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The October Game – Answers and Keys

I came across The October Game and their newest track Answers and Keys thanks to one of my friends I share music with and I have discovered something that simply cannot go unnoticed.

A track that has a lot of power.  Brilliant, strong, dark and catchy. Its sound will have your attention within a few seconds and you’ll soon realize this is one of the coolest tracks you’ve recently heard. Haunting vocal and lyrics will get into your head quick enough and you’ll soon find yourself repeating  ‘I’ve got the answers and keys in my own head…’

Once you hear Answers and Keys, you won’t be able to help yourself but play it all over again.

The October Game consists of five members:

Luke Williams – Vocals/Guitar
Nick Kozuch – Guitar
Owen Stephen – Bass/Vocals
Ollie Taylor – Drums
Nick Murray – Viola/Keys

The good news is that this alternative rock band from London has released two albums already and they are full of amazing tracks!

You can listen and download Box Of A Billion Lights and Wildblood on their page http://www.theoctobergame.bandcamp.com.

With Answers and Keys, The October Game is finally getting the well deserved recognition and whatever they’ll come up with in the future, we better watch out!

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Top 3 January Album Releases

1. Tribes – Baby

Tribes totally top the albums released in January with their Baby.  They have been nominated at the NME Awards in the Best New Band category. You can vote HERE. The band is also about to announce  their ‘Baby’ headline tour for April some time this week! Watch out! 🙂

Favourite tracks: We Were Children, Corner of an English Field, Nightdriving, When My Day Comes

Itunes Link

2. The Maccabees – Given To The Wild

The London indie/rock band has released their third album Given To the Wild that has a beautiful, softer and deeper sound.  Filled with emotions, a nice chilled guitar and piano sounds accompanied  by a stunning vocal, the album leaves you with a great relaxed feeling. Pure quality of songs. Worth the buy!

Favourite tracks: Feel to Follow, Ayla, Heave, Pelican, Went Away 

Itunes Link

3. Lana Del Rey- Born To Die

A long awaited album from Lana has arrived and it shows what this girl can do. Stunning voice and a great personality, she brings us a fresh, honest and relatable girl power. Also nominated for the NME Awards and topping the album charts right now, Lana has surely impressed a big audience. Go girl! 😉

Favourite tracks: Born to Die, Blue Jeans, Video Games, Dark Paradise, Summertime Sadness

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