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Tribes – Brighton Gig Review

Tribes’ first headline gig of the Baby tour kicked off in Brighton, Concorde 2 on Saturday 21st April. The album was the first music purchase I’ve made this year (you can read my Tribes feature here) and after playing it to death I was glad to get tickets to see the brilliant collection of tracks live.

After getting to the venue, the crowd was already enjoying the first support band from London called The Brute Chorus. I am really glad I got to catch most of their show because these guys are pretty damn special. Mixing folk, blues and rock, the charismatic presence and rare energy of the band on stage was a pleasure to watch. Lead singer James moving his body to the music was another great stand out factor. Discovering this band was definitely one of the highlights of the night. You can follow the news and music over at their Facebook Page.

Sharks followed. I was really looking forward to seeing them after their outstanding debut album release No Gods (read my review here). The guys surely proved that they are as good, if not better live. They got the now full venue into rock’n’roll mood in no time. Playing some of their best songs from the new album including ‘Til The Wonders Rise, Arcane Effigies and Patient Spider as well as some of the older tracks, Sweet Harness and It All Relates got us all Sharks fans rocking to the sound. Want to see them live again for sure. Sharks are going to be huge. Just sayin’.

Must say that Tribes have chosen their support acts extremely well!

When Tribes appeared on stage, the crowd went crazy. A damn good crazy as the opening guitar intro of Whenever made everyone jump to the ceiling and the heat was rising. The band was clearly amazed by seeing the sold out venue fully digging and enjoying their sound. As the lead singer Johnny said, they were a bit nervous before the gig as this was their first headline show and they never had such a big audience. Well guys, I am pretty much sure it’s going to get only bigger from now on.

The band was incredible live and Johnny’s voice was spot on.

It was an unforgettable rock’n’roll party during songs like Sappho, Corner of an English Field, When My Day Comes and the famous We Were Children and a little less mad but equally powerful with Himalaya, Halfway Home, Nightdriving or Coming of Age.

After what should have been their last song, the crowd simply would not have it and demanded more. The guys  were back on stage shortly with the now final track Bad Apple.

Tribes have already called the Brighton crowd one of the best they’ve ever had and continue their mostly sold out tour around the UK. The ones waiting to see them, be ready. It’s going to get wild.

Check out some pictures from the night.

Brighton Band Feature – Rubylux

Brighton based Rubylux are one of the bands that has gained more success in countries other than UK but the band says that “The idea of succeeding at home doesn’t frustrate us, it’s a challenge. We won’t stop until we’ve pulled that off.”

Their universal sound has helped them  to become one of the few Western bands to have toured Vietnam, their songs have been played on Heroes and Neighbours and they have already released their own live DVD.  And that’s pretty cool for a band that started out playing Street Gigs around Brighton. Thanks to them and their fan’s support, they got to record their stunning debut album Fake Control.

Rob Humphreys (vocals, guitar), Adam Harris (keyboard), Mike Hall (drums) and Clark Coslett-Hughes (bass, backing vocals) have gained many dedicated fans worldwide for their passionate musicianship, beautiful music and giving their fans an opportunity to subscribe to their fan club and receive some exciting stuff! Check out their website Rubylux.net to find out more!

Their album Fake Control is a great mix of rock and pop tracks with very inspiring lyrics. It’s clear why the band is loved by so many people as their music is truly uplifting. The vocal is faultless and the band sounds amazing acoustic if you check out the video section on their website or their YouTube Channel. Must be a real treat to see them live.

Lead tracks on the album include The Boy Could Fly and What You Need and my personal favourite is Wesminister.

Rubylux’s determination to succeed over here in UK is paying off and we shall look forward to what’s coming next from this amazing band.

LinksWebsite, Facebook, Twitter

Whales in Cubicles – Brighton Gig Review

Green Door Store, Brighton 18/2/12

When I found out that Whales in Cubicles were going to play at the Green Door Store, I simply had to be there. Since I have heard their amazing track We Never Win, I have fallen for their sound and meaningful lyrics.

Luckily I have managed to book the night off so I was really exited to go and see them play live. Unfortunately my friend who was supposed to come with me got sick so I had to make a decision, if to go alone or just stay at home and sulk. The weather was kind of crap as well but I just said to myself: ‘What the hell, let’s just go, have a good time and support the guys.’ It was their first time playing in Brighton and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity as I am a big fan!

After getting to Brighton by bus as I live outside the city, I made my way to Green Door Store. I got there around half past seven and there was nobody in except the bar people and the bands that were sound checking in the back room. I got myself a drink and sat down at a table. Soon I spotted the WIC guys and got really exited!

