Top 10 of 2013 – To The Bones

to the bones

Bolton based rockers TO THE BONES are one of those bands you really don’t want to miss out on. I saw them supporting The Virginmarys back in November and they certainly made a great impression on me. Make sure to check them out!

The band’s bass player Jude Jagger sums up the year in TOP 10 of 2013.

TOP Gig You’ve Played

Manchester Academy 2 supporting The Virginmarys.

TOP Gig You’ve Seen

Mogwai soundtracking the Zidane film live.

TOP Festival You’ve Played

Me? Manchester Pride! (with my all-girl side project The Bobbysocks).

TOP Place You’ve Visited With The Band


TOP WTF Moment On Tour

Blocking in a bunch of East London hipsters with our tour van. They were going sick: ‘I can’t get my bike out, you’ve RUINED MY DAY!’

TOP Album

Laura Marling ‘Once I Was An Eagle’

TOP Music Discovery


TOP Tour Buddies

The Virginmarys

TOP Fan Encounter

My mate got asked out on by some dude in a TTB tshirt.

TOP Proud Moment

Finding Tom, our drummer, having slept walked into some random person’s bed for the night.

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