Album Review / The Virginmarys – Northern Sun Sessions

When The Virginmarys announced their return with a new album Northern Sun Sessions and defined it as their best work to date, anyone who’s followed their musical journey over the years knows very well what they are capable of and such statement raises no eyebrows, only the purest excitement.

It’s a very special record that feels closest to the energy of our live performance than any before – Ally

The Macclesfield based band took matters into their own hands this time around and worked extremely hard on self-producing a true rock masterpiece that will outshine any other music release this year.

The 11 tracks strike with a mass of new, intoxicating energy and passion, fearless spirit and a deeper sense of freedom and hope. The band’s mission continues with writing music that holds profound messages with meanings, and one that speaks openly about what’s happening to this world and its people. Look Out For My Brother fits perfectly as an opening track that calls out for embracing unity and love, and it’s already well recognised among the faithful gig goers. A few seconds into SOS4UNI and you are instantly hooked and infused with a whole new dose of thrill. Ally’s vocals have never sounded more intense, and his words provoke your thoughts as much as they provoke your emotions, and they provide you with not only the ultimate truth, but also the brightest torch of faith. Danny smashes the drums with more drive and force than ever before, and the energy flowing through the record is as infectious as it is inspiring, and it creates such effect as it’s nothing but real and honest.  Eye For An Eye‘s chorus hits like a massive storm of roars that travels all the way down to the core and the staggering riffs and drums dance around together fiercely and harmoniously. For The Two Of Us slows things down at first, before it gradually builds into a powerful beast during which Ally reflects on heartbreak and suffering, and the intensity in his voice rises while Danny excels behind the drums and adds a special dynamic to the track.

Blind Lead The Blind and Get Me Back Home are no strangers to the fans, and one of the songs that’s finally made it onto a record is the raw and emotion-loaded Northern Sun, which has been circling around in different forms for the past few years, and the album version lifts the spirit of the track up to a new level whilst staying true to its essence. The Virginmarys bring an undeniable authenticity to Northern Sun Sessions and it’s hard to find something else out there that makes you feel the same way this record does. Wanna Be Free speaks of love and despair and Flags of sobriety and fighting the good fight, which sets another strong example on how powerful and deeply honest Ally’s songwriting really is, and how it moves and inspires anyone who listens. When he sings, he allows us to look into his soul and at the same time he touches ours, and that’s a rare gift to possess. Step Up invites us to wake up and it’s not a difficult task with this fun and catchy riff driven track. And the final All Fall Down closes the album with an outburst of immense passion and aliveness that elates and empowers, and so does the fire within these guys that burns brighter than ever, and this record is a proof of that.

If there’s one band able to guide people towards the truth, inner and outer, and create the kind of connection that leads to a strong, everlasting bond between them and the listener, it’s The Virginmarys. And Northern Sun Sessions shall only strengthen that bond. Once again, Ally and Danny present people with music that’s entirely theirs but everyone else’s too, proving that their heart and soul of is always with the people.

There is no other band you can compare to The Virginmarys and there is no other record you can compare to Northern Sun Sessions.

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