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Dreamy Indie/Folk: Fossil Collective

If you like gorgeous indie/folk  music full of emotion, then Fossil Collective is for you.

Taking inspiration from great artists like Fleetwood Mac and Neil Young, these multi talented instrumentalists from Leeds will touch you with their beautiful melancholic guitar meets piano melodies and perfect angelic vocals.

Compared to artists like Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, Fossil Collective add English quality into their mesmerizing music.

Their gentle but memorable sound and lyrics will bring piece into your musical soul. Their artistic, fantasy like videos add a special feel to the dreamy like music that has some would say, quite sad but powerful appeal.

Expect a lot more in the future from these magnificent musicians. They are gaining followers really fast! ūüôā

You can get a free download of their track Without a Fight (Dark Dark Horse Remix)¬†on their Facebook page! Go and check it out! ūüôā

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Meet Electro Rock Jammers – Celebrity Traffic

Here I give you something unique and original from across the water. Meet Celebrity Traffic from Victoria, British Columbia.

Rock, funk, electro and fun! I’ve had a soft spot for them since I’ve heard their tracks¬†Stone Crows and Serena.¬†This band offers sound you hardly hear anywhere else. And that’s how I got hooked on their music. For their originality and creativity.

Three friends Sean (guitar/vocals/harmonica), Joel (bass/ keyboards/vocals) and Brandon (programming/drum machines/keyboards/vocals) started casually jamming and improvising together three years ago, realizing there was enough spark for creating something special and unique, that’s hard to match.¬†Mixing electro with grunge and hard rock, the band says to be unpretentious about what they do when they make music.

One thing that’s important to them is wanting people to have fun! And that’s what Celebrity Traffic does really well their funky, casual appeal.¬†There is an amazing contrast between the electro and guitar elements in each of their songs.

Their album We Bleed Blood contains 8 tracks and each of them is very different. You hear the diversity through the whole album which shows that these guys have talent to create something new and interesting each time.

You can dance, you can rock and you can have fun with the lyrics of the tracks. The album will keep you entertained in many ways.

The lyrics represent elements of life such as anger, joy, fear, sadness… all the feelings we all go through and can relate to. The key is being real and honest.

Their unusual and effective sound brings excitement and energy into the world of music and especially to people.

The guys are hoping to make it across the water and I wish them all the best for it to happen . It would be a great experience to see them jamming live over here in UK!

Take a look at some of their music and you can even download their track Stone Crows for free!

I recommend their album We Bleed Blood, especially the tracks Stone Crows, Serena, Busted Lips and Significant Other¬†but I have to say that I also love the last track Wallflower¬†for it’s fun lyrics! ūüėČ

If you’re impressed, get the album! It’s worth it.

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Portsmouth’s Best – The Chase

The Chase are a four piece band from Portsmouth that released their second album Slings and Arrows in January.

Michael (guitar, vocals), Luke (bass), Ralph (drums) and Ben (saxophone, backing vocals, keyboards) are taking the South Coast by storm with their energetic and feel good indie rock sound and gaining fans really fast through their live shows or social networks.

It’s not hard to share their music if you find the time to listen. You’ll be amazed and a bit annoyed you haven’t heard of them before.

Their new album is available on Itunes and it’s one of the best sounding albums I’ve recently purchased! Album that is such a great musical journey all the way through with its energy, catchiness and stunning guitar pieces.

If you want to add something fresh and exciting  into your music collection, then check out Slings and Arrows. The first track Tonight will leave you with no doubt The Chase means business. They know their sound and they know how to bring you the perfect melody.

Their music have been compared to The Jam, Stereophonics or White Stripes and I’d say that also the fans of Oasis or The Beatles will enjoy them a lot.

These passionate musicians have mastered the top tunes and I only foresee a great future ahead of them. I hope I can get some of you to check them out ūüėČ

And here is another rocking track Touchpaper from the new album!

If you like it, grab the album! ūüôā

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Introducing RABA

I came across RABA at the fiN single launch party at the beginning of this month.

Their live performance was amazing and I became a huge fan of their great, catchy rock melodies and a strong soulful vocal from Scott Raba who adds the heart and soul into the songs.

Just listen to Home and you’ll know what I mean.

The pop rock band from Surrey has four members: Scott (vocals), Nick ( lead guitar), Jamie (drums) and James (bass).

Influenced by great artists like Bruce Springsteen, Manic Street Preachers and Kings of Leon, RABA adds their own rocky and heartwarming sound into the world of music.

They’ve recently launched their website rabamusic.com¬†and released their EP with five brilliant tracks.

The EP starts with the fans favorite¬†Home, which speaks to you with its meaningful lyrics and beautiful melody and it’s followed by a very catchy guitar track Daydreamer Kid,¬†that gets you singing to it in no time.

