

The beautifully written track captures emotion at its peak and it will, without a doubt, work its magic together with the play.

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Interview / Michael Malarkey

Atlanta based musician and actor Michael Malarkey might be currently causing a stir with his role as Enzo in famous TV series The Vampire Diaries, but right now, his grand musical abilities and passion for songwriting shine through as Michael is about to play a sold out show at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. His charismatic first single Through The Night And Back Again is taken from his debut EP Feed The Flames which captures Michael’s honest, engaging story-telling and haunting vocals. MGMB speaks to the multitalented artist about his music, influences and plans for 2015.

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Ones To Watch – Interview / Our Man In The Field

In this interview, a London based singer-songwriter Alexander Ellis aka Our Man In The Field says that he’s not trying to change the world, just the next three and a half minutes. And that’s exactly what happens once you hear those alluring vocals and engaging storytelling. Inspired by greats such as Ryan Adams and Ray LaMontagne, Our Man In The Field creates his own stamp in the world of crafty songwriting, with a strong ability to draw you into a beautiful melancholy of his awe-inspiring music.

Read my in-depth inerview with Alex about the beginning of Our Man In The Field, his new EP, songwriting, performing live and much more. Plus make sure to make a note of his upcoming shows!

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Interview / Matrimony

MGMB is pleased to present you North Carolina based family band Matrimony who master anthems packed with strong, uplifting melodies and perfect sing-along lyrics. Their sound not only flows with great vibes and energy, but also a real family connection that clearly mirrors in their music. Having recently released their debut record Montibello Memories via Columbia Records, they’ve been on the road ever since and are currently on their first headline tour across America.

You can find out loads more about Matrimony in our following interview with singer Jimmy.

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