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Meet Electro Rock Jammers – Celebrity Traffic

Here I give you something unique and original from across the water. Meet Celebrity Traffic from Victoria, British Columbia.

Rock, funk, electro and fun! I’ve had a soft spot for them since I’ve heard their tracks Stone Crows and Serena. This band offers sound you hardly hear anywhere else. And that’s how I got hooked on their music. For their originality and creativity.

Three friends Sean (guitar/vocals/harmonica), Joel (bass/ keyboards/vocals) and Brandon (programming/drum machines/keyboards/vocals) started casually jamming and improvising together three years ago, realizing there was enough spark for creating something special and unique, that’s hard to match. Mixing electro with grunge and hard rock, the band says to be unpretentious about what they do when they make music.

One thing that’s important to them is wanting people to have fun! And that’s what Celebrity Traffic does really well their funky, casual appeal. There is an amazing contrast between the electro and guitar elements in each of their songs.

Their album We Bleed Blood contains 8 tracks and each of them is very different. You hear the diversity through the whole album which shows that these guys have talent to create something new and interesting each time.

You can dance, you can rock and you can have fun with the lyrics of the tracks. The album will keep you entertained in many ways.

The lyrics represent elements of life such as anger, joy, fear, sadness… all the feelings we all go through and can relate to. The key is being real and honest.

Their unusual and effective sound brings excitement and energy into the world of music and especially to people.

The guys are hoping to make it across the water and I wish them all the best for it to happen . It would be a great experience to see them jamming live over here in UK!

Take a look at some of their music and you can even download their track Stone Crows for free!

I recommend their album We Bleed Blood, especially the tracks Stone Crows, Serena, Busted Lips and Significant Other but I have to say that I also love the last track Wallflower for it’s fun lyrics! 😉

If you’re impressed, get the album! It’s worth it.

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Shout Out To Some New Bands

I’ve been followed by some great bands on Twitter recently and I’d like to share their music with you all!

It’s really worth giving them a listen!

Whales in Cubicles (London) – We Never Win

Facebook, Twitter – I am going to see these guys play in Brighton next Saturday, so I’ll post a review! Should be awesome!

Run Young Lovers (Brighton) – She Said

Facebook, Twitter

The Chase (Portsmouth) – You

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I Divide (Exeter) – The Arrival

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Seismatik (Whittier, CA) – My Radio

Facebook, Twitter

Fossil Collective (Leeds) – On and On

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The Ashtones (Scotland) – My Dancing Queen

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Kid Savant (Brooklyn) – Drop It On The Stereo

Facebook, Twitter

Celebrity Traffic (Victoria) – Serena

Facebook, Twitter

ATLANTIS (Leicester) – Thrones

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Winchester Rebels (Santa Barbara) – Down


Thousand Autumns (Hertfordshire) – I Chose Not To Remember

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Half Hour Hotel (Brighton) – Medley

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