Interview / The Mad Crept

Ready to lose yourself inside of a beautifully haunting murder rock? Yes. You’ve read that right. Murder Rock. The Mad Crept, an Auckland based outfit fronted by Patricia Mc create a magnificent impact on anyone’s musical soul with their dark, staggering sounds and wowing vocals. There are no other words to describe the band’s recently released EP Darkling than a unique, powerful masterpiece of a record that will take your breath away.

Patricia, who’s originally from Dublin talks to MGMB about living and pursuing her music in NZ, the sound of The Mad Crept, new EP, influences and more interesting stuff for your reading and listening pleasure.

Eva: You’re based in Auckland but originally you come from Dublin. How long have you been in NZ and what made you decide to pursue a career in music over there?

Patricia: I’ve been living here for a good few years now and might even get a passport pretty soon if I’m well behaved! Will be pretty cool to have dual citizenship… I have always been involved in music in some shape or form from a really young age, singing and writing little songs. This developed into a passion for musical theatre while at school. I actually went on to study at drama school in Dublin and from there started working with various DJ’s/producers and bands. So when I decided to travel, the natural way to meet people was through music and theatre and so on…

You describe your music as a murder rock. Where do you draw the inspiration for your sound from?

Murder Rock was a term I came up with early on, when we were just starting out and has kinda stuck. Everything inspires me, I’ve never been the type of songwriter to write shiny happy love songs (although I was in a 9 piece funk band for a while years ago, but the lyrics were always pretty dark). I like to write honestly and am inspired by true stories and experiences. Adam, Dom and I all have really different musical influences and cultural backgrounds, so together those influences shape the sound.

You’ve recently released your 4-track EP Darkling. What was the process of getting the EP together like?

No comment, haha. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you but let’s just say it was hugely challenging. Anything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. It took almost a year from the first take to eventually releasing it; that’s a whole other interview. But in the end it was a huge relief to release it and have something out there that I’m really proud of. Now the next challenge is to get it heard.

Is there anyone in particular who triggered the idea in you to start playing music?

My folks have really great taste in music so I guess it would’ve come from them somehow. I have really early childhood memories of traveling round Europe in my parents car and them playing all sorts of cassettes, while imagining that I was actually the lead singer of whatever album was playing at the time. They constantly surprise me with their music taste and are really supportive so that’s huge for me.

How about records? What are your all time favourites?

Tough question. So many, but if I had to choose then definitely Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures. For me it’s full of emotion, creates feelings of danger, darkness, hesitancy and regret. The drumming gives a real sense of urgency on the recordings, the guitar leaves gaps instead of filling up songs, creating a real spacious detached vibe and of course my favourite – the brooding vocals. I could go on all day about that album.

Other favourite albums would be Massive Attack – Blue Lines, Radiohead – In Rainbows, most recently Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Push the sky away and Beastmilk – Climax.

If you could travel back in time to see one specific live show, which one would it be?

Thin Lizzy ‘Live and Dangerous Tour’, 1978 Baggot Inn, Dublin.

Speaking of shows, what’s your favourite part of playing in front of a live audience?

Letting loose and just going for it.

How do the crowds in NZ react to your original sound?

We’ve had some great audiences at our gigs. Most people don’t know what to expect, so are pretty surprised. Everyone in the band has something rad going on (without sounding like a nob). I guess there’s no one out there like us here at the moment so the crowd really gets into it. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea which is great because if it was, then that’d be bloody boring.

Have you considered bringing your music over to your homeland?

Of course, always thinking about it. Would love to do the summer festival circuit and escape winter here (although we don’t even get frost in Ak). I did worry for a while that certain band members wouldn’t be allowed leave NZ but … all good now.

What’s the main ambition for you in 2014?

To keep it going. It’s been a crazy year but we’ve come out the other side. Pretty simple ambitions really, we are working on some new songs at the moment so to get those down and recorded would be great, and just to keep widening our listener base.

Links – Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

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