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EP Of The Month / The Diamond Noise – Do You Like Me Too?

The Diamond Noise return with a new EP extraordinaire named Do You Like Me Too?

The 5-track record is a step forward for the London based outfit, confirming the band’s expertism in producing a genuine rock and roll. The blasting guitars and majestic vocals collide together flawlessly within the exciting melodies and create a perfectly structured ‘diamond noise’.

Each song on the EP is a faultless musical piece and takes the listener for a superb ride. It’s loud, powerful and sexy as…

The first track Are You Ready? is a perfect opener and certainly gets you ready to rock with its blazing energy. Catastrophic blinds you with its storming guitars and drum beats and you’ll find yourself diving in the supreme sound. The title track Do You Like Me Too? (watch video below) stands out as a captivating and ambitious tune, and places the band into the category of rock and roll masterminds.

Hardly less impressive Higher Than (An Aeroplane) only adds to the record’s excellency and the fantastic Blue Champagne closes the EP with a marvelous effect on your music soul.

Do You Like Me Too? is a clear proof that rock and roll is still alive, running strong and with bands like The Diamond Noise around, it sure as hell won’t be vanishing any time soon.

MGMB have interviewed TDN a while back and you can check it out right here.

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Interview / Saint Agnes

Saint Agnes make the type of music that makes you want to put a cowboy hat on, jump on a horse and ride into the sunset. Their Western inspired dirty rock and roll features striking guitar work, impressive organ tunes and distinctive vocals that blend together like a delicious cocktail. Tarantino should definitely take a notice. Jon (Lost Souls Club) and Kitty (Lola Colt) bring back the kind of sound that some musicians forgot how to master. It’s raw, bold, sexy and vast.

Read on and find out about the birth of Saint Agnes, creation of their EP The Good Fight (which you can download for free!) and future plans. 

You both play in different bands. What gave you the idea to start a side project together?

Jon: Both of us are in bands with 4 or more members and despite your best efforts that can mean things creatively move quite slowly. We craved the spontaneity you get when working with just one person and talked about doing a project where we make decisions fast, we don’t agonise, we just have ideas and go with. Let the music lead us.

Kitty: We both are happiest when making music, so I think it was fairly natural that we would have a jam and see what happened. Saint Agnes grew from that really. I’m obsessed with playing shows, playing live is my favourite thing in the world, so I jump at any opportunity to do more of that. It’s also fucking great to be playing guitar live again! I just got a beautiful 1961 Hofner Verithin and I can’t wait to get it stage-ready.

What drew you to the particular sound you are creating with Saint Agnes?

Jon: Initially we assumed it’d take the form of some kind of lo-fi acoustic blues thing, but the first song we jammed was based on a riff of Kitty’s and within 20 minutes we had the bones of it ready and it felt more grandiose and cinematic. Sticking to our ethos we just went with it and that first song (The Tower Falls) led the way for rest of it.  Oh and we resent the lack of musicianship in a lot of modern rock with so many bands wanting to be so ‘cool’, they seem self-conscious and afraid to really play their instrument in the way bands like Lep Zep or Jimi Hendrix did. Unashamed guitar solos, huge keys parts and lots of just real playing were the order of the day. Expect more of that with the stuff we’re working on too!

What kind of feelings would you like your music to bring out in the first time listener?

Jon: We really created this to please ourselves without the listener in mind so I have never thought about that. I just want people to enjoy it, simple as that, in whatever way they please.

Could you tell us about the making of your first EP ‘The Good Fight’?

Kitty: We set up the gear in my bedroom in my grotty student house in East London and between us we played everything on it. We recorded the songs as we were writing them, so it happened very quickly.

Jon:  Yeah it came together incredibly quickly. Excluding the mixing I think we spent maybe in total one day per song writing and recording it, as we really did just go with the first ideas that came to us.

Kitty: We’d decided earlier on to not be too cautious or worry too much about making it perfect. You can spend literally months agonising over the smallest of decisions, so it was really refreshing to just do it and mix and release it quickly. It felt natural.

Do you have a favourite track on the record and if yes, could you tell us why?

