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Getting To Know The Yada Yada Yadas

Inspired by 90’s US alt rock, Durham based trio The Yada Yada Yadas arrived on the music scene 18 months ago and swiftly became the darlings inside the alt rock / fuzzy pop sound sphere. Delivering fresh and appealing noise, BBC 6 Music took notice after they unleashed their debut single Oceans, leading onto playing a bunch of shows and festivals over the past few months as well as putting out a nostalgic new single Seven Years via Silent Kid Records. According to the band’s singer Mark, we can look forward to a couple of new tracks before the release of their debut EP later this year.

So what else did I find out about The Yada Yada Yadas…

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The Voyage Andromeda / EP Review + Interview

To kick off the month with something great and special, let me introduce you The Voyage Andromeda – Brighton based alt rock band whose first EP ‘They Thought The World Was Round’ will be released on May 26th.

Now having had the pleasure to review this EP and interview the lead singer Dan Rumsey, I am happy to discover a band that has so much potential for their diversity of songs and instruments,  great melodies and a quality vocal.

The EP consists of 6 tracks, starting off with Don’t Drown Yourself (watch video below) which is the best track to kick off the album for it’s epic guitar intro, catchy melody and lyrics. As Dan says below in the interview, Nirvana was a big influence on this song. You can’t help but be highly impressed with the guitar riffs through the whole track. Simply rocking.

Next track Years and Years is a very laid back but powerful piece with heartfelt lyrics, featuring piano and a guitar which builds up amazingly through the song and gives it a special wow factor.

One of my favorite songs on the EP is called Waves, for it’s dark appeal and striking sound. Plus Dan’s vocal in it is absolutely amazing. It’s a song you can get completely lost in. Mesmerizing.

One of the band’s influences and also one of my favorite bands is Interpol. And I bring that up because of the next track called I will never sleep which reminds me a bit of their sound and it’s truly fantastic. This shows that The Voyage Andromeda can pull off any sound.

In If My Heart Stops Beating, Dan is really pouring his heart out as well as in the last track on the EP –  Heart To Follow, Shore to Find; a heartwarming acoustic guitar track that gives it the perfect finish with a statement that this band won’t go unnoticed for much longer.

Just because you’ve might not heard of them, doesn’t mean they don’t make some cracking music.

So give it a go and let The Voyage Andromeda take you on a very special musical journey. It’s worth getting on board!

the voyage andromeda


Here, the lead singer Dan Rumsey answers some of my questions about his band, EP, etc.

Could you describe the meaning/purpose behind both, your band’s and EP’s title? 

Yes, the name of the band came about because I found I was writing songs about things I yearned for and only ever dreamed of doing. So I wanted a title which would encompass that. I think it’s fair to say, the Andromeda galaxy is pretty far away and the chances of anyone ever getting there, even after our lifetime are extremely slim. So The Voyage to Andromeda would be full of risks, but full of excitement too, and if you never got there, think of the adventure you had along the way. That’s the long version anyway!
The EP title came about partly because I love that people did believe once that our world was flat, that fascinates me. But it’s also a statement. See the world how you want to see it, and live your life how you want to live it, not how you’ve been told, you know?

How long have you been writing and recording songs and what’s the best part of making music? 

I’ve been writing and playing for about 10 years in various different bands, some good, some great and some plain awful! A great part of making it is hearing something you’ve just jammed in your room by yourself be transformed into a finished song, all ready for people to hear. But the best part is when people tell you how a song affects them, because everyone has a different way of interpreting your songs. Someone told me once that one of my songs made them cry and I was shocked at first and couldn’t understand how that could happen, but it’s knowing that someone can connect that deeply with your work that really is the best part.

I’ve shared your track ‘Don’t Drown Yourself’ with some other fellow music critics and a few of us agreed that it has a bit of Nirvana feel to it, which is a good thing. Do you take any inspiration from them or any other bands/artists? 

Thank you, I’m glad you said Nirvana because they were a big influence on that song, in fact I remember seeing a video or clip of the recording of the guitar on “Smells like teen spirit” where the guitar feedback decays through an entire verse. In verse 3 of this song I tried to do a similar thing, it’s obviously no teen spirit but hey! Other artists I love and take constant inspiration from are Alkaline trio, Modest Mouse, Interpol, Tom Waits, The Cure, The Smiths…. the list could go on.

Do you have any special/memorable experiences from live shows so far? 

We are a fairly new band at the moment so haven’t done many gigs as this line up but gigs I played when I was gigging the band as Dan Rumsey and the Bitter End were all great and I’ll always remember them as special, mainly because I was onstage each night with two really awesome friends, that’s what it’s about. If you hate each other it’s not worth it. Some people say there needs to be friction and I agree with that to a certain extent but you it can’t work if you dislike who you are playing with.

The EP release show is happening on May 26th at the Prince Albert in Brighton. What do you have in store for people? 

It’s going to be a good one, rehearsals for it are going great, it sounds really big and epic. We have lots in store… but beware as there may be a storm… and whales. Also on offer are two other incredible bands, Spit Shake Sisters and Emperor the Stagit’s basically going to be a great party with three really great bands making a load of noise! 

The EP will be available to purchase from the 26th of May on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

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