Interview / The Griswolds

Sydney based indie four-piece The Griswolds are the kings of catchy. Their infectious and cheerful sound forces you to turn on the good mood switch and dance away while singing along to the fun lyrics. All in all, the right music for an awesome party!

The guys are currently charming the crowds all over the US with an aim to promote their upcoming debut album Be Impressive, which is set for release this month. I caught up with the band’s singer/guitarist Chris to discuss the tour as well as the new record, latest video for Beware The Dog and plans for coming back to the UK. Yay!

Eva: Right now you’re on tour around the US. How is it going so far?

Chris: It’s great. Heaps of driving, heaps of shitty food and a bunch of great gigs! We’re loving it.

What happens on the road in the US that can in no way happen in Australia?

You eat way too many burgers on the road in the US and become a fatass. In Australia the food is way better.

Let’s talk your debut album Be Impressive (out August 26th). What can we expect?

You can expect the same chanty, upbeat, party tracks that The Griswolds have done before, but this album is also loaded with 18 months of touring and some great and not so great experiences. We’re writing better music and lyrics than we’ve done before and we also put a much stronger electronic element on our debut album. We were under a lot of pressure to make the most kickass debut album that we could write, and I think we’ve done just that. We’re really excited to get it out and into the world.

What’s your secret for creating such fun, catchy tunes?

We drink a lot while we write. I think that kinda puts us in a good, fun head space to write the kinda music we produce.

Tell us about your new video for Beware The Dog.

It’s a cheesy 80s horror film about a werewolf on a killing spree and it was the best fun to make!! We came up with the idea ourselves and we’re really excited to have it out!!

I am very interested in the story behind that particular track. Can you fill me in?

Beware The Dog is a bit of a sad story of an old friend of ours that took way too many drugs and lost her mind. I think if the music was slow and depressing, it’d probably be a really morbid song haha.

You seem like a bunch who likes to have tons of fun. I guess your live shows are quite an experience?

We definitely like to have a good time on stage, it’s even better when we’re all having a party with the crowd!

How would you describe each member of the band when on stage, with just one word?

Lachy: monster
Tim: grasshopper
Dan: cheery

If you were about to give a class of 12 year old kids a lesson about music, what would you tell them and what records would you give them to listen to?

I would just make then watch every good music doco under the sun and homework would be to listen to the Beatles discography.

What are your main hopes for the album release?

I really hope we can do a world tour off the back of this album, and it can sustain us long enough to start working on album 2.

Any plans for a UK tour?

We’re really hoping to get over there sometime this year, it’s been on our minds for a long time.

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