Jon: Probably Old Bone Rattle because when Kitty came up with the keys in the middle she was like “Is that too much? A bit over the top?” We decided to make it even more over the top and then throw a Jack White-ish guitar solo at the end, and as we were recording it we were smiling like little kids because it was just so FUN and something we’d probably never have room to fully do in our other bands.

Kitty: I really like our Doors cover actually. It’s got a real tense kind of edgy feel to it.

Your sound has been compared to the likes of Ennio Morricone’s work. If your music was chosen for a movie, what type of movie would you want it to be used for?

Jon: Kitty will know this better than me as we have discovered since we have known each other that I’ve seen what seems like NO films.

Kitty: Yeah I’m slowly educating him! Tarantino should DEFINITELY use the EP, it would be perfect in anything of his. Any kind of ‘road movie’ as well; I think the music definitely conjures dramatic landscapes and a feel of journeying through it.

If you could chose any person to co-write your next record with, who would you pick and why?

Jon: I think it’d not work if we co-wrote as the fact it’s just two of us is where the magic lies. That being said, I’d happily do one song rather than a whole album with Jack White or Peter from BRMC. Also we’d happily have Ennio Morricone write song string parts for us too!

What are your plans and ambitions for the near future?

Jon: Well we’re both busy in our respective bands, in fact in The Lost Souls Club we begin recording our album at the end of this week, but we’re getting a live band together for Saint Agnes with the aim of gigging from September onwards. In the meantime we’ll release a ltd edition Good Fight CD I think and will be recording more when we get the chance.

Kitty: Yeah, releasing more music and playing anywhere and everywhere.

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Ones To Watch / Part Time Pilots Interview

Northern Irish punk rockers Part Time Pilots are, in the words of their vocalist Enda McCrory: “A boom brick shit house of a band”.

Now do we have your attention? Good. Please read on.

The band’s recent 8-track debut EP Lovely Girls keeps on receiving a great feedback from the fast-growing audience around the UK. Loud, energy packed riffs, sharp melodies and witty lyrics make this record a highly enjoyable ride. The fact is, you’ll find yourself playing Lovely Girls on repeat for days. The band’s various music influences mirror in each of the tracks, which all carry their own little story as the guys specify in our interview below. Besides that, you’ll also get to find out a bit more about the band’s background, influences, Irish music scene and how they’ve recently managed to get the attention and even a shout-out from Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem.

Enda McCrory – Vocals

Aarron McCallan – Drums

Michael Hodkinson – Bass

Eamonn Doherty – Rhythm Guitar

Tom Hodkinson – Lead Guitar

So what’s the story behind forming Part Time Pilots?

Aarron: Mike, Tom and I were formerly in a band called New Damage but we parted ways with our singer/ rhythm guitarist after 3 years due to different interests. We knew Eamonn from another local band called the Faded Line, he was also a good friend, who we all wanted in the band.

The idea when looking for a singer was to audition a few people but I drunkingly asked Enda to join the band when we were out in a club. Enda was previously in a band from Liverpool called The Benz, which he left after deciding to return home to Ireland. Enda came to the practice thinking he was in the band. Eamonn, Tom and Mike thought he was auditioning. When the practice finished Enda asked “So when are we practicing next?”. There were confused faces but luckily he wasn’t bad, so we let him come back.

If you guys were to describe your music in a simple word choice… what would you say?

Enda: Boom brick shit house.

Michael: Have a good time, all the time.

Tom: Sexy.

Eamonn: Catchy Punk.

Aarron: Versatile.

Can you tell us about your debut EP ‘Lovely Girls’ and its recording process?

Aarron: We started writing original material very early on. The first song we ever wrote was Jack The Lad, which was written after seeing Band of Skulls live. We wrote four songs Jack, 7 Missed calls, Hunting Season and Dance Fucker Dance, which we then recorded in Outland Studios with the intention of releasing them under the title ‘Partiebox’.

We continued to write more songs and decided to make the 4 track EP into an 8 track EP and changed the name to ‘Lovely Girls’. The name Lovely Girls came after a brainstorming session, in which we decided to settle on a name that would reflect our humour and love for Father Ted. The recording process was quick, we had to keep within the limits of our budget, which got us 3 days of recording for a very reasonable price and the time needed for mixing was thrown in for free.

