Ones To Watch – The Diamond Noise Interview

The London based rock and roll 4-piece The Diamond Noise storm in with truly thrilling, energy-awakening and infectious noise, that’s packed with all the aspects of a proper rock and roll bliss. The striking guitar riffs, drums beats and vocals blend in effectively and create an exciting and powerful sound storm.

The band are releasing their next single Do You Like Me Too? in September and they’re also planning their first UK tour!

Find out more about The Diamond Noise in the following interview with Hugh Viney (vocals).

Can you tell us the story of how you all met and formed the band?

I was at uni with Hugh SM (drums), school with Luke (bass) and Scott (guitar) is my brother. So it was pretty easy getting the band together after finishing university in London. We used to run our own club nights and the band came out of that.

How would you describe your act in the style of an advert?

This one from Artrocker is our favourite so far: “”Sexily monolithic guitar heaviness which sounds like rock hail descending from a QOTSA fork lightning power blues sky”

You’ve recently released a track off your debut EP called ‘Catastrophic’, for which you’ve also made a video. How was the filming of it?

We dreamed up the concept in 2 hours and took 2 hours to film it on 2 iPhones. We wanted to capture the immediacy of the song and get across the TDN live experience, without over-thinking the concept.

What’s your favourite track on the EP and which one do you enjoy playing live the most?

We’ve all got different favourites. ‘Blue Champagne’ has recently been a favourite live because the crowd has responded so well. But the next single ‘Do You Like Me Too?’, which we are releasing as the title track off the EP in September, seems to be getting the biggest reaction from everyone at the moment.

What do you think is the main attraction of your live performance?

Our energy and ‘togetherness’ as a unit. We are a classic rock 4-piece that holds nothing back live. It’s our biggest strength. Come see for yourself.

Who writes the songs and what’s the usual music making process in the band?

This can vary. Most commonly me and Scott come up with the core of the song – the chords, melody, basic sturcture and lyrics – and then everyone adds their own Diamond Noise juice into the final product. But Luke also composes, like with ‘Yippie Yeah’, where he wrote all the music first and I added the melody and lyrics after.

Is there anyone you’d love to collaborate with in the future?

QOTSA – or is that too obvious?

Can you name three albums you never get bored of listening to?

The Strokes – Is This It
QOTSA – Songs For The Deaf
The National – High Violet

What do you think about the current music scene? Which artists/bands are your favourite at the moment?

NME still think Liam Gallagher is relevent. ‘Nuf said. Obviously there are still some great new bands emerging. God Damn for one.

What’s next for The Diamond Noise and what’s the biggest ambition that you would like to realise?

We are releasing our debut EP ‘Do You Like Me Too?’ in conjunction with our first UK tour in September and October. As for ambition, we just want to be touring our album next year, hopefully round the world. Ha! …

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