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Live Music / The Revival Tour 2012

Some of you my friends have heard of The Revival Tour, some of you haven’t, so let me tell you something about it and why every music lover should experience this wonderful musical event.

The Revival Tour is about a bunch of great musicians/songwriters hitting the road together and bringing people a real musical experience. It’s about sharing music in an old fashioned way,  a collaboration of great artists who come to our towns to remind us what real music is about.

Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), whom you’ll never miss on The Revival Tour, came up with the idea of this event about 5 years ago, and it’s had a great success in America, UK and Europe since, gaining more and more followers each year. There have been many great artists involved in the past, including Frank Turner, Dave Hause, Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem or Dan Andriano of The Alkaline Trio…

But this years line up has been as outstanding as the previous ones. The Revival Tour came to Brighton and I was there, happily enjoying and absorbing each moment of it.  Chuck Ragan was joined by his good friends – Joe Ginsberg and Jon Gaunt, as well as an American singer/songwriter Cory Branan, Australia’s Emily Barker, Canada’s Jay Malinowski (Bedouin Soundclash) and Texan Rocky Votolato. Each one of these artists put on a beautiful performance and each one of them brought something original to this event. They joined each other on the stage, wholeheartedly sang each others songs as well as their own, and gave the audience an unforgettable and truly unique experience. Their humble and gracious approach to people was inspiring and it was really good to see, that there are artists out there, who care to come out and give us – music lovers, something to remind us why we actually love music.

True words written by Jonah Bayer: ‘There really is no other experience like the Revival Tour.’

The Revival Tour will be back in the UK in November, so make sure to check the links below for more info!

The Revival Tour Links – Website, Facebook, Twitter

Photos – The Revival Tour 2012 in Brighton

Individual Artists:

Chuck Ragan (with Joe Ginsberg and Jon Gaunt)

Cory Branan

Emily Barker

Jay Malinowski

Rocky Votolato

Album Review / The Chevin – Borderland

I have been looking forward to this album since December 17, 2011. That’s the day I saw The Chevin live for the first time.

They opened for White Lies at the Wembley Arena, and as soon as Coyle Girelli started to sing all the beautiful high notes he owns, I knew that a band with such a gift won’t go unnoticed for too long. With that range of vocals and melodies, it was impossible not to think that The Chevin are one of the best bands the UK recently produced. If you haven’t heard of them yet, then you are missing out big time.

I have been following the band’s updates since that very day I saw them and it’s been quite a journey. The 5 track + one remix Champion EP was released in 2011 and it kept me sane along with the releases of this year’s singles Drive and Blue Eyes. Somewhere along the way the guys managed to perform on Late Show with David Letterman, while the first lady Michelle Obama was also a guest on the show (whaaat?!) and later on, after the US album release, they performed on Conan. Now, something like this doesn’t happen to many upcoming UK bands, so really well done to the guys for making it!

Finally, since last week, their debut album Borderland has been available to the UK audience.

Starting with the well known hit Champion, an upbeat track that will get you moving and singing along, if you dare to hit those notes…is a perfect start to the record if you’re not familiar with the Chevin’s music. This track should give you a good enough impression. The pace doesn’t ease a lot with track two – Drive, also one of my favourites from the band.  Here you can truly admire the outstanding vocals of the lead singer and also, you start to realise that the lyric writing is pretty damn good too!

Blue Eyes, the track number three is more on the acoustic folk side, a romantic track that’s perfect for summer evenings spent at an open fire. Dirty Little Secret relaxes your spirit, slowing the tempo of the record, while making you absorb and appreciate the beauty of The Chevin’s sound completely. The slow pace continues with a beautiful ballad Love Is Just a Game, the title track Borderland and Beautiful World. You are starting to realise, there has not been a bad track on this album so far. And it won’t change, trust me.

Gospel is my other favourite track on this record, perfect one for any musical soul that enjoys heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing sound. With Colours, a song telling about a heartbreak, the tempo steps up a notch and you start tapping your feet once again. By now, you are totally in love with this album. So Long Summer ends this amazing musical journey with some killer high notes once again.

You need to hear The Chevin because they really have a special gift. They bring us the kind of music that runs right through our veins and leaves something beautiful behind.

And that’s what real music is all about.

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Ones To Watch / Electric River Interview

We all love a band with passion, great amounts of energy and catchy tunes. And Electric River holds each one of those qualities.

The London based punk rock group delivers an uplifting sound with meaningful lyrics, that are easy and fun to sing along to. They also have a reputation of a great dynamic live act and a support from cool magazines like Big Cheese.

With their new EP In Your Name (out October 22) and a full UK tour on the way, Electric River surely is the new exciting band to watch out for.

So read on to find out about the band in the following interview and go and check out their music.

What is the story behind creation of Electric River and what are your different musical backgrounds?

The current line up of Electric River was formed way back in November 2004, by four despondent youths looking for some sort of satisfaction that wasn’t just prepackaged, academic or in a video game. Our musical backgrounds became a collision of Punk, Metal, Pop and Rock, which in turn has influenced us as a band to find our own happy medium and sound.

What do you think makes you stand out from other rock bands out there?

We sound like a band who have played and grown up together, which is something you simply can’t recreate or imitate just by studying the rudiments of music. As songwriters, we aren’t afraid to speak out and put ourselves in the minority of people, who genuinely have the bollocks to express their opinions. Ironically, these opinions are more than likely already what the majority are already thinking. That doesn’t mean however, that we’re musical activists, or just reeling off newspaper clippings in music – we’re just very real.

How was the recording of your upcoming EP ‘In Your Name’ and what can we expect from it? 