Steve at Outland Studios is very easy to work with and made us all feel at home. We recorded our parts individually and drank a lot of beer and ate very dodgy burgers. The EP was finished in February and we are very happy with the way it turned out. We’re a very comfortable band in the studio and can’t wait to get into the studio again soon.

The EP ‘Lovely Girls’ is available on Bandcamp, check it out!

Part Time Pilots

What’s your favourite song on the record and why?

Eamonn: My favourite song off the CD is Hunting Season, as I find it the most enjoyable to listen to and play live.

Aarron: Drop The Hand is my favourite, its different than the other songs in terms of its drumming style. I also love seeing people’s reaction to the lyrics.

Tom: Mine would have to be Light Switch, mainly because when we wrote the song it was a different direction for us. When we play it live, it’s a shit load of fun to groove to!

Mike: The title track Lovely Girls would be my favourite track. There’s a lot of energy towards the end of the song especially in the solo. It’s lovely!

Enda couldn’t think of which song to pick and left for a fag…

Where do you get the ideas and inspiration from to write your music?

Aarron: Real life and drunken nights out. The opening song Hunting Season is about the Bumper in Liverpool. Enda had some of his student loan left at the time and could afford to go out two weeks in a row. He spotted a girl he was with the previous week, hence the lyric “A surly little blonde from the week before”. 7 Missed Calls is Enda’s bonfire song, if you’ve been camping anywhere in Europe ever, Enda was at the fire belting it out. Light Switch came from a riff Tom had which I hated, but we managed to rewrite it with a bluesy feel and it became one of our favourites. Jack The Lad is next on the EP, which we have already mentioned.

Punk Song was previously titled ‘Bottle of Twang’ (The song was a tribute to Buckfast. Twang is its nickname here in Omagh.) It was written an hour before a gig. We had played the venue recently and needed new material to mix up the set list and it went down well. Drop The Hand was one of the last songs we wrote before recording. We wanted a lively song, which people could dance to. Its risky lyrics often make people stop and say “huh?” and laugh. Dance Fucker Dance is a dig at how dance music has ruined many a night out for us. Lovely Girls was an innocent instrumental jam until Enda contributed his part, a verse about lesbians and a chorus about being sick of what’s on the radio.

Tell us what happened at the Gaslight Anthem show in Manchester recently. You threw your CD on the stage during the gig, is that right?

Aarron: I am a huge Gaslight Anthem fan so before they announced their Irish dates, I booked my flights and travelled over to Manchester for their two shows. I decided to bring some CD’s to the gig as I was meeting some friends that wanted ‘Lovely Girls’. I had one CD left in my back pocket and as Brian Fallon was talking, I decided to throw it on stage.

I have seen it happen before, where a band would throw a CD back into the audience, but as it dropped next to Brian I saw him look at it. “Is that for me?” he said. My heart stopped as he walked over and picked it up and inspected it. He asked who threw it and saw me wave my hands in the air. Brian and Alex had a small conversation before he returned to the microphone. The crowd at this point were shouting up songs they would like to hear. “Ssshhhh, I’m trying to promote this guy’s band” he said.  He followed by describing the cover “There’s a picture of a girl punching a guy… I’ve been there before”.

He told 8000 people to check us out and held onto the CD. It was the best moment of my life. I hope they like it!

So besides The Gaslight Anthem, who are your other musical influences and who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Aarron:  My main influences for the music we write would be Pearl Jam, The Bouncing Souls, Alkaline trio and The Menzingers. Four bands which play on loop on my iPod. I would love to collaborate with The Bouncing Souls. I was at a gig of theirs in Manchester recently and it looks likes it would be brilliant fun playing for their fans! I actually crowd surfed onto the stage and gave them a CD too! The Virginmarys would be awesome too as they’re quite similar to our sound.

Mike: Contrary to our style of music, I’m quite influenced by heavy metal music such as Meshuggah, Tool and Lamb of God, as well as other funk/alternative rock bands like Incubus. I grew up listening to a lot of classic rock such as Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. I take a lot of influence from funk bass players like Ben Kenny, Victor Wooten and Marcus Miller and I think my melodic style comes from them, with a bit of slap bass here and there. I would happily collaborate with any of them but I’m not sure how mixing us with these bands would sound!

