The Virginmarys: Our Passion That They Could Not Shake

In a world of Divides, our love of The Virginmarys brought us together – Simon



We were riding out to meet the sun, we were shaking from the things we’d done
We were breaking every pattern, straying from the map to make a new life on the run

It was early 2012 and one of my friends made me a playlist featuring a bunch of new bands for me to check out. Little I knew that this particular playlist included one band that would inspire my entire world. Their name was The Virginmarys.

The very first song I heard was Bang Bang Bang, and yes, I loved everything about the way it made me feel. The thrill, passion and energy within that sound pierced right through me. And that was only the start of my admiration for the band. It grew stronger with each and every listen of their early EP’s and those songs became my salvation. I felt a very strong connection to Ally’s lyrics and they spoke to me in those days of feeling alone, missundertood and trapped in today’s society. I realised that there were others who felt the same.

After a long anticipation, the band’s debut record King of Conflict was born, and it only confirmed and amplified my love for the Macclesfield trio. I will never forget the excitement and emotions-overload after the first listen. It moved me in unspeakable ways. There I sat in awe, listening to one of the greatest records ever made.

It was only after KOC release that I finally got to see the VMS live on 6th of March 2013 at Barfly in London. I stood on left side of the front row right in front of Ally and my mind was entirely blown away by the noise, stage presence and tight, brotherly musicianship of the band. But the most significant thing for me was the love and bond between the band and their fans. I was being a part of something big and beautiful. The VMS family.

The guys have always been nothing but humble, grateful and loving towards their fans, looking out for them and always staying true to them. They have gained a strong following not only because of the truth within their music, but also because of the truth within themselves. The official VMS fan community thrives with love and support for one another, and the inspiration comes from these three guys who make music that gets us by. The street team goes above and beyond with the band’s promotion, and the greatest feeling of all is when we all unite at VMS gigs and share the same reason and passion while watching Ally, Danny and Matt giving us their all with each and every performance.

Last month the guys released their second record Divides. To me, this is a lyrically driven masterpiece full of infinite anthems of which importance and truth can never fade. Each song carries a powerful message surrounded by energy driven soundscapes, once again restoring our faith in real, exciting music to get completely lost in. It reminds us to stay true, passionate and believe in the power of music that speaks openly about today’s world of divides and how essential it is to lift each other up. This is a crucial record for every honest rock fan out there searching for the ultimate peace, love, truth and music.


When we both feel this pain, we’re one and the same, we’re moths to a flame

In the Fan Community, we’ve often said that there’s something special and intangible that surrounds the band, their music, and the people that are drawn to them.  I, like so many, found The Virginmarys and the experience of seeing them play live at precisely the moment I needed them most.  And when I connected with the music on a deep level, I knew something had changed within me. What I didn’t yet know is that so many others have had similar experiences….that the acceptance and support of people who also connect with The Virginmarys’ music would make all the difference in my life. I had really thought my heart was dying.

Today, it not only lives, but I marvel every day at how it expands to hold more love. It’s so appropriate that Divides speaks so much of struggle and disillusionment because when you feel demoralized and disillusioned, you hang on to these deep, meaningful connections, and you heal.

For the VMS fam, it’s more than a band, and it’s more than music. It’s a an energy and a force that stirs the soul and touches the heart. And that force unites so many souls and hearts and lifts us up collectively. To me, “Moths to a Flame” represents that fellowship we have, that essential glimmer of hope and love that keeps us all going when life threatens to break us. I don’t want to know what could have become of me if I hadn’t found the band, my dear friends who also love them, and that promise of Peace, Love, Truth, Music that lifts us above the fray. 


I’m holding onto life with a rhythm that has left me blind, whilst living in synch with the gunshots in my mind
My love begins to drown, and you can’t stand firm where there is no solid ground
The blood drips from the crown where it’s one false move and we all fall down

It was absolutely a love at first beat when I stumbled across this band as a support act, stood open jawed for the full set! Luckily this was just on release of KOC which I bought straight away and managed to get to their headline tour. Literally came out of every gig completely blown away by the sound and power of this 3 piece. Then came the lyrics and the incredible writing power and meaning of the songs which moulded them firmly to my heart. These guys totally restored my faith in music.

Then the long awaited Divides album was upon us, the guys made it very clear it wasn’t to be a KOC 2, and the new material I’d heard over the years certainly seemed to draw a new vibe. When it landed after hearing snippets and teases over the last few weeks running up to its release, I was mightily impressed! It felt familiar, it was definitely The Virginmarys, but a new passion and intensity screamed through. Listening to the album as a whole bought complete meaning to the singled out tracks that I’d already grown to love, with a strong clear message running through. An album of love, fear, despair, escaping the world we’re forced to live in, fighting back and winning through by loving and being loved by those who surround you ( pauses to have a little cry ).

This band are exactly what’s missing in the music industry today, I can never repay them for rejuvenating my passion for music, restoring my faith and the incredible opportunities and friendships that have followed with this. I am eternally grateful.


I’m running on the fine line love and hate, they’re diggin’ up the seeds I’ve sown
Everywhere I turn another someone to pay, another step I take away from home
I’m looking for a hope like a needle in hay, a soul amongst the body parts

If you believe music speaks to you and finds you in the moments of your life, then you will understand my relationship with this band. When you are struggling with making sense of the people and apathy around you… and feel angry and confused about why there has to be so much hate and division , you can find a friend in The Virginmarys music, a voice that connects with that part of you that is trying to make sense of it all. Their music reaffirms and gives strength to my own personal convictions of love, peace, equality and gives me strength to keep swimming upstream against all the negativity and apathy the government and media keep jamming down my throat everyday. It helps me tune out the ugly and focus inward at how I can be an instrument of change. Maybe, if we all unite under this vision we can mend some of these fractured ends pulling us further and further apart.


