Interview / Stonefield

Stonefield – the sisterhood charged with a pure rock&roll.

I believe that’s the right way to describe the Led Zep inspired band from Victoria, Australia. I had the pleasure of witnessing one of their live performances a while back here in UK and all I can say is that these ladies know how to put on a memorable show. Loud guitars, crushing drums, terriffic vocals and a sound full of right influences yet an authentic spirit.

Stonefield plan to release their new album this year and you can already purchase their latest single Golden Dream on iTunes. I caught up with the band to talk about their childhood, favourite records, new album, going on their first US tour, supporting Fleetwood Mac and their opinion on feminism.

Eva: When I first saw you play at the Great Escape festival here in UK a couple of years back, you totally blew my mind. I’d love to know, how did four talented sisters end up creating such a kick ass girl-powered rock band?

Thanks, that’s really lovely. I guess our music came quite naturally to us. We grew up in country Victoria, Australia on a hobby farm and spent a lot of time just hanging out with each other and listening to lots of great music. We feel very fortunate to have been introduced to classic artists by our parents such as Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, etc from such an early age. From that our love for music expanded to the incredible bands we have today that are influenced by that same music. I think the fact that we grew up perhaps slightly more isolated than if we were in the city has something to do with it.

Growing up, what were your favourite records that inspired your music direction?

Led Zeppelin – all of them. Particularly Houses Of The Holy and Led Zeppelin II, Are You Experienced – Hendrix, One Size Fits All – Zappa, Rumours – Fleetwood Mac… the list goes on…

Your latest single Golden Dream is available on iTunes. Great news is that you are releasing a whole new album this year. Could you give us a few ideas of what to expect?

I think that people may be slightly shocked at the way we have progressed as a band. It feels like it truly represents us and the music we love. There’s moments where it gets super heavy and also moments where we strip it right back. Overall I think it’s a little more psychedelic than our debut. We’re really proud and excited to show people.

How and where does the magic of creating new songs normally happen?

We write 99% of our music in our shed at our place. It generally starts with someone bringing in a small idea and then we jam it and build on it. Sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes months.

In March you’ll be going on your first US tour, playing at SXSW, number of festivals as well as supporting La Luz. What are your main hopes for this tour?

Our main goal is to build up our US audience. Here in Australia we have toured pretty hard and created an audience quite organically. We feel that the strongest aspect of our band is our live performance and want to do the “hard yards” which for us is the best bit.

Which places in the US are you looking forward to visiting/playing at the most?

We’re really excited to drive through the desert on our way from LA to Phoenix. SXSW should be a pretty crazy experience – we’ve heard it’s pretty chaotic, so looking forward to seeing what it’s all about! We went on a family trip to the States years ago and stopped by Las Vegas. We never expected to be returning for a show, so that feels pretty crazy. We’re darn excited about the whole thing really!

Amy, you are the lead vocalist and you also play the drums. I am very interested to know how does one sound so incredibly good while performing such physical activity?

Haha, thanks. Well it is quite tiring but at the same time, it’s what I have done since the get go. I didn’t know any difference until we started getting a session drummer for live shows so that I could be the front woman I always wanted to be. I love being able to dance around and do my thing, but still look forward to the part of the set where I get back behind the kit. It’s kinda like my safe place.

With all the feminist talk going on among celebrities these days, how do you see today’s music industry when it comes to this subject?

It’s pretty appalling that it’s still a thing really. There are so many great men in the industry that treat women as equals, but we have certainly experienced our fair share of sexism. As young girls when we first started, this was really something that we thought about a lot. We went through a period of choosing outfits that would cover us up, so that we didn’t feel uncomfortable when men would yell comments out such as “watch out girls, or I might cum all over you”, but then we though “fuck it – we shouldn’t have to change the way we dress for anyone. We should do whatever the hell we want.”

Last year you supported the legendary Fleetwood Mac. What was it like to play alongside one of your all time favourite bands?

Ah. Amazing. Beyond amazing. I think we all cried when we watched their set side of stage on the first night. They are so unbelievably incredible and influential and to have a personalised card and bottle of champaign waiting for us on the last night was the cherry on top.

I really hope that you are planning to return to the UK soon. Till then, good luck with the US tour and the new record!

Thanks so much – we loved it over there last time and can’t wait to come back!

Links – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

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