Top 10 of 2013 – Electric River

Electric River

We are slowly heading towards the end of 2013 and I think I can speak for many of us when I say: Wow, what a year! So I’ve decided to catch up with some of MGMB’s favourite bands and ask them to sum up their year in the TOP 10 of 2013 feature. Kicking off with the mighty London/Ashford based punk rock outfit, also previously interviewed by MGMB – Electric River. The lead singer Sponge tells us about the band’s higlights of 2013.

TOP Gig You’ve Played

Beautiful Days Festival at the end of our August tour was great as so many things hanged in the balance. We’d spent a great week with The Terraces & the final show was to open up the Main Stage Sunday afternoon at Beautiful Days. We started our soundcheck & the weather was great, baring in mind we are pretty much unknown at this point down in the south west, so we wanted to get as long sound checking as possible. The noise started attracting people to the Main Stage, it was going great and the field started to get busy, but all of a sudden we had to stop & massive rain clouds started to make their way over the festival site. We thought “Bollocks it’s going to be a wash out.” Within the space of 15 minutes a massive rain shower cleared the field and we just thought “Shit”…. stage time was about 5 minutes away and spirits we’re pretty low, we had driven from Newcastle to Exeter, pretty much the length and breath of the country for the end of a great tour and we didn’t want it to end like this. I don’t know if somebody was looking down on us that day but somehow the weather turned around so quickly, we walked onto the stage in a perfect festival weather & very quickly the crowd reappeared & we played a great set to end the tour. Because of all this, it’s probably my favourite show of the year. We love the south west…

TOP Gig You’ve Seen

New Model Army – Falmouth Princess Pavilion. I have never heard such a great sound at a small venue! Having played with NMA a few times, this was my favourite show. The band were on fire although one random dick head in the crowd was trying to ruin the show but NMA pretty much sailed through & the set was a great mix of old & new material.

TOP Festival You’ve Played

Although Beautiful Days was brilliant, my favourite festival experience was definitely ‘Mighty Sounds’ in Czech Republic. It was our first European festival & to cut it short the vibe & people were amazing. We hope to play there again in 2014, we discovered some great bands & met a few too that weekend!

TOP Place You’ve Visited With The Band

Probably Prague. Beautiful city & mental nightlife. For a city it definitely has a free spirit to it.  Back home in the UK we like the south west as it feels pretty chilled & also love going up north as the people are brilliant.

TOP WTF Moment On Tour

I can name loads pretty much at the peril of our guitarist Chris. After one night in Edinburgh, he decided to replace his dick with a frankfurter sausage??? He almost got nicked in Prague for taking a piss behind some religious building & was ordered to pay an £8.25 fine??? Finally drawing a new set of eyes on his eyelids at Mighty Sounds was practically the funniest thing I’ve seen (You had to be there) but yeah what the fuck….

TOP Album / Music Discovery

I’m really liking ‘Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon’ by Murder By Death, although it did come out in 2012. I have Darren from Crazy Arm to thank for this. We played a show with them earlier this year & before they went on stage ‘I Came Around’ was played over the P.A and straight away I was hooked. I asked Darren about the song & he recommended Murder By Death.

TOP Tour Buddies

Both Colt 45 & The Terraces were great people to be around on tour. We like to have a laugh & make jokes and stuff, I think when you’re on tour as an underground band, if you can’t take the piss it just doesn’t work. To play alongside like minded people was great. The last night of the Terraces tour we invaded the stage wearing womens nighties, blowing bubbles from bubble machines & wearing a horses head mask joined in on their cover of The Clash’s ‘Complete Control’. It was great, you feel a great camaraderie & everyone just has fun, there was no bullshit on any of them tours.

TOP Fan Encounter

We met a lady in Czech that had travelled pretty far to Mighty Sounds, literally got a day ticket to see us, that was pretty cool. She couldn’t speak English but was a fan of the band. I guess that’s one of the good things to come from the internet. There were a few audience members singing our songs in a different country!! That was cool.

TOP Proud Moment

There have been a few this year, finally finishing the new album, playing some great festivals but I suppose winning a ‘Pure Rawk Award’ was a great buzz. We were up for an award which we didn’t win & had been asked to play at the awards, it was a good set & thought no more of it. We were standing at the back of the room having a chat with some people & out of nowhere Electric River came over the P.A, we had won ‘Best New Breed’ which was chosen by the organisers of the event. We didn’t even know we were up for it. That was more humbling than the original award and it was just nice to have our hard work recognised.

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