Interview / H.E.A.T “UK, we’re ready to take you on”

Following the release of their latest album Tearing Down The Walls, Swedish rockers H.E.A.T are about to take over the UK land once again with their massive sound and infinite energy. Their power driven melodies and lyrics arouse that badass human being inside of you and make you feel like you’re standing on the top of the world. So if you’re ready to have a great time, sing along and feel like you can achieve just about anything you want, H.E.A.T will provide you with the right inspiration.

I caught up with the band’s frontman Erik Grönwall just before the start of their European tour to find out what they’ve got in store for the UK fans this time around, plus we discussed the new album, songwriting, thoughts on today’s rock music and more.

Eva: Your European tour kicks off tomorrow. What are your main hopes for this tour?

Erik: I’m very happy about it and I’m glad we can do a proper tour because we didn’t do that with the previous album, so I’m very excited about it. I think it’s going to be even better than the European tour we did last year. We’ve got even more tickets sales and I think we got even better this year. We have a new album out and I personally think it’s better than the previous one, so we’re all looking forward to this one and to see all the fans in Europe again.

You’re doing four shows in the UK, starting at the Garage in London on 16th May. What do you have in store for the UK fans this time around?

A lot of energy and a lot of power. We really want to show the UK that we’re ready to take you on. We were there last year and it was a good tour for us, so we just want to make it even better this year.

So for people who haven’t had a chance to see H.E.A.T live yet, what would you say in order to attract them to one of your shows?

Well most people always say that we are better live than on album, so you can expect a lot of energy. We always work a lot on the live set to make it better and better, cause you need to be good live if you want to stay in the music business today. I think people can and will feel a part of the energy, and you should always feel happy when you leave a H.E.A.T gig.

What are your fondest memories from your previous UK visit?

I remember London cause we sold out and that was very unexpected. We did not expect that at all, so that was good and now we’re playing an even bigger venue.

So you like coming back to the UK then.

Yeah, absolutely!

Let’s talk about your new album Tearing Down The Walls, which came out last month. What was your main target when putting together the tracks for this record?

We just wanted to make good songs and we wanted to make a better album than Address The Nation, I think that’s what we had in mind. Most of the songs, when we wrote the lyrics, it was all about believing in yourself and letting go of all your doubts, like the mental doubts you have. So Tearing Down The Walls is actually about tearing down the mental walls, you know, do whatever you want to do and you can accomplish anything.

Yeah, so people can relate to it.

Absolutely. Everybody can relate to it in a way.

It’s a fantastic album and the lyrics, as well as the melodies are extremely uplifting and inspiring. Is it your aim to make people feel somehow invincible with your music?

Yeah, I guess. We want people to feel a good vibe, to be a part of the energy and we want people to feel united in a way, and that’s always good live when people can relate to the songs and sing along.

H.E.A.T_Tearing Down The Walls_cover_

There seem to be a real musicianship going on in the band. I guess you each have a special input towards the creating process?

Yeah that was actually what I noticed when I joined the band. Every member was writing songs and bringing something to the table, so that was really cool. We still work like that, we write songs together and we put them together as a band and we do that in the studio. So yeah, everybody is writing songs.

Do you guys write a lot while on the road, like do you gather a lot of inspiration from the places you visit?

Not really. I mean you get inspiration, but you don’t have time to write on the road. We do that at home when we get back.

Do you plan to work on some new material after the tour?

I guess we will start recording. We’ve actually started writing new songs for another album already, we want to keep the songwriting going. For now, we want to tour the shit out of this album and then get back to writing and work on the next album.

So do you have time to listen to any music while on tour? Any favourites?

Well, you’re pretty tired of listening to music when on tour (laughs)…but yeah I listen to Nashville music mostly, to get away from all the rock’n’rolling. I have a random Nashville playlist on Spotify so I just listen to that.

Now who would you say is the craziest member in H.E.A.T?

(laughs) If you ask the other guys, I guess they would say that I am. But our drummer is a little bit crazy as well.

There are people who say that rock music isn’t what it used to be, that rock’n’roll is dead. What would you say to them?

I mean that will always exist. I guess people said that in the 70’s as well, that rock music isn’t what it used to be and then people related to Elvis; and then in the 80’s to the 70’s rock’n’roll. Of course it’s not the same cause we have a lot of dance music and a lot of non-organic music coming out. But I wouldn’t say rock’n’roll is dead, I mean look at all the bands that actually play rock music and a lot of bands are still touring, even the bands from the 80’s. Just open up your eyes and look at all the beautiful things that are happening in the rock’n’roll business. You will see it.

H.E.A.T will tour the UK in May as follows:

London Garage – Friday 16th May
Newcastle O2 Academy 2 – Saturday 17th May
Glasgow Cathouse – Sunday 18th May
Manchester Academy 3 – Monday 19th May

Tickets for all four concerts can be ordered from the official H.E.A.T website –

For all updates follow the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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