Live Review – H.E.A.T @ The Garage, London 16/05/14


Swedish masters of melodic rock H.E.A.T kicked off their 4-date UK tour last Friday at The Garage in London and honestly, I feel truly sorry for anyone who was not a part of this incredible night.

As I arrived to the venue, the first opening act, UK based New Device were already warming up the crowd sounding strong. But it was the main support act of the night, Danish rock group Supercharger who put the fast growing audience in the right spirit with their energetic and truly entertaining set. The whole band seemed to have the time of their lives on stage and left the already packed venue buzzing and certainly READY for the main act of the night, H.E.A.T.


As the good old classic The Heat Is On by Glenn Frey echoed through the venue, people chanted along and cheered with excitement. The lights went down and the act of the night slowly started to appear, each one of them applauded loudly by the audience, and while the rest were nailing the intro of Point Of No Return, the frontman Erik Grönwall shot on stage at last, armed with his boundless energy, big smile on his face and THOSE vocals to die for. The whole room went crazy, singing each lyric out loud along with the whole band.


With tracks like A Shot At Redemption, Better Off Alone, or one of my personal favourites It’s All About Tonight, the heat was clearly on. The energy, passion and showmanship among the band was highly impressive and awe inspiring. Seeing them putting all their hearts and souls into their performance, and transferring all those aspects onto the fired up crowd, me included, was a real and nowadays quite a rare experience.


The title track from the band’s latest record Tearing Down The Walls was also a highlight, as well as their latest hit Mannequin Show, with audience sounding fierce along the lines “Time to believe, all the things that you see…”. Another memorable moment came during In And Out Of Trouble, when the band was joined by Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li, and together they transformed the originally laid back track into a real beast.


And even though there were some technical issues towards the end when all the mics went down, that surely did not stop the band going strong and as for Erik, the smirk on his face said it all: ‘F**k it, let’s surf the crowd!’ and he dived right in. After a close encounter with the audience, he got safely back on stage and heroically carried on with Emergency.


There was such a great, happy vibe in the air that it was a bit heartbreaking knowing that this mind blowing show was heading towards its end. The last two encore tracks were Breaking The Silence and the equally brilliant and perfect song to end the night with – Living On The Run, with everyone giving it all and singing along fearlessly for one last time.

Not only seeing H.E.A.T live totally restores your faith in today’s rock music but it also completely recharges your spirit with a higher power and you’ll be smiling for days, if not weeks after seeing this band working their magic on stage. So if you want to be a part of it, get that damn ticket next time! I know I will.

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