Singer-Songwriter Interview / Joey Hatcher

Joey HatcherJoey Hatcher is an American singer-songwriter, who is set to release his debut album Music In My Head this summer. Joey’s music attracts the listener’s attention with soft, pleasing melodies, sincere vocals and a strong emotion that flows through the songs. This is the kind of music that lets you shed off the weight of everyday’s life matters and awakes a special feeling that good music carries within itself.

Find out more about Joey’s music and his upcoming album in the following interview.

You’re releasing your debut album ‘Music In My Head’ this summer. Could you tell us about making of this record?

Typically Rick (the producer) would go into the studio first, then add vocals, but in order to really capture the emotional energy of these songs, he had me record my guitars, vocals and virtual instruments to a “click” first. Then we went into the studio and added drums, bass, keys, real strings and horns, etc. Thanks to the “cyber studio” of modern technology, we used a lot of REALLY talented musicians in totally different locations on planet Earth, in order to get that emotionally rich, relevant and high quality sound that myself and Executive Producer/co-writer Frank Stopak were aiming for.

What’s it like working with Grammy nominated music producer Rick Chudacoff?

Enough good things cannot be said about Rick. Rick is the left brain that I never had in the studio! He is also the sandpaper (and sometimes even the Dremel tool!) to my rough edges.  He is not very dictatorial (which he could get away with considering the league he’s in). Because of this, he suits my style as I tend to have strong opinions down to the tiny details about how I should sound and certain things should sound. He listens and he “get’s me as an artist” which is very important and he came up with great new ideas to take these songs to the “next level”.

Is there any song on the MIMH album that’s perhaps a bit more special to you than the others?

That would be the most personal song for me which is the last song on the album. It’s a song called “7 Weeks & 5 Days”. I wrote it on the drive home from the place where I saw my son for the first time. It’s a unique and vulnerable song.

Regarding songwriting, where do you gather the ideas and inspiration from?

Everywhere. I see songwriting from the perspective of an actor first. Then, as a musician. That way I can channel a character and the songs “just seem to write themselves”. It’s a little creepy actually. Several songs on this album were written that way including “Before We Knew Who We Were” and “Tragedy”.

In terms of my process, the melodies I start out with often change over time little by little until it’s strong, and you may not necessarily recognize the new melody next to the original one by the time I’m finished with it. I never write anything down because if I have to then it’s probably not worth remembering. It should be strong enough to stick in your head after hearing it for the first time, whether it’s a melody or a lyric.

Do you remember the moment you realized that you wanted to pursue career in music?

Not really. I still see it as a hobby because it’s so much fun. Even when it’s hard work it’s fun for me!

What motivates you the most as an artist?

People like a good song because it’s a 3 or 4 minute diversion of beauty that makes sense in a world which often is not beautiful and does not make sense. A song is a microcosm of what we seek. Meaning. Often our world doesn’t make sense so we turn to music. Music is just music, BUT Music wields great power that most people aren’t even aware of. Music motivates me because I want to use it not only just to write anesthetic “feel good” songs (there is still certainly a place and time for those songs), but really to help people, to shed light, for love, for good, and ultimately for God’s glory.

How does being a musician affect the world around you?

Being a musician doesn’t affect my perception of the world too much. As a musician I experience the same pain when I  stub my toe as anyone else would. Otherwise, I think music, or any person working in any field (even a janitor) can positively or negatively affect the world around them one person, or one set of ears at a time.

What would you like to achieve with the release of your record?

In terms of success, I will be pitching heavily to TV and Film as my songs naturally are a good fit for that market. And a modest but intense fan base wouldn’t hurt! This is after all my first album endeavor so we’ll see!

Links – Website, Twitter, Soundcloud

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