Eamonn: My influences come from the bands I grew up listening to, such as Nirvana and the Rolling Stones. These bands have influenced my guitar playing, as I have always been a fan of the rhythm section of these bands, which influence me in my role as the rhythm guitar player. I also enjoy listening to heavier bands, such as Meshuggah, Pantera etc.

Enda: A lot of English bands got me through Uni until I was chased. The Manics, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths, Noel Gallagher and The Beys etc. Nothing out of the ordinary really, I’m not going to say something weird just to be different but I appreciate a decent songwriter. Otherwise it’s just all noise, isn’t it?

Tom: I’ve always loved rock music with a twist to it. Bands like Incubus, Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age as well as instrumental music like God Is An Astronaut and Explosions In The Sky are definitely up there. Jimmy Page and Slash made me fall in love with guitar soloing, hence how they end up on PTP songs!

What is the music scene like in Northern Ireland and how do you think you fit among the other bands over there?

Aarron: Northern Ireland is a small area with a lot of bands. It’s very hard for a young band to become known, and you really have to work for it. There are plenty of great bands, which we believe will become well known in the next few years.  It’s an exciting time for the Irish music scene. We are quite different from most bands over here, it is important to us that we recognise and take influence from the bands we grew up with more so than the indie bands that are popular now. We believe riff based songs that are fun and light hearted are tried and tested and work in making music, that people want to listen to and enjoy.

What do you think are the main attractions of your live performances?

We got riffs, we got sing along choruses, we got solos, we got banter and we’ve got a sound, you’ll not get anywhere else. As they say in Ireland “We’ve got the whole shebang”.

Do you have any other hobbies besides making music?

Aarron: Drinking.

Eamonn: Drinking.

Tom: Drinking.

Mike: Drinking.

Enda: Badminton.

What’s the biggest future ambition for Part Time Pilots?

Full Time Pilots? We would love to get our music to a wider audience. We have yet to play a gig across the water and we are eager to do so. We would love to play some gigs in Manchester and across England. We want to make this summer a belter for Part Time Pilots! After visiting Manchester for its many punk gigs, we have realised that it’s definitely a scene we want to be a part of. We would love to pick up some support from promoters and record labels. We will be working hard to grab attention this summer.

Many thanks for listening to Part Time Pilots. Check us out on Bandcamp, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

EP Feature / Soul Saboteur – Clip Your Wings

Soul Saboteur - Clip Your WingsSoul Saboteur are an alt-blues-rock band based in Manchester, who formed in November last year and have already managed to record an outstanding EP featuring four powerful tracks. Clip Your Wings is a strong and ambitious piece of a musical art, filled with effective melodies and the wowing vocals of James Stone, who’s excellent lyric writing adds to the special atmosphere, which this engaging music provides.

The title track Clip Your Wings sets the bar high with it’s bluesy guitar melody and the ‘Eddie Vedder like’ howls from singer James. The second track Medicinal Venom comes with a mind blowing vocal intro and straight away becomes your favourite. You realise that this band has created something very special here. Next song Dark After Dark impresses with its lyrics “I would have given my right arm for you, just to have held the hand that hung from it. Now more hangs from my neck than this bow tie…” and you feel the deep emotion running through this record from start to finish as Stranded (in the devils council) closes up with its intense and colorful blues vibes.

Listen to the whole EP here!

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Introducing / Maglia Rosa Group

Maglia Rosa GroupMaglia Rosa Group is an indie pop quartet from Norwich, which creates a magnetic sound accompanied by haunting angelic vocals of Daisy Lawrence. Their EP Nighthawks was released in December 2012 and it consists of 4 tracks.

The record pulls you into its deep and hypnotic atmosphere thanks to the soft instruments and the voice that’s like a feather floating and caressing your soul.

This EP is a pleasure for any listener, perfect for late night chilling and forgetting the outside world. No wonder it’s called Nighthawks.

Listen / Buy Nighthawks here

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