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Top 3 January Album Releases

1. Tribes – Baby

Tribes totally top the albums released in January with their Baby.  They have been nominated at the NME Awards in the Best New Band category. You can vote HERE. The band is also about to announce  their ‘Baby’ headline tour for April some time this week! Watch out! 🙂

Favourite tracks: We Were Children, Corner of an English Field, Nightdriving, When My Day Comes

Itunes Link

2. The Maccabees – Given To The Wild

The London indie/rock band has released their third album Given To the Wild that has a beautiful, softer and deeper sound.  Filled with emotions, a nice chilled guitar and piano sounds accompanied  by a stunning vocal, the album leaves you with a great relaxed feeling. Pure quality of songs. Worth the buy!

Favourite tracks: Feel to Follow, Ayla, Heave, Pelican, Went Away 

Itunes Link

3. Lana Del Rey- Born To Die

A long awaited album from Lana has arrived and it shows what this girl can do. Stunning voice and a great personality, she brings us a fresh, honest and relatable girl power. Also nominated for the NME Awards and topping the album charts right now, Lana has surely impressed a big audience. Go girl! 😉

Favourite tracks: Born to Die, Blue Jeans, Video Games, Dark Paradise, Summertime Sadness

Itunes Link

Friends, Lovers, Rivals – Say Hello to Mutineers

Yes. Say hello to Nicholas James Mallins (vocals/guitar), Michael Reed (guitar), Iwan Gronow (bass) and Jack Mitchell, (drums) = Mutineers / my top twitter discovery of the week.

You get many interesting followers on twitter. But when it’s a band, and the band is from Manchester, you surely gotta check that out, right?

And that’s how I came across Mutineers. Thank God. Otherwise I would not be writing this. Obviously.

Their debut album Friends, Lovers, Rivals came out in October 2010. That makes me feel like I’ve been living under a rock. But, it’s never too late for finding a great music!

First, I listened to a preview of the album on itunes and I liked the sound of it… so I went straight on youtube.

It took only a couple of songs for me to get straight back to itunes and download the whole album. I was hooked.

How come I haven’t heard about these guys before? They seem to have a great fan base already and amazingly they communicate with them on daily basis through social networks.

Not only they seem like a great bunch of guys, most importantly, Mutineers are fine musicians.

Their album is so good. Stuff like this should be played on radio on daily basis. Then maybe even I would listen to it more often. People need to hear bands like this!

Their background includes playing in a different groups like Cardinals and Johnny Marr’s Healers. Yes. THAT Johnny Marr.

They also supported musicians like Pete Doherty, The View and Wintersleep in the past!

Friends, Lovers, Rivals album has 11 tracks with a engaging, catchy guitar sounds complimented by the stunning vocal from Nicholas James Mallins, not to mention his amazing ability of poetic lyric writing.

Have a listen…

If you’d like to know more about this band, check out their interesting bio at Tri-Tone/Mutineers, follow them on twitter – @Mutineers_ or on facebook – @Mutineers.

And of course here is a link to their debut album – Itunes!

Mutineers are a band worth checking out if you want to hear something that speaks to you melodically and lyrically.

Manchester surely has a lot of hidden talents.

I wish these guys well and I hope they will come out with some new stuff soon and maybe do some shows around UK!

Mirrors Release New EP!

As you know I have already introduced this band to you in my post Let’s Just Have a Look Into the World of Mirrors and I mentioned that the guys are working on some new material.

And it’s here!

The New EP called This Year, Next Year, Sometime…? has been released today and it’s available for download now on their website THEWORLDOFMIRRORS.

You can play/preview all seven tracks! They are great! GO! 🙂

Tribes and Their Debut Album ‘Baby’

Tribes. Finally a band that’s bringing some fine rock’n’roll sound back on the UK music scene.

Four guys from Camden Town, Johnny Lloyd (vocals, guitar), Dan White (guitar), Miguel Demelo (drums) and Jim Cratchley (bass) released their debut album Baby just over a week ago, the 16th of January.

I’ve been listening to the album for the past few days and it just gets better and better…

There is not enough rock’n’roll on the radio these days. Well, hardly any and that’s sad, I know.

But these guys seem to be getting some lovin’ from NME and Radio One’s Zane Lowe who named their debut single ‘We Were Children’ Hottest Record in The World. 

They supported The Kooks and Kaiser Chiefs on tour last year and also did their own UK headline tour.

They are about to play at the NME Awards Tour 2012 in February together with Azealia Banks, Metronomy and Two Door Cinema Club. Soon they will be announcing their ‘Baby’ headline tour in April!

Would be great to see them live, don’t you think?

You can subscribe to their Facebook page Tribesband or follow them on twitter @tribesband to find out about the dates!

Influenced by Nirvana and Pixies, you can certainly feel it on the album.

They’ve got you with the first track ‘Whenever’ which starts with a cool guitar tune.

And there is a lot of cool guitar tunes…

You can let your rock’n’roll spirit enjoy tracks like ‘We Were Children’, ‘Corner of an English Sound’ (my personal favourite) or ‘Walking in the Street’ and let your hair down with ‘Sapho’ and ‘When My Day Comes’. Just blast it out on your stereo at home or in your car!

Then chill out with the slower ‘Halfway Home’, ‘Himalaya’ or ‘Nightdriving’. Those will fill your heart with great melodies and a vocal full of soul from the lead singer Johnny Lloyd.

Final two songs ‘Alone or with Friends’ and ‘Bad Apple’ will leave you longing for more and you will want to play the whole thing again! 🙂

For me, there’s not one bad song on this album.

You can buy the album on Itunes or Amazon!

Rock on! 😉