Interview / Morningside Lane

Morningside Lane

New Jersey rock band Morningside Lane obtain great measures of energy, passion and drive. These aspects clearly reflect in their music, which makes it an enjoyable ride for any listener. Their 6 track EP was released in December 2012 and delivers a bunch of brisk guitar tunes and uplifting vibes. It’s also available for a free download!

Get to know these guys a bit better in the interview below and check out their music!

How would you introduce your band to people who haven’t heard of you before?

We’re a rock band from New Jersey with a punk sound and a soul twist.

What does your music reflect about you guys?

Our music shows our energy and passion for music, and our feelings about life.

How did you come up with the title for the band?

The beauty of it is, there is no story behind our name. It’s just a street name in our area. It immediately clicked with us.

You have recently released an EP ‘Poets & Back To The Radio’. Could you tell us what are the songs about and the meaning this record has for you?

It’s a coming of age album for us. We started something new with our sound, that reflects who we are, and where and how we’ve been brought up.

Regarding songwriting, who writes the lyrics and what’s the general music making process in the band?

Our lead singer, Marc Del Giudice, writes the lyrics. Marc brings the basic concept to the band, and the musical parts come together. Most songs start off as an acoustic demo.

How often do you get to play shows and what do you love the most about playing live?

We play shows about once every two weeks, sometimes more often. The shows are awesome because it allows new people to hear our music. All of the shows are highly anticipated, and the performances provide and emotional release.

Is there anyone in the music industry, who has a big influence on you and has inspired you along the way?

We have a ton of different influences that span across many different genres. Including; Bruce Springsteen, The Gaslight Anthem, James Brown, Blink-182, Brand New, They Might Be Giants, and much more. While our music doesn’t sound like any of these artists, the influence and inspiration can be heard in our music.

What do you think is the best and the worst part being in a band?

The best part about being in a band is the brotherhood that forms among the band members. Also, playing shows is amazing because we love sharing our music with new people. The worst part about being in a band is being broke. It sucks to not have the money to do certain things, but we work our way around it.

What are your music plans in the near future and what would you like to achieve in a long term?

In the near future, we want more people to hear our music, and by doing so, we hope to gain a following. In the long term, we hope to play some of the legendary venues that we’ve seen our heroes perform at, tour around the world, and make a living doing the thing we love the most, playing music.

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