One of my favorite songs that also shows Scott’s great ability of lyric writing is called¬†But We Look The Same.¬†

If you like slow and heartbreaking songs like me, then For Real is just the one. Simply stunning.

The last track If You’re Mine has got stronger and powerful feel to it which shows, that RABA delivers music for everyone. Music that gets you sing along, lets you enjoy the wonderful guitar sound and speaks to your musical soul.

These guys have much more to offer in the future and I believe they will make it big.

They are planning to start gigging very soon and I recommend to go and check them out live. It’s worth it.

In a meantime, just have a look at their pages, have a listen to their EP, check out the videos and enjoy the great music!

Raba sites: rabamusic.com, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube

Whales in Cubicles – Brighton Gig Review

Green Door Store, Brighton 18/2/12

When I found out that Whales in Cubicles were going to play at the Green Door Store, I simply had to be there. Since I have heard their amazing track We Never Win, I have fallen for their sound and meaningful lyrics.

Luckily I have managed to book the night off so I was really exited to go and see them play live.¬†Unfortunately my friend who was supposed to come with me got sick so I had to make a decision, if to go alone or just stay at home and sulk. The weather was kind of crap as well but I just said to myself: ‘What the hell, let’s just go, have a good time and support the guys.’¬†It was their first time playing in Brighton and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity as I am a big fan!

After getting to Brighton by bus as I live outside the city, I made my way to Green Door Store. I got there around half past seven and there was nobody in except the bar people and the bands that were sound checking in the back room. I got myself a drink and sat down at a table. Soon I spotted the WIC guys and got really exited!

As the first band came on, I went to check them out with the rest of the people.

The Witches – a band from Brighton, that I will definitely write more about in the future, totally delivered. What an entrance, I thought. I loved every minute of it and I will surely go and see them play again. This is why I love going to small gigs because you always get to discover great new bands like this. And if the band is good live like ¬†The Witches were, then it’s a win.

Here is one of their tracks!

During the first break I¬†saw the WIC guys Leo (drums) and Alex (guitar) standing at the bar¬†so I came to them and introduced myself. They were really nice, friendly and appreciative of me making the effort to come and see them play. Any time guys! ūüėČ

Then Stef (vocals, giutar) came along and I was really happy to meet him as I am a big fan of his lyric writing. He was very kind and gave me some stickers and a little badge that says ‘We Never Win’ which I adore!

You don’t always get a chance to chat to the band members at gigs so I was happy I did get to meet WIC. I have mentioned to them that I am going to make a review on my blog. ¬†Not that I wanted to put them under any kind of pressure! ūüėÄ

I spoke to Stef about music and one thing I really wanted to know was who his musical influences are. ¬†I was pleasantly surprised¬†when¬†he said that he’s a big fan of¬†Jeff Buckley, my all time favourite artist. WIC’s music inspires me in a similar way because of the honesty and realness of the songs.¬†

Stef writes lyrics to all their songs and they are one of the reasons I fell in love with their music. His words make you think and realize what really matters in life,¬†what’s todays¬†generation of young people like, politics, love, life and death…

Even the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe praised their single We Never Win in Timeout, saying¬†how great this band is and how right their lyrics are. It’s good that he gets the message these guys are trying to send and tries to spread the word.

‘We never win because we’re fine with it… We never do the things we should have done… We never learn, we never change, we just repeat the same mistakes again, which we’ve never done finished paying for…

Here is a nice acoustic version of the song.

I surely wasn’t regretting coming to see these guys play live because they delivered 100 percent. They’ve played few songs including my favorites Across America, We Never Win and Nowhere Flag. Stef sang amazing live, Leo played the drums to death and Alex and Jamie rocked the guitars. The connection between them was great and they absolutely smashed it on stage. It was such a cool experience to see them play from such a close distance and get the real feel of it. Pure rock’n’roll!

They wanted to play one more song at the end but they got cut off as the main band was running late so they didn’t let them. Jeez, it was just one more song people! Would love to hear it!

As they were taking their stuff off the stage, I was waiting to say goodbye as I had to head back home. I had a nice last little chat with Stef and soon the lovely Leo brought a couple of their We Never Win vinyls I wanted to get for me and one of my friends.

They kindly signed them both, then I got to take a photo with them all and at last I gave them well deserved hug for being so great. I’m so glad I got to meet this amazing bunch of guys and got to enjoy their amazing music. I hope to see them rocking the stage again soon! ūüôā

Here are some photos I took:

WIC links: Website, Facebook, Twitter

Unfortunately Stef’s amazing guitar got stolen that night and they are trying to get it back so please if you are from Brighton and you spot this guitar anywhere let them know on their Facebook Page or Twitter!¬†