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New Video! Fossil Collective – Let It Go

Here is another beautifully mastered video from the indie folk band Fossil Collective to their song ‘Let It Go’ which is also the title of their upcoming EP which will be released the 11th of June.

Once again, the band transfers us to a better world with their pure, stunning melody and vocal. Enjoy!

The band is touring with the amazing Ren Harvieu at the moment and they have many other UK shows coming up!

Check out all the tour details on their Facebook Page.

Introducing RABA

I came across RABA at the fiN single launch party at the beginning of this month.

Their live performance was amazing and I became a huge fan of their great, catchy rock melodies and a strong soulful vocal from Scott Raba who adds the heart and soul into the songs.

Just listen to Home and you’ll know what I mean.

The pop rock band from Surrey has four members: Scott (vocals), Nick ( lead guitar), Jamie (drums) and James (bass).

Influenced by great artists like Bruce Springsteen, Manic Street Preachers and Kings of Leon, RABA adds their own rocky and heartwarming sound into the world of music.

They’ve recently launched their website rabamusic.com and released their EP with five brilliant tracks.

The EP starts with the fans favorite Home, which speaks to you with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody and it’s followed by a very catchy guitar track Daydreamer Kid, that gets you singing to it in no time.

One of my favorite songs that also shows Scott’s great ability of lyric writing is called But We Look The Same. 

If you like slow and heartbreaking songs like me, then For Real is just the one. Simply stunning.

The last track If You’re Mine has got stronger and powerful feel to it which shows, that RABA delivers music for everyone. Music that gets you sing along, lets you enjoy the wonderful guitar sound and speaks to your musical soul.

These guys have much more to offer in the future and I believe they will make it big.

They are planning to start gigging very soon and I recommend to go and check them out live. It’s worth it.

In a meantime, just have a look at their pages, have a listen to their EP, check out the videos and enjoy the great music!

Raba sites: rabamusic.com, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube

The Mary Onettes – Epic Sound From Sweden

Last year, one of my friends gave me a compilation of songs. Among them was a track from a Swedish band, The Mary Onettes. 

Puzzles. The epic and unforgettable opening sound of this song gives you the chills. Then Philip Ekström starts singing and you get completely lost in something quite extraordinary. Something that I call real music.

Here, I share it with you,  hoping it leaves you touched the way it left me, and you’ll want to hear more of this amazing sound.

And also the style of the video adds a great mysterious effect to the song.

And that is not all my friends. There is much more! The band has released two albums so far which are full of gorgeous music. Music that takes you to a land of beautiful melodies and charismatic voice.

Influenced by The Stone Roses and The Cure, this Swedish quartet has mastered the feel of 80’s sound with a modern pitch and a great guitar.

I cannot get enough of their work. Both of their albums are a pure masterpiece!

Their new EP called Love Forever will be released at the end of this month (28th of February) and the new album will hopefully be released by the end of this year!

Here is one track from the EP named Love’s Taking Strange Ways and it’s the track of the day in Q Magazine!

I cannot wait to hear the whole EP!

You can download the albums The Mary Onettes and Islands by clicking below. I highly recommend! 🙂


Plus you can follow them on twitter – @themaryonettes or like them on Facebook – @themaryonettes!

Enjoy! 😉

Mirrors Release New EP!

As you know I have already introduced this band to you in my post Let’s Just Have a Look Into the World of Mirrors and I mentioned that the guys are working on some new material.

And it’s here!

The New EP called This Year, Next Year, Sometime…? has been released today and it’s available for download now on their website THEWORLDOFMIRRORS.

You can play/preview all seven tracks! They are great! GO! 🙂