Interview / The Wild Young Hearts

If you’re looking for some feel-good music, The Wild Young Hearts deliver a whole bunch of fresh, uplifting tunes to get you through a rainy day. The group based in L.A. are set to release their debut California Dreams on February 25th and each week, they’re slowly building up the hype by uncovering a new tuneful track from the record. MGMB has spoken to the band’s vocalist Robb, who gives you a few reasons to check out TWYH and tells us which three albums he would hand to today’s kids, with the aim of teaching them something about real music.

Eva: Who exactly are The Wild Young Hearts and how long have you been rocking out together?

Robb: The Wild Young Hearts are Robb (Vocals & Guitar), Garrett (Bass), Justin (Guitar), and Kevin (Drums). I have known Kevin & Justin for years so the three of us used to jam around a while back, but it wasn’t until I moved to LA that the three of us decided to play some music together.  That was about 16 months ago or so. Garrett joined the team a little under a year ago, and we’ve been workin’ our asses off since.

Give the MGMB readers three reasons to check out your music.

Because we make you feel good, our songs are rad, and I think we’re quite the refreshing sound in today’s musical landscape.

You’re about to put out your debut full-length California Dreams. What are your fondest memories from the recording journey of this album?

My fondest memory of recording is always the writing of the songs, really. Writing is my favorite part of music, I love our songs, and nothing feels better than coming up with something you’re happy with. We had a great time recording though, and we had a great experience with our engineer Doug Grean. 

Any special stories behind the tracks?

I think the songs tell the stories themselves. There isn’t much for stories behind the tracks, as there is for stories on the tracks. I don’t really write in riddles, I’m very elementary when it comes to words if you ask me.

How do you usually work on songs together?

I usually put the song together and then bring it to the boys to take to the next level. It seems to work without fail for us so far.

If you had to audition in front of a band/artist you want to tour the world with, who would it be and how would you impress them?

I think we’d like to audition for Blink 182. As for impressing them? I guess we’d just be ourselves and hope to god they don’t think we’re complete assholes.

What can people expect to see at your live performance?

Four ridiculously handsome dudes playing fun, upbeat rock & roll songs about falling in and out of love with pretty girls by the beach.

Tell us about the current music scene in LA and how do you guys fit in?

Well, there really isn’t much of a music scene in LA if you ask me. With the internet and the state of the music industry in general, things have kind of changed. It’s pretty dog eat dog.

If you were to give a class of 12 year old kids an education on music today, which three albums would you give them to listen to?

I think I would spend a lot less time telling them WHAT to listen to and telling them WHAT NOT to listen to. We would definitely spend a couple hours tossing out all of their Selena Gomez and Britney Spears records.  But if I had to give the kids three albums, I’d give ’em Abbey Road, Born To Run, and London Calling. Voila.

Do you have any special plans after the release of California Dreams?

Well, we have our CD release show at the Whisky A Go Go on February 22nd, and after that we plan on playing tons of shows in Southern California before we hit the road to rock the rest of the United States in the late spring/early summer.

Links – Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter

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