Ones To Watch – Interview / Dirty Thrills

Blues rock devils Dirty Thrills live up to their name without a doubt. Staggering guitars, solid drum beats and vocals made for a pure rock’n’roll are the main selling points of the London based four-piece. If you like your rock raw, sexy and exciting, then look no further as Dirty Thrills tick all the right boxes. The guys are set to release their self titled debut through Pledge Music and I caught up with them to find out about the recording, pledging, their favourite music growing up and so on.

You just came back from the studio recording your self titled debut album. How did it go?

It went great. We all love locking ourselves away for ages to record something new. The record is sounding so huge, it’s definitely the best thing we have written so far. The whole process was very healthy and natural. We were just so happy to finally get to the recording stage, as we have been writing and planning the album now for the best part of 8 months.

As many other bands these days you’ve gone through Pledge Music. What were your reasons to go this particular way?

In a nut shell, we were all broke. Studio fees are costly, and we all definitely lived up to the cliche of ‘poor musicians’. However, we would definitely recommend Pledge Music to other artists. They helped us every step of the way, from setting our project up to helpful advice on boosting pledges.

Tell us about the album. What can people look forward to?

Well our EP was a great starter for us, but expect to really get the real ‘Dirty Thrills’ sound that we have honed. It’s gonna be a lot dirtier, louder and grittier than our EP. The tracks are actually a bit of a mix, we’ve got some classic rock ‘n’ roll, some heavies, some dirty riff-age and even a huge rock ballad.

In what ways do you think Dirty Thrills’ sound stands out from anything else out there?

We like to think of ourselves as a breath of fresh air from what’s out there at the moment. There’s a lot of obvious influences in our music, but we want to show people something new and kick-ass.

How about live shows? What are your main qualities as a live band?

We live for our live shows. It’s where you can really get what we are about. The great thing is that no two shows are the same, we improvise a lot, extending and jammin’ sections. Expect lots of energy, sweat, booze and us just going nuts.

What sort of music did you grow up listening to and what are your favourites nowadays?

Aaron grew up listening to the raw ‘Zeppelin’ rock/blues, rhythm section of John Paul Jones and John Bonham, to ‘The Funk Brothers’ of Motown. Louis’ was rock ‘n’ roll/blues bands from Free to Rival Sons. Steve’s was a lot of rock and pop-punk bands that emerged in the late 90‘s. Oh and Jack proudly grew up listening to Robbie Williams (But hated ‘Rudebox’). At the moment we’re into stuff like Black Keys, Jack White and Kings Of Leon.

If you were to be stranded on a dessert island with any other band for a week, who would you want it to be and what would you do to kill the time, except playing music of course?

Oh definitely Queens Of The Stone Age. We would just sit on the beach drinking with Josh Homme, till we all passed out.

And if you were to describe Dirty Thrills’ main future goal with a quote or a lyric, what would you say?

“Get ready world…here we come!”

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