MGMB NHS Support / Interview with LONGY

MGMB’s series of music interviews continues with yet another phenomenal music artist LONGY, joining me on my mission to support our NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients. If you are able to donate, please go to the link below our interview which will take you to the fundraising page.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Longy and his music by my beloved friend Rachel who is also a nurse, and it certaintly wasn’t hard to become magnetised by Longy’s authenticity, electric vocals and relevant and thought-provoking storytelling. He is one of the once seen and heard, never forgotten artists who, before the world went upside down, toured vigorously to connect with as many people as he could.

Being able to recharge during quarantine and look inwards, while also having a new single and EP on its way, there is no doubt that Longy is ready to move forward with a new wisdom and keep on saying what needs to be said through his genius craft of songwriting.

Read on to find out more…

What is your outlook on the current situation?

Calming down from the chaos and resetting, the mirror has been held up to a lot of people, they have had to change their lives, some for better and some for worse.

What can you tell me about your latest single Don’t Get Me Started and your upcoming EP iMerica?

DGMS is just a vintage milkshake jungle jiving pop tune and iMerica is a small animal that’s been born into a world of gadgets and media overload. I’m not one for nostalgia and I want to go to Mars.

At the end of April you were meant to start Project 12 – 12 singles, 12 music videos and 12 shows in 12 months, but it had to be postponed for obvious reasons. Are you planning its release in the future?

110%. Versatility leaned towards and argued to me for a bit, then showed me another way we can still do it but be respectful to the times and mindsets of where we are as a human race.

What inspired the song Primark Hospital Blues?

An ex nurse who had turned to waitress and now was stuck in the fog of travelling. I met her when I was writing out the back of a bar where bands would play. I was writing and she was clearing up, she felt stuck and wanted to see the world and I just thought she’d substituted waitressing for nursing.

You played 500 shows in one year. Does it feel surreal to go from the mindset of playing show after show to suddenly not being able to do that?

Not at all, things constantly change and you have to keep life on its toes as much as it does you. We seem to always look out when maybe we should look inwards, control from the centre.

How does it affect you not having the same level of connection with others right now?

Of course it’s hard, but you have to look at the end game, it’s not forever. I think we can get a little doomed that we’re gonna be cooped up and not allowed out, if anything this should make us more logical moving forward…

How have you managed to keep yourself occupied during lockdown?

By looking inwards, and really scraping out and cleaning up anything I didn’t like I was falling into. Different circles, certain traits I’d let in, time wasting.. I just hit Reset and for me it was much needed.

Tell me about your songwriting process…

How long have you got? There’s literally millions of ways. At the moment I’m sampling loads, plus I’m becoming addicted to Teen Titans.

What positives will you take away from quarantine life?

It gives you an incredible grasp on time and how we set our days out, what’s important to us, where do we spend our time. For some it would be a 4 month holiday, I just hit Reset.




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