Give me something I can feel, give me people I can trust

The reason I have liked/loved/adored The VMS for so long and will continue to do so is that there is no other band around at the moment that gives you such a buzz making you feel like an excited 5 year old at Christmas. It has now become an addiction of mine and I am now trying to attend as many gigs that is logistically/financially possible, to feed my habitual need. Them alone have rejuvenated my faith in rock music which I think declined by the mid eighties. No pretence, no gimmicks just really good honest rock that delivers every time!

Their music covers a number of genres and goes from being beautifully sublime to unadulterated hardcore packed with potent energetic riffs/beats/vocals invoking so many emotions that take you out of your mind on an hysteria roller coaster ride! They have produced an unforgettable debut album “King Of Conflict” the best I have heard for quite a while and just when you thought it could not get any better, it did with the release of the second album! The VMS have shown their versatility even more on “Divides” with help from one of the best producers around Gil Norton. Some bands sound OK but have one or no stand out tracks but every VMS song is an anthem, well written and so relevant to what’s happening in today’s society so you can relate to them easily.

All the lads are top guys and are very appreciative of the support they are receiving from everyone around them, there is just so much love! They don’t just produce top quality music they bring people together from all walks of life with a common interest… Terrific live music! One word to sum up what The VMS are all about would be PASSION!!!


My heart keeps skipping beats and I’m catching breaths and this life has taken it’s toll, another lost soul in another black hole
Those sane are forever in pain
Remember your teenage years? All of the anxiety, stress, emotion, so much emotion.
Remember the excitement when a song you loved came on the radio, diving for the tape recorder so you could capture it and re-live how that song made you feel. When sitting there for hours, listening to music was what got you by.

Since those years (in the 90s for me) I’d felt starved for anything new, nothing excited me until one evening, over 6 years ago, we went to see a throw back from our teens who had re-formed and there they were supporting, 3 unassuming guys who came to life when they started playing. I’d never experienced anything like that sound from just a lead, bass and drums and there began my love affair with The Virginmarys.

I always felt I was alone in continuing to feel all that emotion I’d felt as a teen, people around me seemed to move on, develop emotionally while I still struggled to deal with how deeply I felt. Then I heard those lyrics. Live is what the 3 boys were built for. Seeing Matt turn from the stage and rock out with Danny is something to behold, but sitting in my car with the VMS on and tears streaming down my cheeks, I realise, even if only for the duration of a song, that I’m not alone. There are others who feel and care as deeply as I do. There are no words for the appreciation I have for the gift Ally has given by having the courage to wear his heart on his sleeve. Thanks to the boys there is fresh music that not only has me bouncing around like I’ve just eaten 10 bags of skittles, but that has real truth and meaning for the world we live in today.


Whatever the cost, I will help with the cross you bear

The Virginmarys – Three pills to take us out of our minds.

With riffs, drums, bass and vocals that will make your granny jump around the front room, trash the sofa, spray paint the rug and ‘smash the TV through the wall’, The Virginmarys to me are in a league of their own. The fanbase they’ve accumulated through the years I’ve been going to their gigs is amazing and is also well loved by the band themselves. There’s no ego and all three have time for everyone. Their songs are just simply superb and every word hits home. As long as they keep on doing what they do, I could listen to them for all time.

I absolutely adore these guys. Keep it coming lads!


You spend your whole time hoping one day your life makes sense
So my brother be strong, my brother hold on

The Virginmarys, what do they mean to me ?

Well, I got into them by chance really, when they opened for Skunk Anansie back in 2010. Straight away I loved their hard rocking raw sound. Bought the EP’s and waited for a full album. I asked if I could film a show and I did just that at Yardbirds, Grimsby in January 2011. The person I spoke to was Danny. He was such a nice dude then, and always has been ever since.

Over the years I must have seen them over 20 times by now and have never been disappointed with their live show. To me, they are just a true rock n roll band and they stand by what they deliver. Being a bit older than some, I’ve become part of a few “travelling fans” groups (Garbage, Skunk Anansie, Guano Apes) and I must say that The Virginmarys family are a great bunch. Everyone is so accepting and there’s so much love between everyone. I know it may sound corny, but it really is true!

The latest album is just fantastic. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not a bad song on it. Most bands I find a couple I’m not so keen on, but this one, as the phrase goes, is “All killer, no filler”!

Recently, I was diagnosed with brain tumors and it made me look at life differently. Gotta be honest, I was unsure how much longer I could follow my passion of going all over to gigs. I decided I needed to get a couple of gigs under my belt “just in case “. VMS was sold out in London, but the guys put me on the guest list. I had such a great time meeting everyone, especially before the acoustic show. At the electric gig, I got down the front (despite my consultant telling me not to) in a safeish place. My mate Rob stood behind me to “protect” me.

A brilliant gig, seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much, but, it was the encore that got to me, when Ally dedicated a song to me, I just welled up. It was beautiful and sweet and again, it just shows how they care for their fans. They’re real and it counts.

VMS poster


Links: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Official Fan Community, Official Street Team

5 thoughts on “The Virginmarys: Our Passion That They Could Not Shake”

  1. Absolutely love these guys.First time I seen them supporting rival sons in Liverpool in January they blew them off the stage. Been to 2 more gigs in LEEDS and camden .Best live band I’ve seen ever and such nice guys.The VMS family are awesome P L T M

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