As the first band came on, I went to check them out with the rest of the people.

The Witches – a band from Brighton, that I will definitely write more about in the future, totally delivered. What an entrance, I thought. I loved every minute of it and I will surely go and see them play again. This is why I love going to small gigs because you always get to discover great new bands like this. And if the band is good live like  The Witches were, then it’s a win.

Here is one of their tracks!

During the first break I saw the WIC guys Leo (drums) and Alex (guitar) standing at the bar so I came to them and introduced myself. They were really nice, friendly and appreciative of me making the effort to come and see them play. Any time guys! 😉

Then Stef (vocals, giutar) came along and I was really happy to meet him as I am a big fan of his lyric writing. He was very kind and gave me some stickers and a little badge that says ‘We Never Win’ which I adore!

You don’t always get a chance to chat to the band members at gigs so I was happy I did get to meet WIC. I have mentioned to them that I am going to make a review on my blog.  Not that I wanted to put them under any kind of pressure! 😀

I spoke to Stef about music and one thing I really wanted to know was who his musical influences are.  I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he’s a big fan of Jeff Buckley, my all time favourite artist. WIC’s music inspires me in a similar way because of the honesty and realness of the songs. 

Stef writes lyrics to all their songs and they are one of the reasons I fell in love with their music. His words make you think and realize what really matters in life, what’s todays generation of young people like, politics, love, life and death…

Even the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe praised their single We Never Win in Timeout, saying how great this band is and how right their lyrics are. It’s good that he gets the message these guys are trying to send and tries to spread the word.

‘We never win because we’re fine with it… We never do the things we should have done… We never learn, we never change, we just repeat the same mistakes again, which we’ve never done finished paying for…

Here is a nice acoustic version of the song.

I surely wasn’t regretting coming to see these guys play live because they delivered 100 percent. They’ve played few songs including my favorites Across America, We Never Win and Nowhere Flag. Stef sang amazing live, Leo played the drums to death and Alex and Jamie rocked the guitars. The connection between them was great and they absolutely smashed it on stage. It was such a cool experience to see them play from such a close distance and get the real feel of it. Pure rock’n’roll!

They wanted to play one more song at the end but they got cut off as the main band was running late so they didn’t let them. Jeez, it was just one more song people! Would love to hear it!

As they were taking their stuff off the stage, I was waiting to say goodbye as I had to head back home. I had a nice last little chat with Stef and soon the lovely Leo brought a couple of their We Never Win vinyls I wanted to get for me and one of my friends.

They kindly signed them both, then I got to take a photo with them all and at last I gave them well deserved hug for being so great. I’m so glad I got to meet this amazing bunch of guys and got to enjoy their amazing music. I hope to see them rocking the stage again soon! 🙂

Here are some photos I took:

WIC links: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Unfortunately Stef’s amazing guitar got stolen that night and they are trying to get it back so please if you are from Brighton and you spot this guitar anywhere let them know on their Facebook Page or Twitter! 

Mirrors Release New EP!

As you know I have already introduced this band to you in my post Let’s Just Have a Look Into the World of Mirrors and I mentioned that the guys are working on some new material.

And it’s here!

The New EP called This Year, Next Year, Sometime…? has been released today and it’s available for download now on their website THEWORLDOFMIRRORS.

You can play/preview all seven tracks! They are great! GO! 🙂

Let’s Just Have a Look Into The World of Mirrors

Let’s talk some pop-noir.

Mirrors. Four guys from Brighton who released their debut album ‘Lights and Offerings’ last year in February ( I listed the album in My Top Albums of 2011) should be fully back on track this year.

Nearly a year since the album release, I believe the boys have been busy making some new stuff, as they recently tweeted (@worldofmirrors) about a couple of new tracks ‘Dust’ and ‘Shooting Stars’ which you can listen to on their My Space page.

Another dose of a brilliant, dark and catchy synthpop, I think Mirrors have something even bigger in store for us this year.

If you’ve heard their previous work, you know how easy is to fall in love with their original sound.

And if not…

Lights and Offerings is an album worth checking out. Especially songs like ‘Into the Heart’, ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘Ways to an End’.

Here is a couple of great videos

And here is a video of  their great new track ‘Dust’ and you can also have a look at their Youtube Channel for more!

Their website The World of Mirrors offers you to download some cool mixtapes compiled by the band members themselves and see what influences these guys to make such a fantastic and unique music.

Whatever they are up to at the moment, I think their fans have a lot to look forward to.

Here is a couple of links for the album: Itunes, Amazon