fiN – Life Is Wasted On The Living / Lucky You

fiNI’ve known fiN for over a year now and I tell you, it’s a great feeling seeing a band that’s completely DIY doing well and making their dreams come true. I’m talking about their recent support slot for the mighty Muse. Yes, you read right. MUSE.

And fiN are not afraid to take on a challenge like this. Maybe that’s why they got such a great reaction from all the hardcore Muse fans. They simply know how to please any crowd – small or big, with their catchy music and lively personalities.

But all this doesn’t come without a hard work, dedicated fans and ability to create something original with each new release. The guys have been releasing their singles on 7″ vinyls and the fourth one –  Life is Wasted On The Living / Lucky You came out today together with a release of a new video for #LIWOTL.

They released a video for Lucky You last week, which is an enjoyable mixture of home made recordings from their childhood. The opening line – “Nothing Comes for Free” could not be more true and fiN know it. Their lyrics always make a complete sense and each time they are accompanied with the catchiest melodies and stunning guitars. There is no way, you don’t find yourself singing along to fiN and play them on repeat. They have a true gift of creating music that’s so easy to fall in love with . You just need to take some time to listen and you will never look back.

Take Life is Wasted On The Living. Aren’t those lines familiar to you? Don’t they make you think about life and what really matters? “Life is wasted on the living; life is wasted on the fools that walk away…” It’s a statement that’s important to the band and their fans. The song is filled with a glorious melody that only fiN are capable of mastering. Definitely one of their best tracks.

fiN give us a proof that you can achieve success being a DIY band, as long as you keep going, believe in yourselves and your fans and never give up. Like this they’ve gained a total respect among their fans and a complete freedom over something they love the most.

fiN are here to stay and do things their own way.

Get your copy of the single here.

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