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MGMB NHS Support / Interview with Ally Dickaty

As the lockdown restrictions ease and the first steps to normality are being taken, MGMB’s series of interviews with musicians carries on with the aim to support our NHS workers in any way we can. And for most of us, music, art and entertainment have been the main saviours in quarantine. It is fundamental to have access to something that is hopeful, inspiring and real, and something that speaks to and resonates with us, such as the music and words of the Virginmarys‘ frontman Ally Dickaty.

With the band being on hold, it’s been a challenging period for Ally finding a new flow and doing his best to adapt to the sudden changes while turning to the stillness of the Northern countryside and staying true to what matters the most.

I caught up with him for an in-depth conversation about the current reality, music, mental health and what should we be asking ourselves as we move forward.

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MGMB Playlist – Best of 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for new music and some outstanding tracks and records have been released throughout the year. A bunch of my favourite bands and singer-songwriters have once again outdone themselves and I have also made some great new music discoveries. Here I present all the tunes and albums I have listened to the most this year (in no particular order); ones that touched me, cheered me up, made me dance and overall made each day a lot brighter! It’s a great mix of genres and individual musical mastery that ought to be mentioned and appreciated. So I’d like to say thank you to all of these guys and all of you MGMB readers! Here’s to 2018! Happy New Year.

Eva x

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