Ones To Watch / Interview – Burning Beaches

Camden based Burning Beaches know exactly how to make music. And by that I mean dangerously good music. You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about once you hear the opening riff in Wo’man. These guys possess some serious musical powers. Clearly, the three brilliant tracks available to stream on the band’s Soundcloud page are a warning for what’s coming. In our interview, the band’s frontman Sam McCarthy mentiones putting out an EP or two this year. HELL YEAH. Not just that, he introduces Burning Beaches to us and tells us how the tunes come together, plus why Camden’s music scene rocks at the moment, and more. Read on.

Eva: I remember accidentally stumbling upon one of your tracks Wo’man on Soundcloud a few months back and I was blown away instantly. I thought ‘Who are these guys and how come I haven’t heard of them yet?!’ So please fill me in. Who are you exactly and how long have you been going as Burning Beaches?

Sam: Thanks, glad you like Wo’man. Burning Beaches are Dave Danger on drums, Handsome Dan on bass and David Kennedy on guitar. And me, Sam McCarthy. I have known DDanger ever since I moved to London about 8 years ago. We both toured together in our previous bands and I used to party at Dave’s club nights. DD knows how to throw a party. I met Dan a few years back and we’ve been playing in bands together ever since. He is a great songwriter and knows how to throw a party too haha. We were looking for a lead guitarist when we first started last year and heard of this dude who had just moved to Camden from Dublin. His name… Dave Kennedy. Absolute ledge.

You’ve got a few pretty rocking tunes available for us to listen to on Soundcloud – Sink or Swim, Marilyn and Wo’man. How did these tracks come together?

I guess how we write the songs is that someone comes up with the original basic idea and then it develops into a proper song in the rehearsal room. I heard the original demo I did for Wo’man the other day…. You can hear it’s that song, but it’s totally different now y’know. We are writing songs that we wanna listen to and have fun playing. Bangers. When other people like them too, that’s a bonus.

In a few words, how would you attract someone who hasn’t seen you live to one of your gigs?

I would say come see BBeaches because their songs are brilliant. And Dave Kennedy is an absolute hunk.

The London underground scene seems to be heaving with great bands. Who would you recommend for us to check out?

Camden seems to be in a really good place at the moment. For a while now, it seems it has been “cool” to think and say Camden is shit. Fuck that. For instance Wolf Alice are absolutely smashing it at the moment. Then just behind them there are us, Crowes, LTNT, The Din , Whiskey Stain …. loads. Def something in the air at the moment and I’m not talking about the ganja clouds on the canal bridge.

What about songwriting and putting it all together. How do you work as a band?

Like I said before, we sometimes sort of separate into smaller groups to work on an initial idea. Me and Dan will sometimes lock ourselves away for the weekend and come out at the end of it with a couple of big demos. Other times DK will just quietly say…oh I have had this little riff for a while now and BANG there is Marilyn. Other times stuff just happens out of nothing in the room with all of us. I think those times are my favourite.

If you could pick a band to tour the world with, who would it be and what would you do for fun, except playing music of course?

I think I would like to tour the world with Wolf Alice as we hang out a lot anyway. So we might as well tour round the world. We would go bowling. And beat them. Either them or East 17.

Name three albums you’d save if you were about to lose everything…

1. The Doors – Live in New York

2. Really struggling to decide which Beatles album to save…This question is taking me so long…….it’s between The White Album and Sgt Pep. Gonna go with The White Album. I hate this question. No offence.

3. Michael Jackson – Bad. That will do. Whatever. Im not gonna lose all my music anyway am I, I have spotify.

So what do you have in store for us this year regarding new releases, gigs etc? 

Last year was our first year as the band so it was about getting a load of songs together. We only had 2 online up until just before xmas when we put up ‘Sink Or Swim’. So this year you can probably expect to see an EP from us. Maybe 2? We also hope to play some shows that are out of town. Will be fun going up north and doing Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle. I think now we have the songs, you will be seeing a bit more of us.

And finally, what’s the main ambition for Burning Beaches?

The main ambition for BB is to put out a good record. A really good record. Then have fun playing it live. Who knows after that? Who cares?

Links – Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud

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