Getting To Know The Yada Yada Yadas

Inspired by 90’s US alt rock, Durham based trio The Yada Yada Yadas arrived on the music scene 18 months ago and swiftly became the darlings inside the alt rock / fuzzy pop sound sphere. Delivering fresh and appealing noise, BBC 6 Music took notice after they unleashed their debut single Oceans, leading onto playing a bunch of shows and festivals over the past few months as well as putting out a nostalgic new single Seven Years via Silent Kid Records. According to the band’s singer Mark, we can look forward to a couple of new tracks before the release of their debut EP later this year.

So what else did I find out about The Yada Yada Yadas…

Eva: Can you tell me about the process of The Yada Yada Yadas being formed?  

Mark: I formed the band around 18 months ago along with our guitarist Harley. At that point I’d written Oceans, Woke up Strange, Seven Years and a couple of other songs and decided it was the right time to get a band together to play them.

What about the sound influence? Did you always have a clear idea about the music you wanted to make?

I knew from the very beginning that the band was going to have an alternative rock sound. At first, I was taking inspiration from bands like Yuck, early Flaming Lips and The Smashing Pumpkins, but over time other elements of that alternative 90’s American sound have crept in. Influences like Weezers Blue Album and Mac Demarco really started to take hold after a while.

How do you think The Yada Yada Yadas fit into today’s music scene and what makes you original?

It’s difficult to say, I think we fit somewhere on the spectrum between Alternative Rock and Indie. The noise is the main thing that gives us our sound. I like to write catchy hooks and poppy songs that get covered in awful screaming guitars.

What’s the definition of your latest single Seven Years?

Seven Years is a great example of what I was just talking about. It’s a really cheesy pop song which gets taken over by horrendous guitar noise.

I believe you are planning to release an EP this year. What is your aim for the record?

The aim would be for people to hopefully listen to it, and like what they hear. I think by that point we’ll have probably released 5-6 singles so we’ll have quite a lot of back catalogue to pick from and curate into something worth hearing.

How do you guys collaborate?

Usually what happens is I’ll write the songs with completed lyrics, guitar parts etc, and then once I show the band how to play it they can put their own spin on it.

Let’s talk about live shows. Why should people come and see you play?

If you like loud guitars you should definitely come and see us play. It’s a lot like on the records, but with a little more screaming, sweating and a few more mistakes.

What’s the most fun you’ve had on the road so far?

We had a great time at a festival in Darlington called Music Box. We got to see some awesome bands like Swears and Mouses.

Describe your dream tour…

A dream tour would probably be going on the road with someone like Pavement, they’re heroes of mine, or The Flaming Lips, I’d love to watch their crazy live show every night.

What’s your favourite way of communicating with fans?

Definitely in person at a gig. I love to talk people to death. Once I start, I’m  a total nightmare and can’t stop.

Have you got any more music releases planned for the upcoming weeks/months?

We’ve got a couple of new tracks in the pipeline, they just need mixing / mastering and then they’ll be out there for everyone to hear.

Links – Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud



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