Ones To Watch – Interview / Carnival Youth

Latvian indie band Carnival Youth introduced their unique sound to the UK audience at this year’s Great Escape festival in Brighton, and with the recent release of their debut EP Never Have Enough, the four-piece have been busy playing various festivals around Europe, boosting their already strong following. Their captivating, crafty music has been receiving a lot of praise and MGMB is pleased to pass on the good word and recommend this great band to all of you music lovers.

Find out more about Carnival Youth in our conversation below.

Carnival Youth are not complete strangers to the UK. You played this year’s Great Escape festival, then came back last month to do a few more shows. How would you sum up the UK experience?

Oh yes, we found it very useful and fun. For the start, we think it was really great and we are looking forward to get back as soon as possible!

You’ve recently released your debut EP Never Have Enough. What sort of feedback have you received so far?

Yesterday, we came to Budapest to play Sziget Festival and at the check-in gave the CD to the manager of the hotel. Few minutes ago while we sit here at the lobby and answer these questions, he just came over to tell us he likes the EP a lot, especially the track OCTOPUS; so we guess overall reception and feedback is great.

Tell us about the journey of putting this EP together.

We didn’t think of particular context of the EP as such. We’ve had a full album of songs recorded prior the EP release – and we’ve just picked 5 of them to show the essence of the full album that will be released first in Latvia in autumn, and then hopefully over the rest of the world later on.

The video for the title track has reached an impressive number of views. What was the shooting process like?

The video director Reinis Spaile came up with an idea, gathered the team who worked in the name of art (not money), and we really had a great and fun time. During the shooting we traveled across many places in Latvia and you can see yourself how amazing it is.

What do you guys think are the main characteristics of the sound you create?

The sound is Carnival – ish. We do not create borders in the music and we go with the feeling we have while creating. Enjoy!

Have you been playing many festivals this summer?

Yes and as we said, we are in Budapest at the moment and will play here on Saturday. Thanks God it is sunny out today!

Which one’s been your favourite so far?

Positivus Festival in Latvia – because it was the biggest and most enthusiastic crowd we have ever played to.

Can you give the UK peeps an idea of your live performance, so they can come and check you out next time you’re over here?

We will make you smile and dance!

What’s the music scene like in Latvia at the moment and how do you guys fit in with your genre?

The scene is quite small as the country is tiny. But we fit in perfectly and the scene is developing quite nicely.

Is there any UK band you’d like to join on the road in the future?

Damon Albarn, Temples and James Blake. Waiting for the invitation, guys!

What are your main plans in the upcoming months and when will we see you back in the UK?

We are hoping to get back in autumn sometime, but speaking of the plan for the near future – we will have the EP released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will go on tour in Germany, play Reeperbahn Festival, Waves Vienna, Finland, and will do our first tour in Latvia. Busy time!

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