This EP was recorded in stages and was predominantly dictated by our budget, or lack of. The drums were recorded on the sly in a top London studio, before we tracked all the guitars and vocals at our own place. Finally, the sonic icing on the cake was to hand over the project to a mix engineer called James Bragg, who churned it, burned it, built it and turned it into what it is now – a clear, big sounding record with a raw backbone.

What is your usual music making process and who do you draw your influences from? 

Musically, our ideas come thick and fast, but like to build our songs from the roots of a vocal and an acoustic guitar, upwards first. We then demo it, so we can reflect on it in our own time with a more neutral set of ears and repeat the process, like a musical distillery constantly refining and defining. In the end, it normally requires a lot of teamwork, patience, paper, broken guitar strings  and sweat, before we finally settle on a song. Occasionally however, there are exceptions to the rule, for example track 1 ‘Happy’ on this EP, was written in its final version in about fifteen minutes.

You have done quite a few shows lately, with more to come. What’s the best part of these shows for you? 

We always do our best to try and reach an atmospheric euphoria, that can only happen if the vibe of the audience is right. When everybody is pitching for the same musical high as we are, it makes light work out of what we do, and we become as much a part of the audience as anyone else – captive to the emotion. Sing alongs, call and responses, and just generally letting yourself go, are parts of what makes up those moments. Its a 2 way relationship and when it works, they’re the best parts of our shows, because you can’t pre conceive them.

You are known as a very energetic live band. What are the other attractions of your live shows?

We’re fortunate to be one of those bands,that have songs catchy enough, that by the 2nd or 3rd chorus, you’re able to join in. Sometimes it takes people a while to muster up the courage to jump out of their comfort zone and join someone else’s cause, but the songs have enough meaning, and are enough of an invitation for a bit of excitement and fun.

Is there any artist or band you’d love to collaborate or tour with in the future?

The list is endless – but to name a few: The Gaslight Anthem, Billy Talent, The Enemy, The King Cannons, and (are we allowed to say?) Green Day, would all make our lives.

What is the biggest ambition for Electric River?

The older we get, the more we realise how lucky we are to still be doing this, despite being an unsigned commodity. If we could earn a good enough living to get on with our lives, solely doing what we love most – producing music and playing to lots of like minded people regularly – we’ll have reached our main objective.

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New Video Feature: The Virginmarys – Dead Man’s Shoes

If you’re a massive rock and roll fan like me, nothing brightens up your day more than a new, exciting tune from a one fine band.

Meet The Virginmarys –  a band from Macclesfield, that will please your rock’n’roll spirit and give it just what it needs.

The band’s brand new video for the single Dead Man’s Shoes comes with a fresh, striking guitar intro, to which you’ll begin tapping your feet within seconds. It slowly builds up on greatness and energy as the drums kick in, followed by louder guitars and a marvelous vocal. This is a track that simply gets better, bigger and wilder.

And that’s exactly what you expect from a proper rock’n’roll song.

Excitement, lot of noise, power and freedom.

And The Virginmarys deliver these with a bang.

The guys have recently finished recording their debut album ‘King of Conflict’, as well as signed up to a record label.

We are surely going to hear a lot more about this band very soon!

You can also catch The Virginmarys on their upcoming October tour! Details here.

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Whales in Cubicles – Nowhere Flag Single Launch

Whales in Cubicles have released their new single Nowhere Flag on 6th of August, and with this kind of occasion, there usually comes a single launch party. The special event took place last Thursday at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen in London, and of course we were there.

I’ve seen the band perform a couple of times before this year, but this time, they were not the supporting band.

This show was all about Whales in Cubicles. And what a show it was.

In June, the band went to Wales to record their debut album, that is set for release in early 2013 and we simply cannot wait for it!

The Hoxton Bar and Kitchen was full of friendly and relaxed atmosphere. After having a couple of drinks and grabbing a few WIC cd’s at the merch stand, we headed inside to watch the first support act, a London based duo Shuga. A perfect start with music that’s powerful, moody, has a great melody and gets right under your skin as soon as you hear the mesmerizing voice of singer Emma Chitty. The great example is their track The Darkness, which you can watch here, and also check out their Facebook Page for updates. They are recording some new tracks, so watch out!

Up next was a London indie rock band Fractures. Just before they were due on stage, I was chatting to Alex from WIC, who told me how good this band was . And damn, he was right.  As soon as they started playing, I exchanged a few ‘wow’ glances with my friends. In that moment, I was glad that I am one of those people, who never skip the supporting bands. Each song they played, was an instant ear catcher and the energy coming from their performance was almost hypnotic. Earlier this year, the band has released a video for their track Ride, so I urge you to go and check it out now (here) and give them a like on their Facebook Page.

After short break, we headed to the front and waited impatiently for Whales in Cubicles to come up and rock the show. I kept telling my friend, whom I took along: ‘If you think the first two bands were good, just wait for this.’

Proudly wearing a WIC t-shirt and cheering loudly with the rest of the crowd, we watched as the band came up on stage and kicked off their set with the guitar packed Never and Ever. And the guys sounded better than ever!

They were receiving well deserved love from the crowd, among which were their families, close friends and fans. We got to hear some great new tracks like OCD, Tired, Daphne and Wax and Feathers, that surely made us even more excited for the upcoming album.  The favourites, We Never Win and the song we were all celebrating – Nowhere Flag went down extremely well with the whole audience singing along.  The good old rough Golden Metal followed, after which the band closed this fantastic gig with my personal favourite, Across America. 

Whales in Cubicles gave us their best show yet and I was very proud and happy to be there and support them. They are on the way to big things and this is only the start. They are about to make it as a band with a great message, passion, big heart and most importantly, cracking music.

Go and catch them live in September in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Northampton and Reading! Details here.

Check out the rest of the pictures from the night => WIC Nowhere Flag Single Launch

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