Featured EP / Morningside Lane – Mellow Drama

New Jersey rockers Morningside Lane are back with a new fierce-sounding EP called Mellow Drama. The record, once again produced by the one and only Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls), proves the four-piece get stronger and bolder with each new release.  Mellow Drama is an excellent, rich record and a great statement to the band’s future direction.  Good news is that the guys are planning a month long UK tour next year! Watch this space.

Here is some info about the EP, new video and UK tour from the band’s guitarist Jon.

Description / Recording Process:

Mellow Drama is our next release that sort of foreshadows the direction we’re moving in with sound. Recording it was a lot of fun with our good friend Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls/Smalltalk) behind the wheel. Pete makes it really easy to make you feel comfortable with him. We finished the record in 2 weekends.

Track By Track Inspiration:

Mellow Drama is a paranoia song about someone trying to find the least means of communication, but ends up finding that he is alone. It’s about how much you can hold on to things that make you who you are without time or people taking that away from you, it’s all you’ve got left.

Leena is about moving on. The perspective shifts to the woman’s point of view. She’s found a new life and new circle to base her life around, but the man feels he knows the truth as to why she’s separating herself.

September Goes is a distinct memory of the past, while foreshadowing the future. The love that once burned so bright is over, and now loneliness and time apart needs to start “…And all the days that came and these days that remain, as September Goes..”

Jazz Dance is the song that ties everything together. The song makes you come to terms with the outcome of the situation, “..Your mind was a trip that was a bit too far..”
Last verse hits with an embedded letter to a woman, “..And if I’m hard to find tonight, if you’re waiting on a friend..” “..It’s a time and a place that makes my sentiment grow..”

Upcoming video:

We recently shot a video with our good buddy Dean Urciuoli who did some cool videos for some other noteable bands.  One session was in Little Eden Studio, at Kate’s (Manager of The Bouncing Souls) house during mixing day. The other session was on top of a Bushwick Brooklyn, NY apartment in November. It will be out very soon so keep an eye on us for the announcement!

2015 UK tour:

We are planning a one month long tour in the UK and possibly other places in Europe to play at. We have many resources and feel it is time to make our mark there as well as in NJ. We will be heading there in mid May and staying until the end of June. More details will follow as they come along, but we have a great group of people helping us to get there so rest assured we are coming!

Links – Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

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