Interview / The Ninjas

We all love a band with strong likability factor and we all love a band that can produce songs with the word ‘repeat’ written all over them.

Brisbane based garage rock 5-piece The Ninjas posses those qualities and impress you with not only their cool band name but also their catchy ‘jagger swagger’-ish character. Their track Yeah Yeah is a tuneful energy packed blinder which mirrors the band’s witty personality. You can check out the video for it right below our interview. I dare you not to love it!

Two members of The Ninjas’ crew – rhythm guitarist Jesse Gold & drummer Mark Cosgrove describe what makes the band original, share quite a memorable moment from one of their live shows and tell us what motivates them day to day…

How would you introduce The Ninjas to the UK audience?

Ideally, we would be spoon fed to the masses much like The Strokes were back just prior to the release of their debut album “Is this it”.

What or who influenced you to start a band?

I guess like most bands we started because we wanted to impress the ladies, and of course that old cliché of fame and fortune, unbeknownst to us at the time that instead of impressing the ladies, we would attain a fan base made up largely of rowdy male punters…

What do you think is the most special characteristic of yours that makes you stand out from other bands?

I think it’s the Jagger/Richards combo of song writing between our singer (Josh) and lead guitarist (Pat). Pat has his own sort of zest on guitar that’s very rare – you can tell it’s him playing and not some session musician, and Josh is South African but his accent is kind of a hybrid, so when you hear it it’s not quite British, and not quite American, but at the same time it’s very international. And then there’s that “Jagger swagger” he gives off.

How would you convince people to listen to your latest single Yeah Yeah?

We would lock them in the room, turn the speakers up to 11 and let the song do the rest.

What’s the usual music making process in the band?

Pat & Josh write the songs, then bring them to us to jam out live and they sort of take mould from there. Sometimes Pat will have a riff or a chord progression and Josh will have a melody that fits right on, sometimes Josh will have a chord progression and Pat will play a melody on guitar that Josh will follow on vocals. We’re sort of lucky in the way that we don’t really find it hard to come up with new tunes, and they get better each time.

So far, what’s the most memorable moment from any of your live shows?

Our memories are all a little hazy so this question is a little tough! But, I’d have to say this one show we played with very low expectations (it was out of our home town so it was a very random crowd). Anyway, we played to the locals who were all drunker than us (a rarity in The Ninjas camp). It was probably the first encore we ever played, in order for us to play another song our singer engaged with the crowd, that one of the chick’s demanding we play another song would have to earn it – a boobs for music kind of deal… Next thing you know off comes the lass’s top, the crowd goes bonkers and we finished up with a nice lil outro to a good night.

What’s the music scene in Brisbane like at the moment?

Brisbane’s music scene is doing great at the moment. We’ve got Violent Soho, who are absolutely killing it, DZ Deathrays are beasting it too, Jeremy Neale kicking goals, young little heartbreakers like Eves running around, and then there’s us popping out hits left, right and centre.

Which famous band would you like to join on a world tour and if you had to audition to get picked, what would you do to impress them?

Well we intend on doing our next record with Josh Homme of QOTSA, so we wouldn’t mind touring with them as to develop a repoire. Other than that, maybe Arctic Monkeys, I think it would be pretty hard to impress them though, maybe we would challenge them to some sort of tournament involving marijuana and who can smoke the most of it.

If you had to choose a quote or a line to describe what motivates you day to day, what would it be?

“Bitches, money, power”.

And finally, what’s the main goal for The Ninjas?

As above 😉

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