Ones To Watch / Interview – LTNT

Alternative trio LTNT have been painting their mark around the London underground scene for a few years now, and it would be wrong not to inform you that they are actually one of the most thrilling bands about. Their newly released single Body Blood, taken from their upcoming EP DAO (out 24th March), is a power driven tune that strikes with deadly riffs and fearless vocals. You can watch the gripping video for the track right after our chat with LTNT’s main man Liam Lever.

Eva: You’ve just released a new single Body Blood, for which you’ve also unleashed quite a bloody video. What was the shooting process like?

Liam: It was a lot of fun, don’t quite recall it toward the end. There’s another edit with some funny stuff going on and some interesting extras. It’s a pleasurable watch. It’ll surface online soon.

Your new EP DAO comes out next Monday. How would you describe this EP and what was the recording journey like?

The recording process was probably the most simple I’ve ever experienced. We did it with badman Sean Genockey at Rockfield. It was a case of just setting up all together and putting it down. There were some sections we left unplanned and it felt like we captured something instead of building it from memory, which excites me a lot more. I guess I’d describe DAO as a naughty little bastard.

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to see one of your live shows yet, what would be the best warning sign to give people an idea of what to expect?

That’s tough because I’ve never seen one myself. DAO is a good representative of us live. We just like to really fucking have it though, the three of us.

What festivals have you got planned for the summer so far?

We’re doing the Great Escape and Camden Rocks but we want to get out in some fields somewhere. We’ll see what the next couple of weeks bring booking wise.

Tell us one interesting thing about each member of LTNT…

Neil isn’t actually there when nobody is looking at him, Ben was born with a full set of adult teeth and onions make me suicidal.

When writing songs, what inspires you and what are your main targets when putting a track together?

It seems like songs are already around but in a place that is very delicate to visit. We spend a lot of time playing together so when it comes to hunting for them, we’re quick enough to spot an idea and catch up with it. Then when you’ve got it caught and fully formed, you can say is this good or is this shit? Catching a good one is a big high, then it fades away so you go back in for another one. We want big game. That’s a target.

What are your thoughts on today’s music and the industry?

Try not to think about it. It’s bleak. It entirely lacks balls. It is sickly. If you focus on yourself and listen to the good bands, you can stay happy, but the bigger picture is fucking depressing. The wheel turns though. I’m patient.

If you could hang out with one dead musician for a day, who would it be and how would you want to spend your time with this person?

I’d take Dead from Mayhem to Winter Wonderland. We’d hold hands, eat ice cream, talk about our favourite Friends episode, things like that.

Regarding music releases, do you have anything else in store this year?

Another single and video from DAO. We’ve got some other recordings we want to put out at some point this year. Also, we’re a ways into writing a record so hopefully some lovely bastard can pay for that to exist, cos we don’t have any money left.

Main ambition for LTNT?

Progression. Keeping our head down and moving always. Hopefully when we eventually do look up, the view will be something awesome or terrifying, as long as it’s different. And I’d like to stop sleeping in a car.

Get Body Blood and pre-order DAO on iTunes

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