Album Review / The Chevin – Borderland

I have been looking forward to this album since December 17, 2011. That’s the day I saw The Chevin live for the first time.

They opened for White Lies at the Wembley Arena, and as soon as Coyle Girelli started to sing all the beautiful high notes he owns, I knew that a band with such a gift won’t go unnoticed for too long. With that range of vocals and melodies, it was impossible not to think that The Chevin are one of the best bands the UK recently produced. If you haven’t heard of them yet, then you are missing out big time.

I have been following the band’s updates since that very day I saw them and it’s been quite a journey. The 5 track + one remix Champion EP was released in 2011 and it kept me sane along with the releases of this year’s singles Drive and Blue Eyes. Somewhere along the way the guys managed to perform on Late Show with David Letterman, while the first lady Michelle Obama was also a guest on the show (whaaat?!) and later on, after the US album release, they performed on Conan. Now, something like this doesn’t happen to many upcoming UK bands, so really well done to the guys for making it!

Finally, since last week, their debut album Borderland has been available to the UK audience.

Starting with the well known hit Champion, an upbeat track that will get you moving and singing along, if you dare to hit those notes…is a perfect start to the record if you’re not familiar with the Chevin’s music. This track should give you a good enough impression. The pace doesn’t ease a lot with track two – Drive, also one of my favourites from the band.  Here you can truly admire the outstanding vocals of the lead singer and also, you start to realise that the lyric writing is pretty damn good too!

Blue Eyes, the track number three is more on the acoustic folk side, a romantic track that’s perfect for summer evenings spent at an open fire. Dirty Little Secret relaxes your spirit, slowing the tempo of the record, while making you absorb and appreciate the beauty of The Chevin’s sound completely. The slow pace continues with a beautiful ballad Love Is Just a Game, the title track Borderland and Beautiful World. You are starting to realise, there has not been a bad track on this album so far. And it won’t change, trust me.

Gospel is my other favourite track on this record, perfect one for any musical soul that enjoys heartfelt lyrics and mesmerizing sound. With Colours, a song telling about a heartbreak, the tempo steps up a notch and you start tapping your feet once again. By now, you are totally in love with this album. So Long Summer ends this amazing musical journey with some killer high notes once again.

You need to hear The Chevin because they really have a special gift. They bring us the kind of music that runs right through our veins and leaves something beautiful behind.

And that’s what real music is all about.

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