Featured EP / Morningside Lane – A Fifth of Elvis

It’s been exactly one year since I’ve interviewed New Jersey’s Morningside Lane for MGMB, and it looks like the guys have been working really hard towards their brand new 6-track EP A Fifth of Elvis. The record, produced and mixed by Pete Steinkopf from The Bouncing Souls is a clear step forward for the alt rock four-piece. The music and lyrics on the EP show the band have come a long way since their previous release. MSL’s guitarist Jon says: ”This record is something that doesn’t sound like our first two. It’s broader and it covers more ground. We’ve grown a hell of a lot as a band and we’re still growing. Our sound is always being upgraded and new influences are always coming about. This album is more about wasted youth and anger. It’s about remembering the past, the way things used to be and kissing those days goodbye. It came out better than we could ever dream and it’s everything a Morningside Lane record should be.” That’s right. A Fifth of Elvis certainly features all the right elements of a well mastered record.

Each track on the EP makes its own mark by carrying a strong rhythm, catchy melody and emerging vocals. Songs like A Fifth of Elvis and Twang ’56 stand out particularly for their dynamic effect and the beautiful I Live Like You shows an obvious progress in the band’s songwriting.

It looks like the guys have received the right guidance from an experienced fellow musician and producer Pete Steinkopf. “Pete is a great guy. He really helped us branch out and do things we never even thought of doing. Before this, we didn’t really have a producer to help make some critiques on the music, or the way something was sung or played. He didn’t change the parts, just brought them to life. He’s a funny dude too, he really knows how to make someone feel comfortable and he also knows some great food spots too. Don’t ever doubt Pete, that’s what we’ve retained in these days with him.”

Another great reason for you to get this record is that the guys have decided to give it out for free. Jon explains: “We’re giving it out for free because to us it’s not about the money. It’s about spreading the music as far and as easily as we can. In these times, it’s really hard to get people to focus on something for more than 4 seconds. We hope that the free price will give people an extra push to download the record, and to gain their trust as in we’re not in it for the money, never were and never will be.” It’s a smart move that can surely help the band gain a lot more recognition. And seriously, who on earth would not want such a solid record for free?!

A Fifth of Elvis is out tomorrow (18th February), so don’t forget to grab your free copy over at morningsidelane.bandcamp.com and enjoy some brilliant new tunes from the ‘ones to watch’ Morningside Lane.

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