Album Review / H.E.A.T – Into The Great Unknown

There has been a lot of hype and anticipation around Swedish rockers H.E.A.T and their upcoming fifth studio album Into The Great Unknown. The band have already unleashed a couple of tracks Time On Our Side and Redefined, which managed to raise a number of different opinions about the obvious progression in the band’s sound and creativity.

It is true that Time On Our Side might have come as a bit of a surprise and most fans have probably expected the usual guitar loaded noise from H.E.A.T, but the track certainly doesn’t disappoint and highlights the band’s other strengths such as vibrant energy, great melody and the mighty voice of singer Erik Grönwall.

Into The Great Unknown‘s opening track Bastard Of Society literally punches you in the face with striking guitar intro and that’s Dave Dalone working his magic joined by drummer extraordinaire Crash, bassist Jimmy Jay and keyboardist Jona Tee. There’s no need to worry about the band losing their rock and roll touch as there’s plenty of powerful, groundbreaking sound to get lost in and scream along with Grönwall with your fists up in the air.

Redefined is the second track to be released out to the public via video of the band’s studio footage where you can clearly see the passion, drive and love H.E.A.T have for the music they’ve created. This one’s for the free souls who like to get lost in sound and dance their blues away.

Shit City and Best Of The Broken proves that the band still write honest, straight forward lyrics and Grönwall then yells them out ferociously. Blind Leads The Blind is a total knock out of a hard rock tune and only intensifies the energy and force flowing through the album.

Title track Into The Great Unknown closes the record in big with a blend of staggering sounds and once again impressive vocals. At the end of it all, you come to realise that this record is undeniably H.E.A.T, only stronger.

There’s a great mixture of familiar vs advanced, fresh aspects and ideas throughout the album and you’ve got to admit that H.E.A.T have managed to master another brilliant record that is shaped by the uniqueness of each track. The band have progressed and grown lyrically and musically, and while some might appreciate this and some might not, Into The Great Unknown is a solid, true testament of H.E.A.T’s evolving journey.

H.E.A.T release Into The Great Unknown on Friday 22nd September 2017 via EarMusic.

Links – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pre-Order

Cover photo – Klara Fowler

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