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The Wandering Hearts: “We are at our best when we write as a four”

London based group The Wandering Hearts have just been awarded with the emerging artist title for the Americana Music Association UK and they are quickly gaining recognition and praise for their stand out folk-americana infused sound. They’ve also just announced that they’ll be supporting Amy Macdonald on her two sold out shows in Glasgow next month. It seems that The Wandering Hearts have a lot more in store for us to be excited about including the release of their debut album due next year.

While on tour for the Coffee House Sessions, the group answered some Q’s about their music, selling out the Borderline venue as well as sharing the bill with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at BST Hyde Park. Read on…

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Ones To Watch / Interview – Hunter & The Bear

London based trio Hunter & The Bear are with no doubt one of the greatest upcoming acts on the British folk music scene. Inspired by greats such as The Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Bruce Springsteen – whom they recently supported at Hard Rock Calling Festival, the band is gradually gaining recognition with their excellent melodies and astonishing harmonies. Their music leaves you smitten by its significant energy and makes you desire more of this wondrous sound. Hunter & The Bear will release their debut single ‘Forest On The Hill’ on 29th September, taken from their upcoming EP ‘Dusty Road’.

The guys took some time to tell MGMB about their music, touring, favourite albums and more.

What’s the story behind forming of Hunter & The Bear and how would you introduce your sound to the music listeners?

We (Will and Jimmy) started writing songs together in August 2012. There was no real aim or direction, we just wrote songs we liked to play. Moved from Scotland to London in September, played a few shows and realised that to take it seriously we needed to build the sound. This meant calling our old friend Josh in to slap some bass. As for the sound, in a sentence: a rocky blend of folk and country.

You’ve recently performed at Hard Rock Calling Festival alongside amazing musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Kasabian. What was the experience like for you and how did the audience receive you?

It was massive pleasure to be involved in such a great event. It was our first ever festival so our minds were fixed on keeping it together and smashing our set. The audience were great and made us feel very welcome. We had one eye on the clock so we could go watch Bruce do his thing.

Did you manage to bump into some cool musicians at the festival?

We had a great night and met loads of lovely people. Despite our best efforts we didn’t manage to find Zac Brown. There’s always next year…

What can you tell us about your upcoming debut single ‘Forest On The Hill’?

It’s a song we wrote when we were just starting out. It’s out 29th September and we can’t wait for everyone to hear it. We think it’s a good summary of our sound at this stage.

You’re also set to release your new EP ‘Dusty Road’ soon. Could you describe the recording journey of this EP?

We had a great experience recording it and we’re all really proud of the results. We were lucky enough to meet Jamie Bell, an amazing producer who really understood our sound and what we’re about. We had an idea in our heads of how the songs had to sound and he helped us achieve that. Can’t wait to get back in the studio with him.

Are there any highlights from your recent UK tour you’d like to share with us?  

There’s so many! It was our first experience with touring and we just love playing shows to new people. Cornbury festival and Live at Troon are the two biggest stages we’ve played and it was amazing to play to crowds with so much energy.

What’s the best atmosphere for you when writing and working on your songs?

We have no formula or routine, we’re still learning. We love getting out of the city where we have a room to think.

What are your three favourite albums of all time and what have you been listening to lately?

That’s such a difficult question and it changes all the time. Seeing as there’s three of us, we’ll give you one each:

Will – Bad Company, Bad Company

Josh – Nirvana, Nevermind

Jimmy – The Band, The Band

We listen to lots of different stuff individually but our current radio favorites while on tour are Stereophonics and Arctic Monkeys.

If you could read one newspaper headline about yourselves in 2013, what would it be?

Dusty Road EP goes platinum in 70 countries.

What’s the main goal for Hunter & The Bear?

We want to play our music to as many people as want to listen. We love to write and play together and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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Singer-Songwriter Interview / Deetrich

Deetrich is an Irish singer-songwriter who writes exceptional songs with a touch of rock, pop and country and her beautifully haunting vocals add an alluring feel to her music. Her debut album ‘Tug of War’ ‘was produced by Leo Pearson who has worked with great artists like Elvis Costello and U2. She’s set to release a new single ‘Beating On That Drum’ soon, so stayed tuned.

In our interview, Deetrich talks about her album, recording of her video ‘Danger In My Feet’, influences and more…

When did you start playing music and who or what influenced you to become a singer-songwriter?

I was always making up songs even as a child…I wrote some pretty out there songs which I still remember but could never repeat! I learned how to play the guitar when I was 17 for accompaniment.

Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing songs?

Everything around me from people to objects (hence the song ‘Yellow Radio’), also interesting things people say. I keep a log of it on my phone and try to use it in a song.

Can you tell us about the recording process of your debut album ‘Tug Of War’?

I wrote the album first without any words. I had an idea of what I wanted them to be about and played them for the producer Leo Pearson. I had over 20 songs & we whittled it down to 10. The rhythm of the songs initially was more important to me than the words, which followed after.

How was the shooting of your video ‘Danger In My Feet’ and where did it take place?

Great, I was delighted with how it turned out as it was my own idea and I edited it myself, which was a first for me! It took place in woods and an old graveyard in my home town of Thomastown, Kilkenny. It was filmed by my husband M.J. O’Carroll.

Which one of your live shows has been your favourite so far and why?

It’s hard to choose! Playing with John Martyn’s backing band was quite amazing. I also sang along side Mundy and Leslie Dowdal on stage later that night. Supporting ‘Donovan’ in the Set Theatre in Kilkenny this summer was also pretty cool. The balcony and floor were full and it was a very intimate gig.

What other musicians do you admire and class as your main influences?

P.J. Harvey, Gillian Welch, Nina Persson, Joni Mitchell, Vashti Bunyan, Bjork, Patti Smith…I’m intrigued by female artists and how they use their voices. I like music that’s artistic, poetic and has a bit of attitude.

If you had to choose a quote or a line to describe what motivates you day to day, what would it be?

Happiness is not something ready made, it comes from your own actions (Dalai Lama).

Do you have any new music releases or shows coming up?

I will be playing at Electric Picnic this year. I’ve also recorded a new single called ‘Beating On That Drum’, I’ll be releasing on Reekus Records soon. I will have more details of that and all my upcoming gigs on my ‘Deetrich’ facebook page.

Links – Facebook, Twitter, Reekus Records

MGMB’s Playlist #6

If you’re looking to freshen up your music collection with some amazing blues rock, americana or folk tunes, then check out the following ‘must hear’ artists and bands in this week’s playlist.

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