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Live Review – Brian Fallon at O2 Ritz Manchester 21/02/18

It’s been an exciting month for the fans of Brian Fallon with the release of his remarkable new solo record Sleepwalkers and the anticipation to hear these songs performed live for the first time on his upcoming UK tour only grew stronger. Seeing all the fantastic responses from the first two shows at Kingston and Birmingham, I was buzzing as I jumped on a train to Manchester early Wednesday morning, ready to see Fallon doing his thing in one of my favourite music cities. I have seen the man perform on many occasions with The Gaslight Anthem as well as The Horrible Crowes, but what happened at The Ritz on Wednesday night was certainly one of the most memorable shows Brian has put on.

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Album Review / Brian Fallon – Sleepwalkers

After one of the most respected punk-rock bands from New Jersey, The Gaslight Anthem, announced an indefinite hiatus back in 2015, their frontman Brian Fallon went on a mission to establish himself as a solo musician. Brian released his debut solo record Painkillers in March 2016, which became a success and received a lot of positive responses from his fans and music critics; and so he quickly took a solid place among his fellow Americana singer-songwriters.  Almost two years have passed and not only we are now very close to the release of Brian’s new album Sleepwalkers (out on February 9th) but to amplify the buzz, The Gaslight Anthem have recently announced tour dates in the US, UK, Ireland and Europe to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of The ’59 Sound record. It ought to be a great year for the fans of Brian and TGA.

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MGMB Playlist – Best of 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for new music and some outstanding tracks and records have been released throughout the year. A bunch of my favourite bands and singer-songwriters have once again outdone themselves and I have also made some great new music discoveries. Here I present all the tunes and albums I have listened to the most this year (in no particular order); ones that touched me, cheered me up, made me dance and overall made each day a lot brighter! It’s a great mix of genres and individual musical mastery that ought to be mentioned and appreciated. So I’d like to say thank you to all of these guys and all of you MGMB readers! Here’s to 2018! Happy New Year.

Eva x

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The Handwritten Project

The Handwritten Project – Letters to The Gaslight Anthem

‘It’s a letter to whoever is listening’ – Brian Fallon –

I could have done a review of ‘Handwritten’, the fourth studio album of The Gaslight Anthem, just like any other blogger or writer out there. But sometimes, one record can inspire you to do things a bit different.

Idea of this project popped in my head one night, while listening to the ‘Handwriten’ album and talking to one 15 year old fan, who told me about his love for the band. I found it touching and I realized that The Gaslight Anthem’s music reaches to people of all ages, and has a different meaning for all of us.
So over the past two weeks, I got in touch with some TGA fans and offered them to write their own thoughts on the band and their new album. No rules. Just pure emotion.

Actually, there was one little rule. Pretty obvious one, but special.

What better way to do this than the ‘Fallon’ way? ‘Every Word Handwritten’

Someone said the title of the album is too simple. Whoever that was, obviously hasn’t looked beyond the meaning of it.

We have. We step away from our computers and simply write.  We write our feelings down on one page about music that truly matters to us.

‘And it travels from heart to limb to pen’ 

The ‘Handwritten’ video is directed by Kevin Slack, who’s worked with The Gaslight Anthem in the past and is also a good friend of theirs.

Check out his website HERE.

Huge Thank You to every one of you that participated and made this project so special. Especially the Gaslight Anthem Fans Page, that helped me to spread the word!

‘Stay the same, don’t ever change, cause I’d miss your ways’ XOXO

New Video! The Gaslight Anthem – ‘Handwritten’

With less than a week to go till The Gaslight Anthem‘s new album Handwritten, the band has released a new video for the title track that has also been played by Zane Lowe on BBC Radio 1 earlier tonight!

The song as well as the video are both emotional and touching, featuring stunning guitars, Brian’s soulful voice and once again deeply inspiring lyrics.

Do I need to say more?

Pre-order the album Handwritten (out 23rd July) HERE.