Album Review / Michael Malarkey – Mongrels

After completing the journey of portraying a charismatic vampire on popular TV series The Vampire Diaries, we can now solely talk about Michael Malarkey the writer and musician, who is releasing his debut album Mongrels on Friday September 8th via Cap on Cat Records.

Michael’s passion for writing poetry led to turning his poems into songs and so what he named “the endless journey of self discovery” began through creating music. He released his first EP Feed The Flames back in 2014 which unveiled his ability to pen a heart stirring tune.

Now he comes with the long awaited 12-track debut Mongrels, a record that will leave you deeply touched and proves that Malarkey truly deserves full recognition and admiration for his song-writing work. The emotive, in-depth storytelling is expressed wholeheartedly through Michael’s compelling vocals and beautifully wrapped in a mixture of country, folk, blues and electronic sounds.

If you’ve listened to Scars or the title track Mongrels, they both give you a glimpse of the stunning moodiness of the record, not to mention the sublimely haunting Uncomfortably Numb which must be one of Malarkey’s best songs to date, and definitely won’t leave you feeling numb. But there are also more upbeat tracks on the album such as Girl In The Moon or I Just Want You. It’s hard to pick a favourite as each song is a fine experience of poetic and musical art.

Without giving away too much, there is no doubt that this record will genuinely move each listener who will step into the magic world of Mongrels with Malarkey.

If there is one record to immerse yourself in that fits the mood and spirit of the upcoming season, this is it.

“Mongrels represents the many-faced animal within us that is here but never quite from here; the dreamer within us, stricken with wanderlust, who is tuned to the frequencies of change; the nomad within us whose roots grow not in the ground, but in the wind. It represents the mystery of our vagrant nature, at times a source of weakness and at times a source of power.” – Micheal Malarkey

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One thought on “Album Review / Michael Malarkey – Mongrels”

  1. “Which track is your favourite..?” A common enough question, but having joyfully drowned myself in this album over the last few days – various times, various places, various moods – I’ve realised there can’t be a constant favourite with this one and quite honestly I love all of them for different reasons. ‘Scars’ in particular is like an old friend to me, as are ‘Mongrels’ and ‘Dog Dream’, but the new tracks all contain their own elements of Malarkey magic and, depending on your mood at the time, they will either lift you into orbit or smack you upside the head. Michael’s guitar and Jenn Cornell’s cello are a marriage made in heaven and all the contributing artists make this whole album outstanding.

    ‘Strangers Dancing’ in particular can bring a king sized lump to the throat whilst ‘I Just Want You’ can have you bouncing around with a daft grin on your face to the addictive rhythm. ‘Uncomfortably Numb’ with its edgy, angsty bass line will put a shiver down your spine, and so will ‘Scars’ (try listening to it in the dark…WOW). All the songs tell their own story and demand empathy, and Michael’s wonderful baritone breathes energy and personality into every single one of them. The whole album is about love and life, questioning and analysing, astonishingly personal and very brave in my opinion. It’s therapy for the soul. I could yap on about all the tracks individually but it’s up to the individual to decide; I think music is a very personal thing.

    In the final track ‘To Be A Man’, Michael sings “I don’t know which way the wind is blowing, and I don’t know which way I’ll be going” – I only hope wherever it is he takes us with him. ‘Mongrels’ is an emotional roller coaster – sit back, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

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