Interview / Winters Island

Talented three piece Winters Island are adding a real sparkle into the alternative music scene in London. Their emerging sound showers with significant melodies and grand vocals, creating an imaginary atmosphere for the listener. The band’s artistic videos only magnify the special vibe of their sound due to a unique collaboration with skilled video creators and artists. MGMB caught up with the trio to talk about putting together their debut album, which you can download for free in its entire beauty right here, and other interesting bits about their music.

You’ve been making music together for a decade but launched yourselves only recently. You’ve mentioned that this is due to finding the right sound, is that right?

We’ve played together under a variety of different guises and our sound has evolved a lot from an indie-pop band to acoustic act to wedding band. We decided to take a year away from gigging to properly create a new sound. It’s been tough to not play live for a whole year and we can’t wait to start playing our new stuff in 2014.

What made you pick the name Winters Island?

It’s taken from the Saxon translation of the village in which we met, grew up and started writing music together:The deer that graze in the park that stand alongside Winta’s Island’. It just felt right to use something that had some meaning to us. We also use the deer a lot throughout our branding.

You’ve released your debut in three parts since January. Tell us about this record and the ‘making of’ process.

We ‘went public’ on January 1st but spent the whole of 2013 developing our sound and writing. We write as a three on all our tracks; one of us will come up with a lyric, melody, riff or rhythm and then we’ll progress it from there as a three. Being self produced; we write, record, produce everything ourselves so we have complete control of the sounds.

All the tracks are available for free download on your Facebook page. What do you think are the pros and cons of giving out the music for free nowadays?

Pros: We want the music to get as far and wide as we can, we create it for us to enjoy and be heard by others; if we need to give it away then we’ll do it.  We just want the tracks we have poured ourselves into to go further than our studio.

Cons: Unfortunately, time is money so we all have to work to fund everything we do. That time working takes us away from making music.

Where do you get the ideas from when it comes to your music videos?

We love watching short movies and clips, and when we see one that fits with what we are trying to say in the song, we know straight away. From here we contact the creator, send across the track and hope for the best. We use the videos that we love and this gives another way for an amazing video to be seen. Like us, many animators, (fire) dancers are all looking for a way to get their video further. If people contacted us and asked us if they could feature our music on their video then we’d love it.

So who in particular influenced you to play music?

When we were younger, we were heavily influenced by American Punk Rock that still plays its part in our sound. We each have our own individual taste in music, we like to think that Winters Island is the point that these meet / crash together.

Which band/artist do you think sets a great example among the UK music scene these days?

London Grammar, Prides, The 1975. Although there’s a lot of quality out there at the moment that most people have never heard of!

What’s the main thing you’d like to achieve in 2014, except releasing your debut album?

People, other than ourselves, enjoying the music we’ve spent a year creating.

Links – Website, Facebook, Twitter

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